Revision history for Perl extension Business-AuthorizeNet-CIM

0.17    2018-07-11
        add support for multiple optional fields being passed to
        getCustomerPaymentProfileRequest, instead of only allowing
        unmaskExpirationDate (ricecake)

0.16    2017-06-26
        no code changes

0.15    2017-06-15
        add transaction reporting methods (myrrhlin)

0.14    2016-02-12
        unmaskExpirationDate (paulwelscott)

0.13    2015-09-23
        Production Web Service URL update, Support for validationMode (paulwelscott)

0.12    2015-06-06
        Allow optional customerProfileId in createCustomerProfileTransaction (used in refund scenarios on non CIM transactions). (paulwelscott)

0.11    2015-06-01
        allow optional customerPaymentProfileId (paulwelscott)
        introduce "test_host_only" constructor arg to hit the test api host and allow default validationMode of "liveMode" (paulwelscott)

0.10    2015-05-26
        allow additional params to be passed to getHostedProfilePageRequest (Olaf Alders)

0.09    2015-05-26
        add getHostedProfilePageRequest method (Olaf Alders)

0.08    2013.03.13
        remove validationMode element from API calls that do not support it [Rhesa Rozendaal]

0.07    2013.01.16
        Fix RT 80389: properly generate xml for multiple lineItems in a transaction (rhesa, Rhesa Rozendaal)

0.06    2011.12.24
        bug fixes from rjbs

0.05    2011.12.23
        don't return (undef) from getCustomerProfileIds (rjbs)

0.04    2011.4.23
        remove test_mode in deleteCustomerProfile (RT 61975, thanks to Patrick)
        typo fix in createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest and make cardCode real optional (RT 67428, thanks to Pawel)

0.03    2011.1.13
        ...invalid child element 'validationMode'... in getCustomerProfileIds/getCustomerProfile (RT 64723 from Gordon Hunt)

0.02    2010.9.12
        POD SYNOPSIS fixes

0.01    2010.9.12
        a start