Change History:

1.23 (enno) 6/4/1999
- Added XML::DOM::setTagCompression to give you control over how empty
  element tags are printed. See XML::DOM documentation for details.
- Fixed CAVEAT section in XML::DOM documentation to refer to the www-dom
  mailing list (as opposed to xml-dom.)

1.22 (enno) 5/28/1999
- The XML::DOM documentation was translated into Japanese by Takanori Kawai 
  (aka Hippo2000) at
- Fixed documentation of XML::DOM::Node::removeChild()
  It used to list the exceptions HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR, WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR.
  (Thanks again, Takanori)
- XML::DOM::Entity::print was putting double quotes around the notation name 
  after the NDATA keyword.
- Added Unparsed handler that calls the Entity handler.
- Changed implementation of XML::Parser::Dom to use local variables for slight
  performance improvement and easier exception handling.
- Removed support for old XML::Parser versions (for detecting whether attributes
  were specified or defaulted.) 
  People should move to latest XML::Parser (currently version 2.23)
- If an ENTITY value was e.g. '"', it would be printed as """
  (Thanks to Raimund Jacob <>)

1.21 (enno) 4/27/1999
- Fixed Start handler to work with new method specified_attr() in 
  XML::Parser 2.23

1.20 (enno) 4/16/1999
- Fixed getPreviousSibling(). If the node was the first child, it would return
  the last child of its parent instead of undef.
  (Thanks to Christoph StueckJuergen <>)

1.19 (enno) 4/7/1999
- Fixed memory leak: Final handler did not call dispose on a temporarily 
  created DocumentType object that was no longer needed.
  (Thanks to Loic Dachary <>)
- Fixed DocumentType::removeChildhoodMemories (which is called by dispose)
  to work correctly when the DocumentType node is already decoupled from
  the document.

1.18 (enno) 3/15/1999
- Fixed typo "DOM::XML::XmlUtf8Encode" in expandEntityRefs() to
  (Thanks to Manessinger Andreas <>)
- XML::Parser 2.20 added the is_defaulted method, which improves performance
  a bit when used. Benchmark (see below) went from 6.50s to 6.07s (7%)
  You don't have to upgrade to 2.20, this change is backwards compatible.
- Copied node constants (e.g. ELEMENT_NODE) from XML::DOM::Node to XML::DOM,
  so you can use ELEMENT_NODE instead of XML::DOM::ELEMENT_NODE.
  The old style will still work.
- Fixed XmlUtf8Decode to add 'x' when printing hex entities (not used by 
  XML::DOM module, but other people might want to use it at some point)
- Fixed typo: DocumentType::getSysid should have been getSysId.
  (Thanks to Bruce Kaskel <bkaskel@Adobe.COM>)
- Added DocumentType::setName, setSysId, setPubId
- Added Document::createDocumentType
- DocumentType::print no longer prints the square brackets if it has
  no entities, notations or other children. (Thanks again, Bruce)
- The MacOS related bugs in the testcases etc. should all be fixed.
  (Thanks to Arved Sandstrom <> and 
  Chris Nandor <>)
- Added code to ignore Text Declarations from external parsed entities, i.e.
  <?xml version....?> They were causing exceptions like 
  "XML::DOM::DOMException(Code=5, Name=INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR, Message=bad 
  Entity Name [] in EntityReference)"
  (Thanks to Marcin Jagodzinski <>)

1.17 (enno) 2/26/1999  (This release was never deployed to CPAN)
- Added XML::DOM::UTF8 module which exploits Perl's new utf8 capabilities
  (version 5.005_55 recommended.) If you don't use/require this module, XML::DOM
  will work as it did before. If you do use/require it, it allows Unicode
  characters with character codes > 127 in element and attibute names etc.
  See XML::DOM::UTF8 man page for details. Note that this module hasn't been
  tested thoroughly yet.
- Fixed Makefile.PL, it would accidentally install and which were only meant for the test cases.
- Added allowReservedNames, setAllowReservedNames to support checking for
  reserved XML Names (element/attribute/entity/etc. names starting with "xml")
- Changed some print methods (in the DOCTYPE section) to use "\xA" as
  an end-of-line delimiter instead of "\n". Since XML::Parser (expat) converts
  all end-of-line sequences to "\xA", it makes sense that the print routines
  are consistent with that.
- Fixed the testcases to convert "\n" to "\xA" before comparing test 
  results with expected results, so that they also work on Mac OS.

