2012-05-01 v0.99

Fix a bug with listing of services
Allow some admin functionality

2012-02-02 v0.98

Fix up the fastly shell
Allow deactivation of a version
Cache commands in fastly to be quicker
Note that you must use username and password, not api key
Better error messages
Add Service::purge_by_key

2012-01-26 v0.97

Fix YAML dep
Allow username to be an alias to user in config file
Allow proxies

2012-01-16 v0.96

Fix some MANIFEST bugs
Fix up Invoice tests based on new billing method
Fix getting invoices for a certain month
Prevent _list_path being called at compile time

2011-12-19 v0.95

Fix the way invoices and stats are fetched

2011-12-15 v0.9

Add mapping from backends to directors and directors to origins

2011-11-03 v0.8

Add list_* to all objects

Add Healthchecks and Syslog endpoint streaming

2011-11-02 v0.7

Fix stupid bug in fastly_upload_vcl

2011-11-02 v0.6

Add Match and Settings objects and a bunch of cleanups

2011-10-28 v0.5

Initial release