Fixed Exporter::Easiest so that it automatically does the use vars, the
problem was that I was not using the magic goto so the vars were being used
in the wrong package.

Factored out some code in the vars tests.


changed the processing order and documented it

FAIL symbols are now added to EXPORT_OK

Fixed bug, ":" now is anchored to start of string for tag detection is Easiest

Optimised expand_tags a little by specialising the add/delete code for the
tag and non-tag cases.


some slight optimistaions

no longer subtracting the FAIL from OK

more helpful errors messages

added benchmark


I should have fixed Easiest to work with ALL as weel as VARS and ISA, done now

Doc fixes


Fixed Easiest to handle scalar values for VARS and ISA


No longer need to use TAGS in Easiest

Added ISA control

No longer including EXPORT in EXPORT_OK

Added OK_ONLY, which means only these symbols go in EXPORT_OK

Added VARS control. Now no longer need to explicitly use vars for exportable


initial release