0.02	13 July 2002
	Added initial version of test-suite.

	Added initial version of the documentation.

	Added copyright info to pod.

	Name change threads::shared:: -> Thread:: caused this module to be
	renamed to the Thread:: namespace.  Per Dan Sugalski's suggestion,
	the name became Thread::Pool.

	Dave Rolsky suggested that "hire" and "fire" were too cutesy.  And I
	figured that "fire" could be misinterpreted as "fire up a thread"
	rather than retire.  Therefore the following changes were made:

	 hire		-> add
	 fire		-> remove
	 fired		-> removed
	 hired		(deleted, moved functionality to "workers")

	I also changed "result_nb" to "result_dontwait", as that is a better
	description of what it does (who knows that "nb" stands for
	"non-blocking" and then knows what it means?).

0.01	12 July 2002
	First version as threads::farm.