Revision history for Perl extension Genezzo::Contrib::Clustered.
0.30  Sat Jan 14 23:00:00 2006
	Added new locking module GLockUR, based on Unix Record locking.
	Works on OS X, EXCEPT processes exit immediately after 
	  signal handlers are run (why?)
	Also on OS X need to add to httpd.conf
	  PerlHeaderParserHandler "sub { tie *STDOUT, 'Apache' unless tied *STDOUT; }"

0.29  Tue Jan 10 20:30:00 2006
	Fix race condition in ModPerlWrap.

0.28  Tue Jan 03 23:30:00 2006
	Modify ModPerlWrap to run better when preloaded with PerlModule.
	Added use test case for ModPerlWrap.

0.27  Tue Jan 03 09:00:00 2006
	Modify ModPerlWrap to reset $processing and $restart on each

0.26  Mon Jan 02 23:00:00 2006
	Modified VerifyChecksum and UpdateChecksum to use new
	  Genezzo::Block::Util routines.

0.25  Sun Jan 01 17:00:00 2006
	Added and sample to use Apache
	  web server as multi-user XML over HTTP interface to 
	  Clustered Genezzo.
	Added support for asyncronous notification of blocking lock
	  requests.  See ModPerlWrap or modified for

0.24  Sat Dec 24 01:00:00 2005
	Modified DLM code to raise DEADLOCK error on deadlock.
	Added experimental Kngz_Execute hook to catch DEADLOCK.
	Modified DLM code to support demoteAll (to SH) besides unlockAll.
	Commit now uses demoteAll insead of unlockAll, to match current
	  buffer cache behavior.
	Added DLM function ast_poll to determine whether there are any
	  recent requests for locks held by that process.
	Added new client to test locking interactions between 
	Now recommend rollback as first action in gendba or scripts,
	  so all blocks will be locked.

0.23  Fri Dec 23 12:00:00 2005
	Modify ReadBlock to replace instead of wrap _filereadblock
	  to avoid duplicate reads.
	Attempted moving DirtyBlock to BufCaElt::_dirty; doesn't work
	  so left old DirtyScalar::STORE method registered.
	sync is no longer called on non-Cygwin Win32.  autoflush(1) is
	  called instead.  Yes, this probably gives terrible performance,
	  but it should pass CPAN Testers :-)

0.22  Tue Dec 20 11:00:00 2005
	HTML doc fix.

0.21  Mon Dec 19 23:00:00 2005
	Handle corrupted transaction code byte case.
	Add another TODO.

0.20  Mon Dec 19 07:00:00 2005
	Update ClusteredGenezzoDesign.html
	Pad transaction status block with '=' instead of '-'
	Restore write of PID in transaction status block
	Update Pod

0.19  Sun Dec 18 23:00:00 2005
	Detect blocks needing recovery via PID in block.
	Recover blocks and processes, resetting PID to zero.
	Converted entire package to OO methods.

0.18  Sun Oct 23 19:00:00 2005
        Writing PIDs to blocks.  No set to zero yet.
	Print to STDERR, not STDOUT.

0.17  Tue Aug 30 11:59:00 2005
        modified PrepUndo to use DictSetFileInfo to add undo_filename
	  to default.dbf file header
	modified clustered.sql to use oo_require
	modified Clustered to use new OO style methods, use dict
	  to look up undo_filename and gnz_home

0.16  Sun Aug 21 12:40:00 2005
        added TODO to README

0.15  Sun Aug 21 10:21:00 2005
	moved body of to
	expanded tests to verify rollback really works

0.14  Wed Aug 10 21:40:00 2005
	maintain own dirty_block list instead of relying on dirty flag
	pod fixes
	add license to Makefile.PL

0.12  Thu Aug 04 07:30:00 2005
	pod fixes

0.11  Thu Aug 04 00:20:00 2005
	pod fixes

0.10  Wed Aug 03 19:45:00 2005
	use SVR lock to allocate unique processid at startup
	fix strictness of
	variable renamings
	pod fixes
	documentation fixes

0.09  Mon Aug 01 11:55:00 2005
	documentation fixes

0.08  Mon Aug 01 08:00:00 2005
	Added 1; to GTXLock
	documentation fixes

0.07  Sun Jul 31 23:00:00 2005
	Added OpenDLM-based locking support

0.06  Sun Jul 31 20:45:00 2005
	added ClusteredGenezzoDesign.html design document
	added message to

0.05  Thu Jul 28 22:00:00 2005
	fix make test
	documentation additions

0.04  Tue Jul 26 23:00:00 2005
        transactional fixes
	documentation fixes

0.03  Mon Jul 25 21:00:00 2005
	documentation fixes
	raw device fix
	documented params for

0.02  Mon Jul 25 01:00:00 2005
	documentation fixes
	raw device fix

0.01  Mon Jul 25 00:12:16 2005
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-X Genezzo::Contrib::Clustered