0.26	30 August 2002
        Changed all modules to use AutoLoader to defer loading of necessary
	subroutines to when they are actually needed.  This should save
	memory and CPU for larger programs, or with large numbers of threads.
	The test-suite only marginally takes more memory and uses 10% less CPU:
	overhead of compiling is levelled out with the overhead of cloning
	pre-compiled routines.

0.25	27 August 2002
	Added support for checkpointing on the monitor thread + documentation
	+ adaptation of the test-suite.

	Raised dependency on Thread::Conveyor::Monitored to take advantage of
	the new checkpointing feature.

0.24	14 August 2002
	Raised dependency on Thread::Conveyor again to take advantage of
	possible problem fix.

	13 August 2002
	Reduced number of tests in test-suite for the hammering bits: it
	was taking about 30 minutes on my development machine, which is
	really too much.

	Now uses Thread::Serialize::(freeze|thaw) for serialization of
	data structures between threads.  Raised dependency on
	Thread::Conveyor to make sure this always works.

	Added support for Thread::Tie: the workers array will use the
	Thread::Tie implementation if it is available.  This to avoid the
	memory leak with shared arrays.

0.23	7 August 2002
	Added documentation for the "optimize" field (in "new") and method.
	Thread::Pool now has its own default setting for optimization.

	Adapted writeup of "abort", it now is _the_ way of temporarily
	shutting down a pool from which it is possible to recover later
	by adding workers again.

	Finally migrated the complete test-suite: now 1230 tests which take
	almost 30 minutes on my development box.

	6 August 2002
	Continued with migration.  Unfortunately, it has become impossible
	to recover from a shutdown.  Documentation has been adapted to
	reflect this change, as well as the test-suite.  This also fixed
	some problems that may have occurred in the test-suite on faster

	5 August 2002
	Started with migration to new Thread::Conveyor functionality.
	Adapted requirements in Makefile.PL.  On towards a Thread::Pool and
	Thread::Pool::Resolve that doesn't eat memory like crazy.

0.22    1 August 2002
	Fixed problem in random access test-suite that would fail only on
	faster machines.

	Increased Makefile.PL dependencies for Thread::Conveyor and

	Added support for throttling Conveyor belts.  Removed local
	throttling support, as it now uses the throttling support of
	Thread::Conveyor.  This means that now monitoring belts will
	be throttled the same way as the job belt (they were not throttled

0.21	29 July 2002
	Hopefully fixed the last deadlock issues with regards to job
	throttling.  Thread::Pool::Resolve finally gets through its test-suite

0.20	26 July 2002
	Fixed some documentation nits.

	Removed autoshutdown resetting hack in dispatcher routines: not needed
	anymore because of the CLONE check.

	25 July 2002
	Added "maxjobs" and "minjobs" methods, so that job throttling can be
	adapted on the fly.  Added documentation and adapted test-suite.

	Added support for the "pre_post_monitor_only" field, which allows the
	"pre" and "post" routine to only be executed for the "monitor" routine.
	Added tests and documentation for it also.

	Removed conditional Thread::Conveyor::Monitored loading code.  Since
	Thread::Conveyor::Monitored is a prerequisite now, it was not necessary

0.19	25 July 2002
	Made $VERSION have the : unique attribute to save memory.

	Removed stray "use Carp" that was left behind from some debugging.
	Rearranged -use-s to minimize what is really needed exactly.  Adapted
	Makefile.PL to now also depend on Thread::Conveyor::Monitored.

	Fixed problem in "shutdown" which would sometimes put too many stop
	requests on the job belt.  With the new belt->peek_dontwait method
	any remaining stop requests are removed from the belt.  This should
	fix test-suite errors that occurred only on some systems.

	Now depends on both Thread::Conveyor and Thread::Conveyor::Monitored
	instead of Thread::Queue::Any and Thread::Queue::Any::Monitored.
	Changed metaphor from queue to belt in the documentation and the

	24 July 2002
	Added a more elaborate example for log resolving, which is the base
	code for the new Thread::Pool::Resolve module.

