# This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Catalyst.

5.80002 2009-04-22 01:28:36
        - Fix CATALYST_DEBUG and MYAPP_DEBUG environment variables
          turning debuging on if defined, rather than if set.
          They now force debugging on or off, taking precedence over
          configuration in your application. (t0m)
          - Tests for this (t0m)
        - pass replace_constructor to the immutable call to ensure
          applications get a Moose constructor rather than a C::A one
        - Fix issues with restarting the application class due to C3 failures
          on perl 5.10 (t0m)
        - Work around issues in Moose with initialization order of multiple
          levels of non-Moose classes inheriting from a Moose class (t0m)
          - Test for this
        - Add backwards compatibility method for Catalyst::Log->body, which
          has been made private (t0m)
        - Fix so that calling $c->req->parameters(undef) does not flatten
          the request parameters with undef + test (t0m)
        - Fix so that width of table of unattached actions for debugging
          ::DispatchType::Chained varies according to your terminal width
          (Oleg Kostyuk)
        - Fix warning message about linearized @ISA in Catalyst::Component
          (Emanuele Zeppieri)
        - Require MX::MethodAttributes 0.06 to avoid issues with saying
          use base 'Catalyst::Controller'; use Moose; losing actions (t0m)
        - Fix all of t0m's typos in ::Upgrading and ::Delta (hobbs)

5.80001 2009-04-18 22:18
        - Don't inline the constructor for Catalyst::Log to avoid a
          warning on recent Moose versions.
        - Add delta documentation
        - Clean up recursion errors
        - Extra cross links in dispatch types POD (Ian Wells)
        - Test uri_with clears query params when they are set to undef
          (Ian Wells)
        - Complain about old Catalyst::Devel versions which generated
          ->setup(qw/-Debug... etc. as this is not recommended (t0m)

5.8000_07 2009-04-12 13:37
        - Add the Catalyst::Dispatcher->dispatch_type method (ash)
        - Throw an exception rather than loading an app if an action
          tries to chain to itself (t0m)
          - Tests for this
        - Change the $c->visit and $c->go methods to optionally take
          CaptureArgs, making them useful to call ActionChains with (t0m)
          - Tests for this (radek)
        - Fix _invoke_as_component method to find the proper action instance
          for dispatchable actions so that ->visit or ->going to ActionChains
          with qw/Class::Name method_name/ works correctly (t0m)
          - Tests for this (radek)
        - Added Catalyst::Test::ctx_request to be able to inspect
          the context object after a request is made (Jos Boumans)
        - debug() POD rewrite (jhannah)
        - Change the warning when you have conflicting components to
          present a list (t0m)
        - Move NEXT use and testing deprecated features out to its own
          test application so that the main TestApp isn't polluted with
          spurious warnings (t0m)
        - Add a warning for the old ::[MVC]:: style naming scheme (t0m)
          - Test for this (t0m)
        - Kill Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT warnings for the Catalyst:: namespace
          in production versions (t0m)
        - Tidy up Catalyst::ClassData to ensure that all components get
          the correct metaclass (t0m)
        - Make MyApp.pm restartable by unsetting setup_finished in
          the restarter process (t0m)
        - Non-naive implementation of making mutable on restart using
          B::Hooks::OP::Check::StashChange if installed (t0m)
          - Tests for this (t0m)
        - Naive implementation of making all components mutable in the
          forked restart watcher process so native Moose apps using
          immutable restart correctly. (t0m)
          - Tests for this (t0m)
        - Bump Moose dependency to 0.70 so that we avoid nasty surprises
          with is_class_loaded and perl 5.80 when you Moosify MyApp.pm (t0m)
        - Clarify that request arguments aren't unescaped automatically
          (Simon Bertrang) (Closes RT#41153)
        - Don't require C3 for the MRO test (rafl)
        - Bump MX::Emulate::CAF prereq to support list assignment (rafl)
        - Remove useless column in chained action debug table. (rafl)
        - namespace::clean related cleanups (rafl)
        - Import related cleanups and consistency fixes (rafl)
        - Fix test suite TestApp /dump/env action (t0m)
        - Add $res->code as alias for $res->status (hdp)
        - Make Catalyst::ClassData compatible with the latest Class::MOP::Class
          changes. Also depend on the latest Class::MOP. (rafl)
        - Add $c->uri_for_action method. (hdp)
        - Don't stringify the meta method. Use its name instead. (rafl)
        - Use MooseX::MethodAttributes::Inheritable to contain action
          attributes. This means that attributes are now represented in the MOP,
          allowing method modifiers on actions to work as expected. (rafl)
        - Provide a reasonable API in Catalyst::Controller for working with
          and registering actions, allowing a controller sub-class to replace
          subroutine attributes for action declerations with an alternate
          syntax. (rafl/hdp)
        - Instantiate correct sub-class of Moose::Meta::Class for non-Moose
          components where Catalyst forces the creation of a metaclass instance.
          This is more correct, and avoids metaclass incompatibility in complex
          cases (t0m)
          - Tests for this (t0m)
        - Use of deprecated Catalyst::Base now warns. (t0m)
        - Add uri_with tests (gphat)