1.16 (enno) 2/23/1999
- Added XML::DOM::Element::setTagName
- Methods returning NodeList objects will now return regular perl lists when
  called in list context, e.g:
    @list = $elem->getChildNodes;	# returns a list
    $nodelist = $elem->getChildNodes;	# return a NodeList (object reference)
  Note that a NodeList is 'live' (except the one returned by 
  getElementsByTagName) and that a list is not 'live'.
- Fixed getElementsByTagName.
  - It would return the node that it was called on (if the tagName matched)
  - It would return the nodes in the wrong order (they should be in
    document order)

1.15 (enno) 2/12/1999
- 28% Performance improvements. Benchmark was the following program:

	use XML::DOM;
	$dom = XML::DOM::Parser->new;
	my $doc = $dom->parsefile ("samples/REC-xml-19980210.xml");

  Running it 20 times on a Sun Ultra-1, using the ksh function 'time',
  the average time was 9.02s (real time.) XML::Parser 2.19, Perl 5.005_02.
  As a comparison, XML-Grove-0.05 takes 2.17s running:

      use XML::Parser;
      use XML::Parser::Grove;
      use XML::Grove;
      $parser = XML::Parser->new(Style => 'Grove');
      $grove = $parser->parsefile ("samples/REC-xml-19980210.xml");

  And XML::Parser 2.19 takes 0.71s running (i.e. building nothing):

      use XML::Parser;
      $parser = XML::Parser->new;
      $parser->parsefile ("samples/REC-xml-19980210.xml");

  XML-Grove-0.40alpha takes 4.62s running the following script:

	use XML::Grove::Builder;
	use XML::Parser::SAXPerl;
	$grove_builder = XML::Grove::Builder->new;
	$parser = XML::Parser::SAXPerl->new ( Handler => $grove_builder );
	$document = $parser->parse ( Source => {
		SystemId => "samples/REC-xml-19980210.xml" } );

  Each following improvement knocked a few tenths of a second off:
  - Reimplemented the ReadOnly mechanism, because it was spending a lot of
    time in setReadOnly when parsing large documents (new time: 8.00s)
  - Hacked appendChild to squeeze out a little speed (new time: 7.70s)
  - Eliminated calls to addText in the Start handler which had to figure out
    every time wether it should add a piece of text to a previous text node.
    Now I keep track of whether the previous node was a text node in the
    XML::DOM::Parser code and take care of adding the text and creating a
    new Text node right there, without the overhead of several function calls
    (new time: 6.45s)

1.14 (enno) 15/1/1999
- Bug in Document::dispose - it tried to call dispose on XMLDecl even 
  if it didn't exist
- Bug with XML::Parser 2.19 (and up):
  XML::Parser 2.19 added support for CdataStart and CdataEnd handlers which 
  will call the Default handler instead if those handlers aren't defined.
  This caused the exception "XML::DOM::DOMException(Code=5, Name=INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR, Message=bad Entity Name [] in EntityReference)"
  whenever it encountered a CDATASection.
  (Thanks to Roger Espinosa <>)
- Added a new XML::DOM::Parser option 'KeepCDATA' which will store CDATASections
  as CDATASection nodes instead of converting them to Text nodes (which is the
  default/old behavior)
- Fixed bug in CDATASection print routine. It printed "<!CDATA[" instead of

1.13 (enno) 12/21/1998
- (Bug introduced by 1.12) Could not replace the Document root element with
   replaceChild. (Thanks again, Francois)

