0.12    28 May 2012
        It appears

0.11    27 May 2012
        Added LICENSE setting.

        Introduced the concept of a "maint" and a "blead" version of the code,
        so that it is possible to start using new Perl features for newer
        versions of the code.  This means that for versions of perl <5.14,
        the "maint" version of the code will be installed (0.10), whereas
        for the perl versions >=5.14, the "blead" version will be installed
        (0.11).  There are no other differences between the versions yet,
        this is really just a test to see how PAUSE and (search.|meta)cpan
        cope with this.

0.10    1 April 2012
        Some code refactoring and code esthetics.  Fixed problem in test-suite.
        Verified it runs on 5.14.2.

0.09    3 October 2007
        Hopefully fixed test-suite for non-thread enabled Perls.

0.08    3 August 2007
        Added version markers so that there will be no complaining if
        Devel::Required is installed.  Otherwise same as 0.07.

0.07    28 December 2003
        Added automatic required modules update using Devel::Required.

0.06    13 August 2003
        Cleaned up Makefile.PL and updated copyright info.  Made sure the
        test-suite runs ok with warnings enabled.

        Removed our and ":unique" attribute as with all of my other Thread::xxx

0.05    24 July 2002
        Made $VERSION and @ISA have the : unique attribute to save memory.

        Added method "dequeue_keep" plus documentation and test-suite.

0.04    21 July 2002
        Added "can_ok" check to the test-suite.

        Renamed "dequeue_nb" to "dequeue_dontwait" to be more in line with
        Thread::Pool.  Added "dequeue_nb" as synonym to remain compatible
        with Thread::Queue.

        Fixed several documentation nits.

0.03    14 July 2002
        Added -use threads- to Makefile.PL to cause breakage if attempting
        to install on a system without threads.

        Added Perl version requirement to README and pod per suggestion of

0.02    13 July 2002
        Added copyright info to pod.

        Name change threads::shared:: -> Thread:: caused this module to be
        renamed to Thread::Queue::Any.  And all the other changes that were

0.01    10 July 2002
        First version of threads::shared::queue::any.