Revision history for Perl module Protocol::DBus

- Add send_return(), send_error(), and send_signal() methods.
- Switch to native byte order as default rather than little-endian.

0.07 Thu 20 Dec 2017
- Rename do_authn() to initialize(), and make it return falsy until the
  “Hello” response arrives back. This removes the workflow state where
  authn is done but the connection name is not yet established. I don’t
  believe this should break anything since get_message() never actually
  returned the “Hello” response.
- Rename authn_pending_send() to init_pending_send().
- Added DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1 authentication support.
- Implement fallback when server indicates authn mechanisms
  besides EXTERNAL.
- EXTERNAL authn now attempts to auto-load Socket::MsgHdr except on
  OSes (e.g., Linux, Cygwin) where it’s known not to make a difference.
- Fix parsing of DBus addresses

0.06 Sat 1 Dec 2018
- Socket::MsgHdr is no longer required.
- BREAKING CHANGE: Socket::MsgHdr must now be loaded prior to D-Bus
authentication in order for UNIX FD passing to work.

0.05 Thu 15 Nov 2018
- Add proper UNIX_FD support and an example of its use.
- Add preserve_variant_signatures() mode.
- Add send_signal() method.
- Update documentation, add

0.04 Wed 14 Nov 2018
- Fix DICT unmarshaling alignment.
- Add example and two contributed ones.

0.03 Sun 11 Nov 2018
- Disable UNIX_FD stuff until it can be made to work.

0.02 Sun 11 Nov 2018
- Fix some examples, remove broken example script

0.01 Tue 2 Oct 2018
- Initial release