2003-12-30: 0.54_02
            * Converter.pm only "carp"s now, not "croak"s, when required modules 
              are missing.
            * Fixed broken version number for Scalar::Util in Build.PL.
2003-12-29: 0.54_01
            * Locale::Object itself now has functionality: creating compound
              objects that can contain country, currency and language objects.
              This is still incomplete, and the API is almost certainly going
              to change.
            * Altered tests and Converter.pm further after 0.53 test results
              for more robustness. No longer has Finance::Currency::Convert::XE
              and Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo as requirements.
            * Language.pm's countries() will now return an array in array 
              context. Added missing documentation for method.
            * Changed tests to use isa_ok().
            * Removed an incorrect line of documentation from Language.pm.

2003-12-22: 0.53
            * Removed a chunk of old code that had got back into DB.pm 
              somehow and was causing warnings.
            * Modified Converter.pm to try and deal with errors a little 
            * Changed tests in 06converter.t to only indicate if conversions 
              don't succeed, rather than fail and break installation - if 
              they don't succeed, it may be a network problem rather than one
              with the module. (Thanks to Jost Krieger and Barbie for test 
              results prompting this change.)

2003-12-18: 0.52
            * Made Continent.pm, Country.pm, Currency.pm and Language.pm 
              subclasses of Object.pm so they could share one new() method for
              code efficiency. Also fixed them to have get/set methods for
              internal attributes to improve robustness. Thanks to JDUNCAN
              for both these suggestions.
2003-12-18: 0.51
            * Slight documentation patch.

2003-12-17: 0.5
            * Added new module: Locale::Object::Currency::Converter.

2003-12-16: 0.41
            * Added UTC offset data to the db.
            * Added utc_offset_main() and utc_offsets_all() to Country.pm.
            * Added a few more tests to bring subroutine coverage to 100%.
2003-12-09: 0.4
            * Added dialing_codes column to the the country table in the db
              and populated it with international dialing codes. 
            * Added dialing_code method to Country.pm.
            * Removed unused name_native, main_timezone and 
              uses_daylight_savings columns from the db, their 
              associated methods in Country.pm and listings in Schemata.pm.
            * Added a couple of spots of missing POD markup to Schemata.pm.
            * Updated two slightly out-of-date error messages in DB.pm.
2003-12-01: 0.31
            * Added Language.pm to MANIFEST where it should have been.
2003-11-28: 0.3
            * Added a new module: Language.pm.
            * The database now contains a table of language-country mappings.
            * New languages() method for Country.pm.
            * New lookup_dual() method for DB.pm.
            * Altered DB.pm's lookup() method - now returns a reference to an 
              array of hashes rather than an array. This should not change 
              again. Removed redundant lookup_all() method as a result.
            * Continent.pm does now really actually give back an array.
            * Added continent names to the database for some Pacific islands 
              that should have been listed as Oceania but weren't.
            * Added currencies to the db that were missing for those same 

2003-11-25: 0.2
            * Cleaned up the API a little - the countries() method in 
              Continent.pm and Currency.pm now gives an array back, instead 
              of a hash.

2003-11-25: 0.11
            * Fixed a bit of semi-finished and outdated documentation in DB.pm 
              that had crept past me.
            * Added a little bit more documentation to copy-for-test.PL for

2003-11-24: 0.1
            * Initial release.