Revision history for Test-Warnings

0.013     2013-12-14 21:26:06Z
          - update configure_requires checking in Makefile.PL

0.012     2013-10-14 16:54:47Z
          - re-release to fix t/00-report-prereqs.t use of

0.011     2013-10-12 22:15:02Z
          - unnecessary tests removed; CONTRIBUTING file added

0.010     2013-09-25 03:29:53Z
          - re-release with fixed compile test

0.009     2013-09-11 04:49:55Z
          - fixed error in synopsis (we do not export anything by default)
          - a caveat added to the documentation regarding embedding warning
            checks inside another sub (this is for you, ribasushi!!!)
          - ':no_end_test' now also covers side effects of done_testing, as
            well as END blocks, making it possible to use the warning(s) subs
            without having an end warning test while using done_testing
            (necessary when combining with the 'if' pragma)

0.008     2013-07-14 19:02:01Z
          - compile test updated, to hopefully fix mswin32 parsing issues

0.007     2013-07-09 22:10:36Z
          - fix subtest tests to work on Test::More before 0.95_01

0.006     2013-06-21 00:53:54Z
          - remove use of Class::Method::Modifiers

0.005     2013-06-20 19:18:42Z
          - new feature: warnings { code } and warning { code }, for capturing
            the contents of warnings for subsequent testing

0.004     2013-05-21 21:58:55Z
          - when allowing warnings (via allow_warnings()), messages are
            emitted via note() rather than warn(), for less noisy output when
            running in a harness

0.003     2013-04-13 21:07:58Z
          - Test suite (and code) fixed to work in the presence of
            Test::Builder 1.005+ (TB2)
          - END logic fixed: now a no-warnings test is added whenever any
            tests have been run, even if there is no plan, as was originally

0.002     2013-03-14 21:47:30Z
          Releasing as non-TRIAL for greater visibility.
          - ':no_end_test' option added
          - test added showing that we play nicely with 'skip_all'

0.001     2013-03-10 00:56:29Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - Initial release.