Revision history for Perl module group Pod::Perldoc
                                        Time-stamp: "2004-11-30 13:27:01 AST"

	* Development release 3.14_02
	* -L becomes more forgiving:
              $ perldoc -L it perldocpage
	  retrieves the standard (English) version if it cannot find
	  the Italian translation.
	* Release 3.14_01 -- bleedperl changes:
	+ #31628: a Gentoo patch
	+ #27878: warn when -f, -q ignore extra arguments
	+ #26202: document -L
	+ #26191: new switch -L
2004-11-30  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 3.14 -- bugfix for Cygwin

	* Matt Johnson sends in two patches to accomodate Cygwin.

	* Also changing pathsep for IS_MSWin32 || IS_Dos temp files
	from '/' to '\'.

2004-04-09  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 3.13 -- minor bugfixes

	Ken Willians notes that Pod::Perldoc::ToMan breaks when the
	pod2man program isn't in $Config{'scriptdirexp'}.  So I make it
	look there first, but then fall back to not specifying where it
	should be found.

	James Michael Du Pont notes that Carp::croak isn't always loaded
	by all versions of the modules perldoc uses.  So I add an explicit
	"require Carp::croak".

	I add t/01_about_verbose.t just to give more diagnostics.

2003-10-21  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 3.12 -- tweak for Linux man.
	Slaven Rezic notes that Makefile.PL should say INSTALLDIRS => "perl"
	for perl versions 5.8.1 and newer, to make installation work right
	on those perls.  Change made.

	Slaven Rezic notes that -q was generating an erroneous =over 8 ...
	around the sliced text from perlfaq searched via -q.  Change made
	-- this =over 8 ... =back stuff is now generated only if you're
	calling perldoc with -f (for perlfunc sections).
2003-10-12  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 3.11 -- tweak for Linux man.
	Brendan O'Dea provides code for Pod/Perldoc/ to sets -rLL
	to what stty reports for terminal column width.
2003-09-10  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 3.10 -- bugfix for cygwin
	Jari Aalto notes a problem with cygwin and the containspod routine
	-- cygwin apparently pretends there's an executable $filename file
	when there's really a "$filename.exe" file.  Added a
	cygwin-specific hack in containspod to trap this case.
2003-07-24  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 3.09.
	Notable changes:
	* perldoc when run as root no longer dies when it can't manage to
	drop privileges.  This is by popular demand.
	* perldoc -f -X now properly sees an -X entry regardless of
	whether it's coded as =item -X or =item I<-X>.
	* In README, changed "This is an experimental distribution of
	Perldoc," to "This is the distribution of Perldoc,"

	Wee little things:
	* Added a "use 5.006;" to the start of and the
	Makefile.PL, since we do actually need that version of perl
	for the module to even compile right.  (Altho backporting is an
	option later, if we remove the 5.6-isms.)
	* has a new constant IS_Cygwin if we ever need it.
	* Added a bit of IS_VMS logic.
	* Minor cosmetic changes to handling of -U.
	* Added a few comments here and there.
2003-01-18  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 3.08.
	* Fixed split-related bug in reading $Config{'pager'}.
	Thanks to Chip Turner <> for pointing it out!

2002-12-01  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 3.07.
	* Minor typo fix to code in Pod::Perldoc::ToMan.
	* Added RTFREADER example to Pod::Perldoc::ToRTF docs.
	* Made Pod::Perldoc::ToTk a bit more tolerant of old Tk::Pod
	versions (pre-4.0).	

2002-11-22  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 3.06.
	* Made it install to perldoc pand perldoc.pod now.
	* Added -V
	* Made -U a no-op switch, for legacy.
	* Corrected a few minor typoes in the usage messages.
	* Updated perldoc.pod to document the switches that were
	previously documented only in perldoc -h
	* Many thanks to David Hand, Avi Finkel, Iain "Spoon" Truskett,
	Conrad Heiney, Casey West, Pete Sergeant, David Dyck, Michael
	Schwern, Slaven Rezic, Hugo van der Sanden, and many others for
	lots of patient help in working on this.
2002-11-11  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 3.05 alpha.
	* Corrected the logic that suppresses warnings during require's or
	* Updated usage messages
	* Corrected bug that ignored -T when using -m
2002-11-11  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 3.04 alpha.  First public release.
	* Many new features, including the switches: -T, -d, -o, -M, -w

See the end of Pod/ for previous revision history and TODOs