Revision history for Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Git-VersionManager

0.005     2018-01-14 22:56:06Z
          - inject the currently-installed version of the bundle into
            develop-recommends prereqs (this allows one to see which version
            of the bundle was used, from metadata)

0.004     2018-01-01 00:19:15Z
          - plugin requirements are no longer injected into develop-suggests
            prereqs by default; this behaviour can be preserved (or switched
            to another prereq phase/type) with the new 'plugin_prereq_phase'
            and 'plugin_prereq_relationship' configuration options

0.003     2017-12-13 02:34:17Z
          - new 'bump_only_matching_versions' option, for use in distributions
            such as URI where some modules have different $VERSIONs that
            should not be altered to match the distribution version
          - include Build.PL, Makefile.PL in post-release commit so long as
            the corresponding munge_*_pl settings were not disabled in
            [BumpVersionAfterRelease::*] configs

0.002     2017-09-08 01:26:11Z
          - add mention of [MetaProvides::Update] in unrolled plugin list
          - plugins used by the bundle are now injected into develop-suggests
            prerequisites, rather than develop-requires, so Travis no longer
            feels obliged to install them when testing the built distribution

0.001     2017-08-27 00:30:08Z
          - Initial release, extracted out of