5.8000_06 2009-02-04 21:00
        - Disallow writing to config after setup (rafl)
        - Disallow calling setup more than once (rafl)
        - Documentation fix regarding overloading of Engine and Dispatcher
          instances (rafl)
        - Several documentation typo fixes (rafl)
        - Stop Makefile.PL from warning about versions that fixed a conflict
        - Improved upgrading documentation (t0m, rafl)
        - Seed the RNG in each FastCGI child process (Andrew Rodland)
        - Properly report dynamic bind port for the development server (rafl)
          (Closes RT#38544)
        - Use the way documented by IO::Socket::INET to get the error message
          after trying to create a listening socket (rafl) (Closes RT#41828)
        - Don't ignore SIGCHLD while handling requests with the dev server
          (rafl) (Closes RT#42962)

5.8000_05 2008-29-01 00:00
        - Text::SimpleTable's go as wide as $ENV{COLUMNS} (jhannah)
          Patch written by Oleg Kostyuk <cub.uanic@gmail.com>
        - Improve docs for visit (mateu)
        - Add docs for finalize hook (dhoss)
        - Added ru/ua translations to error page
        - Improve the clarity and verbosity of the warning when component
          resolution uses regex fallback. (jhannah)
        - Handle leading CRLF in HTTP requests sometimes sent by IE6 in 
          keep-alive requests. (andyg)
        - Fixes for FastCGI with IIS 6.0 (janus)
        - Passing request method exported by Catalyst::Test an extra
          parameter used to be ignored, but started breaking if the parameter
          was not a hash in 5.8000_04. Extra parameter is now ignored if
          it isn't a hashref (t0m)
        - Fix request argumentss getting corrupted if you override the 
          dispatcher and call an action which detaches (for 
          Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::ACL) (t0m)
        - Fix calling use Catalyst::Test 'MyApp' 'foo' which used to work,
          but stopped as the 2nd parameter can be an options hash now (t0m)
        - Bump Moose dependency to fix make_immutable bug (t0m)
        - Use compile time extends in Catalyst::Controller (t0m)
        - Make Catalyst::Request::uploads attribute non-lazy, to fix
          test for Catalyst-Engine-Apache (t0m)
        - Bump version of MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast (t0m)
        - Stop using MooseX::Adopt::Class::Accessor::Fast by default, to stop
          breaking other packages which use Class::Accessor::Fast
        - Remove unused action_container_class attribute from 
          Catalyst::Dispatcher (t0m)
        - Replace {_body} instance access with calls to _body accessors (t0m)
        - Add backwards compatibility alias methods for private attributes on 
          Catalyst::Dispatcher which used to be public. Needed by 
          Catalyst::Plugin::Server and  Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::ACL 
        - Fix return value of $c->req->body, which delegates to the body
          method on the requests HTTP::Body instance (t0m)
          - Test for this (t0m)
        - Fix calling $c->req->body from inside an overridden prepare_action
          method in a plugin, as used by Catalyst::Plugin::Server (t0m)
          - Test for this (t0m)
        - Fix assignment to Catalyst::Dispatcher's preload_dispatch_types and
          postload_dispatch_types attributes - assigning a list should later 
          return a listref. Fixes Catalyst::Plugin::Server. (t0m)
          - Tests for this (t0m)
        - Change streaming test to serve itself rather than 01use.t, making 
          test sync for engines easier (t0m)
        - Refactor capturing of $app from Catalyst::Controller into
          Catalyst::Component::ApplicationAttribute for easier reuse in other
          components (Florian Ragwitz)
        - Make the test suites YAML dependency optional (Florian Ragwitz)
        - Make debug output show class name for the engine and dispatcher
          rather than the stringified ref. (t0m)
        - Make MyApp immutable at the end of the scope after the setup
          method is called, fixing issues with plugins which have their 
          own new methods by inlining a constructor on MyApp (t0m)
          - Test for this and method modifiers in MyApp (t0m)
        - Fix bug causing Catalyst::Request::Upload's basename method
          to return undef (t0m)
          - Test for this (Carl Franks)
        - Fix loading of classes which do not define any symbols to not
          die, as it didn't in 5.70 (t0m)
          - Test for this (t0m)
        - Bump MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast dependency
          to force new version which fixes a lot of plugins (t0m)
        - Make log levels additive, and add documentation and tests
          for the setup_log method, which previously had none.
          Sewn together by t0m from two patches provided by David E. Wheeler
        - Switch an around 'new' in Catalyst::Controller to a BUILDARGS
          method as it's much neater and more obvious what is going on (t0m)
        - Add a clearer method on request and response _context 
          attributes, and use if from ::Engine rather than deleting
          the key from the instance hash (t0m)
        - Use handles on tree attribute of Catalyst::Stats to replace
          trivial delegation methods (t0m)
        - Change the following direct hash accesses into attributes:
          Catalyst::Engine: _prepared_write
          Catalyst::Engine::CGI: _header_buf
          Catalyst::Engine::HTTP: options, _keepalive, _write_error
          Catalyst::Request: _path
          Catalyst::Stats: tree
        - Fix issues in Catalyst::Controller::WrapCGI 
          and any other components which import (or define) their 
          own meta method by always explicitly calling
          Class::MOP::Object->meta inside Catalyst (t0m)
          - Add test for this (t0m)
        - Add test case for the bug which is causing the 
          Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication tests to fail (t0m)
        - Fix a bug in uri_for which could cause it to generate paths
          with multiple slashes in them. (t0m)
          - Add test for this (t0m)
        - Fix SKIP block name in t/optional_http-server-restart.t,
          stopping 'Label not found for "last SKIP"' error from 
          Test::More (t0m)
        - Workaround max_redirect 0 bug in LWP (andyg)
        - Move live_engine_response_print into aggregate (andyg)
        - Fix dependency bug, s/parent/base/ in new test (rafl)
        - Fix optional tests to run the live tests in the aggregate 
          dir (andyg)
        - Fix Catalyst->go error in remote tests (andyg)
        - Fix upload test to work with remote servers, don't check for 
          deleted files (andyg)
        - Fix engine_request_uri tests to work on remote server with 
          different URI (andyg)