0.18	23 July 2002
	Finally (hopefully) fixed problems with deadlocking.  It seems that
	accessing unlocked shared arrays and hashes may cause deadlocking
	issues also because locks are happening at the C-level.  Will
	investigate later.  Job throttling now considered beta.

0.17	22 July 2002
	Added support for job throttling by the "maxjobs" and "minjobs" field
	in the "new" method.  Adapted the "_random" and "_stream" dispatchers
	as well as the "job" method.  Added test-suite for this as well.
	This code is really still alpha, it does not seem to get through the
	test always, so there could still be some deadlocking issues here.

	Added method "results".  Returns the job IDs of which there are still
	results ready to be fetched.  Returns the number of results in scalar

	Added class method "monitor" that returns the
	Thread::Queue::Any::Monitored object associated with the pool in the
	"do", "pre" and "post" routine if monitoring.

	Changed rogue DESTROY hack to use UNIVERSAL::isa().  Suggested by
	Ken Williams.

	Added the first full blown example: a simple log resolving filter.

	Removed some "originatingthreadid" cruft that was left behind.  Also
	removed some "destroyed" cruft.

	Simplified the rogue DESTROY test hack.

0.16	21 July 2002
	Added test-case for testing all of the methods that can be called.
	Completed the multi-thread job submission test.

	Changed DESTROY to only do something when in the originating thread.
	Found bug in 5.8.0 that is calling DESTROY just too many times.  Found
	a way around that by using the CLONE subroutine.  This fixes the
	segfaults that I have been seeing, that I realize now, were caused
	by the extra DESTROYs.

	20 July 2002
	Started the multi-thread job-submitter test-suite.  Ran into
	segfaults.  Trying to reproduce them in a simpler example now.

0.15	19 July 2002
	Also fixed "abort" functionality in case there weren't any jobs to
	do anymore: the worker threads would be blocked on reading the job
	queue and not see the abort flag.  Now, the remaining threads are
	signalled to stop the ordinary way.

	Added test-suite for "abort" functionality.  Added internal routine
	"_first_todo_jobid" which allows "shutdown" to only stream results
	of jobs actually done, rather then to try to stream results that
	weren't created yet.  This should fix the "abort" functionality.

	Renamed internal routine "_freeze" to "set_result" and exposed it to
	the world as part of the "jobid" and "dont_set_result" combo.  This
	should now allow the development of the completely asynchronous log
	resolve module I was thinking about, where lookups on the same IP
	number will be handled by a single thread rather than by any thread
	that just happens to get the IP-number.

	Removed internal routine "_thaw": all thawing internally is done by
	calling Storable directly for speed, so it was dead wood.

	Added "jobid" and "dont_set_result" methods to allow "do" subroutines
	to have other threads create the result of the current thread.  Adapted
	the _random and _stream dispatcher to honour these new methods.

	Simplified the "remove_me" functionality by a simple lexical flag
	rather than having to use the object.  This now also makes it a
	class method.

	Fixed several minor pod nits.  Removed some Carp cruft from the

0.14	18 July 2002
	Fixed problem with monitoring a thread that was't finished when
	shutdown time was encountered.

	Added support for the new "post" routine in
	Thread::Queue::Any::Monitored in "new" and "add".  Needed so that
	e.g. file handles are closed and buffers flushed.

	Small performance improvement in "add" if more than one thread is
	added: original input parameters are only thawed once.

	Moved shutting down of monitoring thread from DESTROY back to
	"shutdown".  This makes more sense.  Added code to restart the
	monitoring thread if necessary in "add".

	Found one problem remaining in shutdown that caused the errors I
	was seeing yesterday.  I guess 13 _was_ an unlucky number.
	Re-instated the full test-suite now.

0.13	17 July 2002
	Testing on large numbers of threads and/or jobs keeps failing
	indeterminately.  Lowered the number of tests to be able to get
	the module out there for testing on other machines.

	No longer passes the Thread::Pool object to the "do", "pre" and
	"post" routine.  This to conform to the way Thread::Queue::Monitored
	works.  If the object is needed, the "self" class method should be
	called.  This change should also speed up things a bit.

