0.07	5 April 2012
	Brought up to date with current code esthetics.  Verified it runs on
	5.14.2, threaded and unthreaded.

	28 January 2004
	Made sure the test-suite cleans up on multi-versioned systems.

0.06	28 December 2003
	Added automatic required modules update using Devel::Required.

0.05	13 August 2003
	Cleaned up Makefile.PL and updated copyright info.  Made sure the
	test-suite runs with strict and warnings enabled.

0.04	11 July 2002
	Adapted Perl core magic in test-suite to conform to Jarkko Hietaniemi's
	official magic.

	Rearranged top of source to not need fully qualified VERSION anymore.

        Checked for defined() problems: none found.

0.03	10 July 2002
	Added Perl CORE magic pragma to test-suite.  Changed name of test-suite
	to QuotedPrint.t to facilitate inclusion in Perl core.

	Migrated to the PerlIO::via:: namespace.

0.02	9 July 2002
	Fixed some documentation nits reported by Rafael Garcia-Suarez.

	Version number now a '' string (oops).

	8 July 2002
	Changed object to glob reference instead of list reference.  Should
	be a little memory saving.

0.01	1 July 2002
	Migrated from the now obsoleted IOLayer:: namespace.