1.12 (enno) 12/18/1998
- Attr::print doesn't print a leading space anymore and Element::print does
  print the space. This should affect hardly anybody.
- Added test for HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR to Node::replaceChild
- getChildNodes now returns empty NodeList for Nodes that can't have kids
  (instead of undef)
- Fixed bug in removeAttribute. It would throw an exception.
  (Thanks to Francois Belanger <>)
- removeChildNodes was using $_, which was somehow messing up the global $_.
  (Thanks again, Francois)

1.11 (enno) 12/16/1998
- Fixed checking of XML::Parser version number. Newer versions should be 
  allowed as well. Current version works with XML::Parser 2.17.
  (Thanks to Martin Kolbuszewski <>)
- Fixed typo in SYNOPSIS: "print $node->getValue ..." should have been 
  "print $href->getValue ..." (Thanks again Martin)
- Fixed typo in documentation: 'getItem' method should have been 'item'
  (in 2 places.) (Thanks again Martin)

1.10 (enno) 12/8/1998
- Attributes with non-alphanumeric characters in the attribute name (like "-") 
  were mistaken for default attribute values. (Bug in checkUnspecAttr regexp.)
  Default attribute values aren't printed out, so it appeared those attributes
  just vanished.
  (Thanks to Aravind Subramanian <>)

1.09 (enno) 12/3/1998
- Changed NamedNodeMap {Values} to a NodeList instead of []
  This way getValues can return a (live) NodeList.
- Added NodeList and NamedNodeMap to documentation
- Fixed documentation section near list of node type constants. 
  I accidentally pasted some text in between and messed up that whole section.
- getNodeTypeName() always returned empty strings and the documentation
  said @XML::DOM::NodeNames, which should have been @XML::DOM::Node::NodeNames
  (Thanks to Andrew Fitzhugh <>)
- Added dispose to NodeList
- Added setOwnerDocument to all Nodes, NodeList and NamedNodeMap, to allow 
  cut and paste between XML::DOM::Documents. 
  It does nothing when called on a Document node.

1.08 (enno) 12/1/1998
- No changes - I messed up uploading to PAUS and had to up the version number.

1.07 (enno) 12/1/1998
- added Node::isElementNode for optimization
- added NamedNodeMap::getChildIndex
- fixed documentation regarding getNodeValue. It said it should return
  getTagName for Element nodes, but it should return undef.
  (Thanks to Aravind Subramanian <>)
- added CAVEATS in documentation (getElementsByTagName does not return "live"
- added section about Notation node in documentation

1.06 (enno) 11/16/1998
- fixed example in the SYNOPSIS of the man page
  (Thanks to Aravind Subramanian <>)
- added test case t/example.t (it's also a simple example)

1.05 (enno) 11/11/1998
- added use strict, use vars etc.
- fixed replaceData - changed $str to $data
- merged getElementsByTagName and getElementsByTagName2
- added parsing of attributes (CheckUnspecAttr) to support Attr::isSpecified
- added XML::DOM::Parser class to perform proper cleanup when an exception
  is thrown
- more performance improvements, e.g. SafeMode, removed SUPER::new
- added frequency comments for performance optimization: e.g. "REC 7473" 
  means that that code is hit 7473 times when parsing REC-xml-19980210.xml
- updated POD documentation
- fixed problem in perl 5.004 (can't seems to use references to strings, e.g.
  *str = \ "constant";)

1.04 (enno) 10/21/1998
- Removed internal calls to getOwnerDocument, getParentNode
- fixed isAncestor: $node->isAncestor($node) should return true
- Fixed ReadOnly mechanism. Added isAlwaysReadOnly.
- DocumentType::getDefaultAttrValue was using getElementDecl 
  instead of getAttlistDecl
- Attr::cloneNode cloneChildren was missing 2nd parameter=1 (deep)
- NamedNodeMap::cloneNode forgot to copy {Values} list
- Element::setAttributeNode was comparing {UsedIn} against $self instead of {A}
- fixed AttDef::cloneNode, Value was copied wrong