0.12	1 April 2012
	Some cleanup in distro.  Some code cleanup as well, as well as some
	code esthetics.  Verified it work with 5.14.2.

0.11	20 September 2010
	Checking the tool chain with perl 5.13.5.

0.10	29 September 2004
	Added support for $Thread::Serialize::no_external_perl to prevent
	problems when used in embedded Perls.  Spotted by Philip Monsen.
	Added documentation and additional tests in the test-suite.

0.09	28 December 2003
	Added automatic required modules update using Devel::Required.

0.08	18 September 2003
	Upgraded dependency on load to 0.10, since that has some significant
	Windows fixes.

0.07	17 September 2003
	Upgraded dependency on load to 0.09.

	17 August 2003
	Some documentation fixes: we're not using AutoLoader anymore.

0.06	11 August 2003
	Fixed some nits in Makefile.PL.  Updated copyright notice.

	Fixed dependency on order of hash keys in test-suite: this caused
	spurious testing errors in 5.8.1.

0.05	30 September 2002
	Removed support for AutoLoader and replaced it by support for "load.pm".
	Added dependency on "load" to Makefile.PL.

        Removed "our" from $VERSION, should shave off some bytes in memory
	usage, as found from testing with Benchmark::Thread::Size.

0.04	22 September 2002
	Fixed warnings when running under -w.  Thanks to Chris Rosebrugh for
	the spot.

0.03	10 September 2002
	Removed the NOT_ICED environment variable hack and its documentation.
	Replaced by having an external Perl process calculate the Storable
	(iced) signature at load time.  This should be compatible with all
	versions of Storable on all possible OS's and hardware architectures.

0.02	30 August 2002
	Now uses pre-frozen signature value unless told otherwise.  This saves
	Storable::freeze to have to be available in all threads.  Can be
	circumvented by specifying NOT_ICED environment variable.  Added
	OPTIMIZATIONS and CAVEATS sections to the pod.

	Added support for AutoLoader.  Together with all of the other Thread::
	modules, this should start saving a lot of memory.

	Removed reference tricks: we should find other ways of saving memory
	with threads.

0.01	13 August 2002
	First version of Thread::Serialize.