Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-MakeMaker-Fallback

0.005     2013-12-14 17:25:20Z
          - warnings can now be bypassed entirely with the
            PERL_MM_FALLBACK_SILENCE_WARNING environment variable
          - now also mentioning the relevant configuration

0.004     2013-11-20 21:49:00Z
          - tighten up the interactive terminal detection logic

0.003     2013-10-15 01:26:28Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - only display the warning if configure_require prereqs are
            genuinely missing (the user may have explicitly chosen to run
            Makefile.PL) (RT#89434)

0.002     2013-09-25 02:15:24Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - bump up dependency on [MakeMaker::Awesome] to avoid missing lib

0.001     2013-09-22 21:33:34Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - Initial release.