OpenPlugin Changelog                          
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* An internal code change or bugfix, this shouldn't affect existing code
** An optional feature has been added that is probably worth checking out
*** This is a new feature that will likely require a change in your code

Changes since 0.10

* Really add the template for custom exception modules this time.  Whoops.

* Cleaned up the Exception Plugin's log_throw method

* Updated / fixed documentation

* Added more comments where appropriate

* Added more tests

* Disabled the Apache2 Upload plugin, it doesn't work yet.

* The Apache2 Httpheader driver should now work with the most recent mod_perl

* Untaint the session directory

** Exception properties can now be accessed using accessor methods instead of
as hash keys.  Instead of $@->state->{filename}, you can now say $@->filename.
For now, the old method will remain for backwards compatability.

Changes since 0.09

* Numerous documentation additions and updates

* It appears that File::Basename::dirname doesn't like being given a blank
parameter anymore (5.8.0+).  If you got an error about "fileparse(): need a
valid pathname", that should be taken care of now.  Thanks to Alex Beamish for
finding and reporting this one.

* Calling an invalid plugin with an OpenPlugin object now produces a more
useful error message.

* The documentation for creating subclasses to the Exception Plugin were
incorrect.  They have been corrected.

* The fetch call in the Session plugin should always return undef if the
session has expired.

** Included a template for how to create custom exception modules.

** The Exception plugin now allows you to catch and then rethrow exceptions
if desired.

** The Exception plugin has a new method called log_throw, which first logs a
message, then raises an exception.  The throw method by itself no longer logs
the message.

** The log plugin now checks to see who is calling it, so it can act
differently based on the caller.  This is one of the major benefits of
Log4perl, and now OpenPlugin is able to make use of it.  You just need to add
new "loggers" to the config file to define different logging methods.

** Added mod_perl 2.0 support via the Apache2 driver.  Currently, there is no
Cookie or Upload plugin available with this driver, but Request, Param, and
Httpheader are working.

** The Session plugin now properly supports Apache::Session drivers in addition
to just "file".  Specifically, DBI was tested, but others should work too.

Changes since 0.08

* Fixed a problem where using the CGI driver together with
OpenPlugin::Application caused an infinite loop.  Yikes.

* Fixed a problem with the return value of
OpenPlugin::CGI::HttpHeader::send_outgoing.  It should not return anything, but
had been returning true (1).

* There were some nasty problems with the CGI drivers that slipped through,
those should be fixed now.

* Fixed a problem in OpenPlugin::Upload::CGI where upload() was being called on
the wrong object.

** Provided aliases for some common functions in the
cookie/httpheader/param/upload plugins. The sub get() is now an alias for
get_incoming(), set() is an alias for set_outgoing(), and send() is an alias
for send_outgoing().

** Created an init parameter which can be used to override certain defaults

Changes since 0.06

* Refactored the entire OpenPlugin engine.  Theoretically, it should still work
the same, but it's much easier to read.

* The httpheader plugin was not properly checking to see if there are outgoing
cookies, and always thought there were.  That should be fixed now.

* There was a bug with passing in an existing CGI object, that should work now.

* Fixed directory creation problem with the OpenPlugin::Session::Apache module
running under taint mode.

* Moved some code in the main Apache Session driver module into the init
method, that should make sessions a bit faster.

* Changed the internal logging for OpenPlugin to utilize the improved logging
features (namely, Log4perl).

* Sessions weren't being properly instanciated, unless you explicitely called
create(), which should be unnecessary.

* Now untainting the session_id when calling delete().

* Numerous internal cleanups and improvements

** Created the Request plugin, which acts as a parent plugin to Cookie,
HttpHeader, Param, and Upload.

** Any plugin may now use multiple drivers.  Using
"$OP->authenticate->authenticate('user', 'pass')" implies usage of a default
driver (whatever you define 'default' as), and
"$OP->authenticate('DBI')->authenticate('user', 'pass')" would use the DBI

** Now works properly under Perl 5.005_03, it used to only work on versions
5.6.0 and above.

** Major renovations to the installation script.  It now allows you to pick and
choose which drivers to install.

** Significant documentation updates.

** Update the code and docs for the Exception module.  All the functions
available in it should now work as advertised.

*** Expanded the capabilities of the logging facility, and added a new log
driver called 'Log4perl'.  This driver, as you might expect, uses
Log::Log4perl.  In doing so, OpenPlugin's log interface has changed to be more
like Log4perl's.  The old 'log' function will continue to work for this
release, but is deprecated.

*** Changed the name of the Apache::Session driver from Apache to ApacheSession.
I don't want anyone to think that the driver is mod_perl only.

*** Improved the namespace of parameters passed to OpenPlugin's new() method.
This makes a lot of things better, but unfortunatly breaks existing
applications.  For example, when being used under mod_perl, instead of saying
something like $OP = OpenPlugin->new( $config_src, { apache_req => $r }, you
will now say $OP = OpenPlugin->new( config => { src => $src }, request =>
{ apache => $r } );

*** The OpenPlugin::Application plugin now makes proper use of
CGI::Application.  In doing so, the method of passing in parameters has changed
slightly.  Instanciating an OpenPlugin::Application object will now look
something like:  my $app = MyApp->new( PARAMS => { config => { src =>
/path/to/OpenPlugin.conf } } );.  The difference is the use of the PARAMS key.

Changes since 0.05

* Moved duplicate functionality from the config drivers to the config plugin

* Moved duplicate functionality from the log drivers to the log plugin

* Fixed bug in cookie where the domain was not being set

* Fixed bug where an id would sometimes not be generated for the cache plugin

** Created an OpenPlugin.conf file for OpenPlugin related configuration data

** Added a 'conf' driver to the Config plugin, using the Config::General
module (which does Apache style configs)

** Added 24 new tests to the test suite

** Added a delete() method to cache and session

Changes since 0.04

* More fixes to the exception handling

** Huge additions to the documentation (but there still isn't enough!)

*** Reworked the API for sessions and caching, the two are now uniform, and
they make much more sense.

Changes since 0.03

* When a driver is loaded, it's init() function is called if it has one

* Fixed up the exception handling plugin, it now works as it should

** Many additions to the documentation

** Created a module called OpenPlugin::Application, modeled after CGI::App

** Implemented Upload plugin

** Implemented Apache driver for Upload plugin

** Implemented DBI authentication driver

*** Major restructuring and bugfixes to Param, Httpheader, and Cookie

*** Datasource no longer returns a status, but instead throws an exception if
there is a problem

Changes since 0.02

* Fixed a bunch of bugs

** Created a working implementation for all base plugins

** Added to documentation

Changes since 0.01

** Have a working implementation of most desired plugins.

** Created at least one driver for every plugin

0.01  Sun Oct 28 21:59:30 EST 2001

* Testing version, not much to see here.