        Added class method "self" for use within the "pre", "do", "post",
	"stream" or "monitor" routine.  It returns the object they're
	working for.
	The same "pre" routine is now also passed to the internal "monitor"
	object.  If you really want to have a different "pre" routine, then
	you can create a seperate Thread::Queue::Any::Monitored object and
	use a "stream" routine to fill that monitored queue.

	Changed the functionality of the "pre" routine to not save any
	of the returned values.  It makes much more sense for the "pre"
	routine to set either lexical or global variables that would be
	automatically accessible to the "do" and "post" routine by virtue
	of the fact that they have their own memory space to play with.
	Adapted the test-suite accordingly.

	Added support for "monitor" keyword in "new" method.  Allows you to
	specify a streaming mode in which the stream is handled by a single
	monitoring thread rather than by each thread themselves.  Courtesy
	of the new Thread::Queue::Any::Monitored module.

	Fixed problem with warning being issued when starting the object.
	Caused by the originating thread id value not being set for the
	originating thread itself.

0.12	16 July 2002
	Added method "waitfor" as a shortcut for using "job" and "result".

	Moved checks for originating thread to new internal method

	Added method "abort" to have all the worker threads stop after they're
	finished with their current job.  Adapted new, _random and _stream
	for this new feature.

0.11	15 July 2002
	Bumped up version to 0.11 to be higher than Malcolm Beattie's original
	Thread::Pool module on CPAN.  No other changes were made.

0.04	15 July 2002
	Hopefully fixed problem in streaming caused by some stupid thread
	inertia problem.  Problem was caused by the dispatcher assigning the
	jobid rather than the "job" method.  Things could get out of sync
	before the dispatcher was reached.

	Added "join" method to allow intermediate cleanup of removed worker
	threads.  Fixed up "shutdown" to call "join".

	Internally changed dispatcher system: there are now different
	dispatchers for streaming and random access mode.

	Method "done" now only counts jobs by removed threads.  Job counts
	are now kept in local thread space and only made shared when the
	worker thread is removed.

	Gone back to not detaching threads.  Detached threads cannot be
	waited for, which is a major PITA.

0.03	14 July 2002
	Made sure that once the pool is shut down, calling method "shutdown"
	again will not do anything.  At least not until method "add" is
	called.  This should fix the situation where the pool is specifically
	shut down, and again shut down when the object is destroyed.

	Added method "notused" which returns the number of threads that
	were removed before they got a chance to do anything.  Can be used
	to give you a heuristic of how many threads you actually need for a
	specific application.

	Added functionality for streaming results.  This allows you to
	specify a "stream" subroutine that allows you to handle the result
	of the asynchronously executed "do" subroutines in the order in
	which the jobs were submitted (rather than in the order in which the
	results were obtained).

	Added "remove_me" functionality, which allows a "do" routine to tell
	its dispatcher that the worker thread should be removed.

	Added Perl version requirement to README and pod, per suggestion of
	mrbbking.  Added -use threads- to Makefile.PL to cause breakage of
	the install process if threads are not available.

	Added specific check for named subroutine reference.  The old
	Thread::Pool module from CPAN also allowed this.

0.02	13 July 2002
	Added initial version of test-suite.

	Added initial version of the documentation.

	Added copyright info to pod.

	Name change threads::shared:: -> Thread:: caused this module to be
	renamed to the Thread:: namespace.  Per Dan Sugalski's suggestion,
	the name became Thread::Pool.

	Dave Rolsky suggested that "hire" and "fire" were too cutesy.  And I
	figured that "fire" could be misinterpreted as "fire up a thread"
	rather than retire.  Therefore the following changes were made:

	 hire		-> add
	 fire		-> remove
	 fired		-> removed
	 hired		(deleted, moved functionality to "workers")

	I also changed "result_nb" to "result_dontwait", as that is a better
	description of what it does (who knows that "nb" stands for
	"non-blocking" and then knows what it means?).

0.01	12 July 2002
	First version as threads::farm.