Revision history for MooseX::Accessors::ReadWritePrivate.

v1.4.0 2011/5/3

    Awesome patch from Dave Rolsky to deal with Moose v2 changes.

v1.3.0  2010/7/21

    Support non-public selectors.

    Deal with deprecations in Moose.

v1.2.1  2009/7/26

    Change minimum Moose version requirement to 0.84 in order to allow for
    "bare" in the tests.

v1.2.0  2009/7/20

    Handle "is => 'bare'" attributes.

v1.1.0  2009/4/20

    Treat Maybe[Bool] attributes the same way as Bool ones.

v1.0.1  2009/4/18

    Ack!  Listed dependencies were completely wrong.

v1.0.0  2009/4/18

    Initial release.