Revision history for Acme-CPANAuthors-Nonhuman

0.014     2013-11-29 20:11:02Z
          - add 'category' interface, to match what is given to other
            Acme::CPANAuthors::* modules

0.013     2013-10-26 17:01:19Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - welcome CARLOS, our latest member!

0.012     2013-10-24 05:25:54Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - author data is now generated using the 00whois.xml document,
            rather than 01mailrc.txt, to get non-asciified author names
            (requires encoding fixes in new Dist::Zilla)

0.011     2013-09-28 02:04:33Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - more diagnostic updates to siblings test
          - more authors added

0.010     2013-09-25 16:56:23Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - updated siblings test to help diagnose which other
            Acme::CPANAuthors:: module out there has a bad $VERSION

0.009     2013-09-24 04:32:45Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - more authors added (thanks, Сергей Романов!)

0.008     2013-08-29 05:07:48Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - new test added to track down encoding errors in other author
            modules, with the help of cpantesters

0.007     2013-08-20 01:54:44Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - further simplified the build templating code, to take advantage of
            new features of [MungeFile::WithData]
          - added tooltip for each avatar image, providing PAUSE id, name, and
            number of distributions
          - added ORCHEW, VOJ

0.006     2013-08-16 05:32:38Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - proper fix for html image spacing (for real this time?)
          - split off file munging code (run at build time) into its own
            distribution (Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MungeFile::WithData).

0.005     2013-07-17 09:11:29 PDT-0700 (Karen Etheridge)
          - better fix for html image spacing
          - use new Acme::CPANAuthors::Factory
          - fixed prereqs, to allow operation on 5.8.x (build requires is not
            the same thing as develop requires)

0.004     2013-07-14 12:21:01 PDT-0700 (Karen Etheridge)
          - simplify creation of ad-hoc author object at build time
          - (hopefully) fix html cell padding issue on metacpan
          - use utf8 pragma, in case some names contain unicode characters
          - include a bit of background to why I wrote this
          - id=>name hash is also kept sorted

0.003     2013-07-05 18:04:20 PDT-0700 (Karen Etheridge)
          - rewrite code and HTML generation by using embedded templates in
            the .pm file and authors in __DATA__, and a custom Dist::Zilla
          - updated list of PAUSE IDs, by re-scanning cpan-faces

0.002     2013-06-01 10:04:26 PDT-0700 (Karen Etheridge)
          - bump dependency on Acme::CPANAuthors to fix ::Search issue

0.001     2013-05-29 20:18:53 PDT-0700 (Karen Etheridge)
          - Initial release.