5.8000_04  2008-12-05 12:15:00
        - Silence Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT warnings in the test suite (rafl)
        - Fix loads of 'used once, possible typo' warnings (rafl)
        - Additional tests to ensure upload temp files are deleted (andyg)
        - Remove use of NEXT from the test suite, except for one case
          which tests if Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT is working (t0m)
        - Use a predicate to avoid recursion in cases where the uri
          method is overridden by a plugin, and calls the base method,
          for example Catalyst::Plugin::SmartURI (t0m)
          - Test for this (caelum)
        - Compose the MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast role to 
          Catalyst::Action, Catalyst::Request, and all other modules which 
          inherit from Class::Accessor::Fast in 5.70.
          This fixes:
            - Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FormFu (zamolxes)
            - Catalyst::Request::REST (t0m)
          - Test for this (t0m)
        - Make hostname resolution lazy (Marc Mims)
        - Support mocking virtualhosts in test suite (Jason Gottshall)
        - Add README (marcus)
        - Fix TODO list (t0m)
        - Use Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT (rafl)
        - Ignore C3 warnings on 5.10 when testing ensure_class_loaded (rafl)
        - Add TODO test for chained bug (gbjk)
        - Fix list address in documentation (zarquon)
        - Fix ACCEPT_CONTEXT on MyApp, called as a class method (marcus)
           - Test for this (marcus)
        - Bump MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast version requirement to 
          get more back compatibility (t0m)
        - Improve documentation for $req->captures (caelum)
        - Fix a bug in Catalyst::Stats, stopping garbage being inserted into
          the stats if a user calls begin => but no end => (jhannah)
           - Test for this (jhannah)
        - Trim lines sooner in stats to avoid ugly Text::SimpleTable wrapping
        - Change Catalyst::ClassData to tweak the symbol table inline for
          performance after profiling (mst)
        - Fix POD typo in finalize_error (jhannah)
        - Add tests to ensure that we delete the temp files created by 
          HTTP::Body's OctetStream parser (t0m)

5.8000_03 2008-10-14 14:13:00
        - Fix forwarding to Catalyst::Action objects (Rafael Kitover).
        - Fix links to the mailing lists (RT #39754 and Florian Ragwitz).
        - Use Class::MOP instead of Class::Inspector (Florian Ragwitz).
        - Change Catalyst::Test to use Sub::Exporter (Florian Ragwitz).
        - Fixed typo in Engine::HTTP::Restarter::Watcher causing -r to complain.

