Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PromptIfStale

0.014     2013-11-29 05:53:17Z
          - new 'skip' option

0.013     2013-11-15 04:19:33Z
          - more diagnostics printed in failing tests

0.012     2013-11-10 19:27:11Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - no longer loading each module being checked in order to get its
          - fix logic for choosing when to pull down a copy of
            02packages.details.txt (now only doing so when otherwise we would
            make six or more HTTP hits to PAUSE)
          - more diagnostics printed in failing tests

0.011     2013-11-10 01:54:55Z
          - honour check_all_prereqs setting at release time (previously
            behaviour was always as if it was on); thanks David Golden!

0.010     2013-11-03 20:22:01Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - more diagnostics printed in failing tests

0.009     2013-11-02 21:15:16Z
          - work around issues with EUMM-bundled by properly
            fudging a VERSION during testing (affected perls before 5.13.9)

0.008     2013-10-11 01:47:09Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - now also checks the configure and build prerequisites

0.007     2013-10-02 03:58:16Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - when killing a build after being prompted, include a line that can
            be copy-pasted to install all the missing modules via cpanm
          - speed up index querying when checking for 6 or more modules at
            once by pulling down a copy of 02packages.details.txt.gz

0.006     2013-09-24 04:36:43Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - diagnostic message added before checks begin, so the user isn't
            wondering why the build/release appears to hang (querying the
            index can take a little bit of time if there are a lot of modules
            to check)

0.005     2013-09-16 00:05:07Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - now only prompting once (per phase) for all discrepancies found
          - no longer prompting for the same module twice, if there are
            multiple instances of the plugin running

0.004     2013-09-11 01:39:02Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - New "check_all_prereqs" option
          - warnings tests bypassed during installation

0.003     2013-09-05 07:45:52Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - gracefully handle checking for a module that is not installed
          - support setting both the check_all_plugins and module configs at

0.002     2013-08-12 18:04:29 PDT-0700 (Karen Etheridge)
          - fix documentation that referred to an option by the wrong name
          - inverted prompt, from "abort build?" to "continue anyway?" (with
            the default remaining as aborting the build/not continuing)
          - version checks are bypassed for modules provided by the dist being

0.001     2013-08-11 21:20:18 PDT-0700 (Karen Etheridge)
          - Initial release.