- Removed all dependencies, outside of what comes with Perl
    - Dropped the frameset, OpenThought is now a seperate JavaScript library
      that gets included from a script tag.
    - For communication, it attempts to use XMLHTTP.  If that's not available,
      it falls back to dynamically creating iframes.
    - No longer a limit of how many simultaneous connections you can have
    - Serious JavaScript code cleanup, it's now OO
    - Perl code cleaned up as well, now just a single module
    - Optional browser based log window
    - Ability to use GET or POST requests
    - Ability to use wildcards when selecting fields to send to the server
    - Ability to pass in arrays instead of multiple parameters
    - More control over browser requirements, and what to do with browsers
      which don't meet the requirements for your site.
    - Select lists can accept data as an array of hashes, in addition to an
      array of arrays
    - Added ability to append data to any text based field, in addition to
      select lists
    - Many changes to the documentation
    - Simplified and more powerful configuration
    - Added a number of JavaScript utility functions that should help in the
      usability and functionality of web apps
    - Now dual licensed under the GPL/Artistic licenses