0.11    8 May 2012
        PAUSE now understands new package syntax, search.cpan.org also, but
        MetaCPAN still doesn't.  Anyway, removing the specific $VERSION setting

0.10    5 May 2012
        Apparently, PAUSE doesn't understand -package name version- syntax yet.
        Added back $VERSION setting to appease PAUSE.

0.09    5 May 2012 
        Somehow 0.08 didn't make it to CPAN.  Trying again.

0.08    4 May 2012
        Settled back to using 5.14 after having seen Damian Conway's excellent
        "New Perl" workshop in Lisbon.  Nobody should settle for anything less
        than 5.14!  Introduced autodie because that's in core now.

        Fixed problem with version information in pod not getting updated since
        0.06 (because of misunderstanding how Devel::Required works).

        Verified it works with 5.15.9 threaded and unthreaded.

0.07    2 May 2012
        Oops, had documented the environment variable feature for FlatFile
        but not implemented, nor tested it.  Now fixed.

        The words test was not cleaning up after itself, now fixed.

        Work started on AsyncDBI backend storage module, no tests or
        functionality just yet.

        Fixed automatic version setting in all source files by String::Lookup.

0.06    29 April 2012
        Added some more flatfile tests.

0.05    28 April 2012
        Really reduced dependency on Perl to 5.10.0.

        Added support for persistent backends, and the FlatFile and DBI
        backends.  No tests for the DBI backend just yet, soon!

0.04    22 April 2012
        Reduced dependency on Perl to 5.10.0 (instead of 5.14.0).  Seems to
        pass fine with this older Perl.

        Fixed problem if hash would be filled with ID values not matching the
        offset / increment given at creation.  This may happen if a hash is
        filled from a database that has ID's merged with several different

0.03    21 April 2012
        Documented and tested the "offset" and "increment" parameters.  Plus
        some small code and pod tweaks.

0.02    21 April 2012
        Order of keys is now the order in which they were added.  This now
        bypasses the normal way of generating keys of a hash.

        Added support for autoflushing.  Initialization can now also be done
        by just specifying a hash ref.  More tests, including something of a
        performance test: on my MacBook it does ~110K new ID's / second and
        about ~400K existing ID's / second using the optimized ro_hash

0.01    20 April 2012
        First public version of String::Lookup.