0.08	5 April 2012
	Made sure it runs with 5.14.2, threaded and unthreaded.  Some minor
	pod tweaks.

	7 August 2009
	Brought up to date to 5.10.1 and to latest coding esthetics insights.

	28 January 2004
	Made sure the test-suite cleans up on multi-versioned systems.

0.07    28 December 2003
        Added automatic required modules update using Devel::Required.

0.06	13 August 2003
	Cleaned up Makefile.PL and updated copyright message.  Made sure the
	test-suite runs under strict and warnings.

0.05	21 July 2002
	Added import() method so that you can now specify the line ending mode
	in the -use- statement.  Adapted test-suite accordingly.

	Added "can_ok" check to test-suite.

0.04	11 July 2002
	Upgraded test-suite to make it ready for Perl core inclusion (if that
	ever happens).  Added check for PerlIO and EBCDIC also, by courtesy of
	Jarkko Hietaniemi.

	Rearranged top of source to not need fully qualified VERSION anymore.

	Checked for defined() problems: none found.

0.03	10 July 2002
	Moved to the PerlIO::via namespace.

0.02	9 July 2002
	Fixed some documentation nits reported by Rafael Garcia-Suarez.

	Version number now a '' string (oops).

0.01    1 July 2002
	Migrated from the now obsoleted IOLayer:: namespace.