5.8000_02 2008-10-14 07:59:00
       - Fix manifest

5.8000_01 2008-10-13 22:52:00
        - Port to Moose
        - Added test for action stringify
        - Added test for component instances getting $self->{value} from config.
        - Add Catalyst::Response->print() method (ilmari)
        - Optionally aggregate tests using Test::Aggregate (Florian Ragwitz).
        - Additional docs for uri_for to mention how to use $c->action and 
          $c->req->captures (jhannah)
        - List unattached chained actions in Debug mode (Florian Ragwitz).
        - Pod formatting fix for Engine::FastCGI (Oleg Kostyuk).
        - Add visit, a returning ->go

        - Workaround change in LWP that broke a cookie test (RT #40037)
        - Back out go() since that feature's been pushed to 5.80
        - Fix some Win32 test failures
        - Add pt translation of error message (wreis)
        - Make :Chained('../action') work (Florian Ragwitz)
        - Add test actions
        - Chained doc improvements (rev 8326-8328)

5.7099_03 2008-07-20 10:10:00
        - Fix regressions for regexp fallback in model(), view() and controller()
        - Added the supplied argument to the regexp fallback warning for easier
        - Ensure ACCEPT_CONTEXT is called for results from component()

5.7099_02 2008-07-16 19:10:00
        - Added PathPrefix attribute
        - Removed Catalyst::Build; we've long since moved to Module::Install
        - Updated Catalyst::Test docs to mention the use of HTTP::Request
          objects (Rafael Kitover)

5.7099_01 2008-06-25 22:36:00
        - Refactored component resolution (component(), models(), model(), et al). We now
          throw warnings for two reasons:
          1) model() or view() was called with no arguments, and two results are returned
             -- set default_(model|view), current_(model|view) or current_(model|view)_instance
          2) you call a component resolution method with a string, and it resorts to a regexp 
             fallback wherein a result is returned -- if you really want to search, call the
             method with a regex as the argument
        - remove 0-length query string components so warnings aren't thrown (RT #36428)
        - Update HTTP::Body dep so that the uploadtmp config value will work (RT #22540)
        - Fix for LocalRegex when used in the Root controller
        - Get some of the optional_* tests working from dirs with spaces (RT #26455)
        - Fix Catalyst::Utils::home() when application .pm is in the current dir (RT #34437)
        - Added the ability to remove parameters in req->uri_with() by passing in
          an undef value (RT #34782)
        - Added $c->go, to do an internal redispatch to another action, while retaining the
          contents of the stash

5.7014  2008-05-25 15:26:00
        - Addition of .conf in restart regex in Catalyst::Engine::HTTP::Restarter::Watcher
        - Fix regression for relative uri_for arguments after a forward()   
          introduced in 5.7013 (Peter Karman)  
        - Fix regression for "sub foo : Path {}" in the root controller which 
          was introduced when attempting to allow "0" as a Path.

5.7013  2008-05-16 18:20:00
        - Provide backwards compatability methods in Catalyst::Stats
        - Fix subdirs for scripts that run in subdirs more than one level deep.
        - Added test and updated docs for handling the Authorization header
          under mod_fastcgi/mod_cgi.
        - Fixed bug in HTTP engine where the connection was not closed properly if the
          client disconnected before sending any headers. (Ton Voon)
        - POD fix, IO::FileHandle => IO::Handle (RT #35690)
        - Fix grammar on welcome page (RT #33236)
        - Fix for Path('0') handling (RT #29334)
        - Workaround for Win32 and c3_mro.t (RT #26452, tested by Kenichi Ishigaki)
        - Fix for encoding query parameters (edenc)
        - Fix Chained multiple test (t0m)

5.7012  2007-12-16 23:44:00
        - Fix uri_for()'s and uri_with()'s handling of multibyte chars
          (Daisuke Murase)
        - Fix __PACKAGE__->config->{foo} = 'bar' case with subclassing
        - Add Catalyst::Stats (Jon Schutz)
        - Fixed a bug where ?q=bar=baz is decoded as q=>'bar', not 'bar=baz'.
          (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, Masahiro Nagano)
        - Fixed a bug where -rr (restart regex) command line option could cause
          shell errors. (Aristotle Pagaltzis, Chisel Wright)

5.7011  2007-10-18 20:40:00
        - Allow multiple restart directories and added option to follow
          symlinks in the HTTP::Restarter engine (Sebastian Willert)
        - Fixed t/optional_http-server-restart.t so it actually tests
          if the server restarted or notified of an error (Sebastian Willert)
        - Return child PID from the HTTP engine when run with the 'background' option.
          (Emanuele Zeppieri)
        - Fixed bug in HTTP engine where writes could fail with
          'Resource temporarily unavailable'.
        - Fixed bug where %2b in query parameter is doubly decoded to ' ', instead of '+'
          (RT #30087, Gavin Henry, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, Oleg Pronin)
        - Fixed bug where req->base and req->uri would include a port number when running
          in SSL mode.
        - Removed unnecessary sprintf in debug mode that caused warnings on locales where
          commas are used for decimal markers.
        - Improved error message for case when server picks up editor save
          files as module names. (James Mastros)

5.7010  2007-08-22 07:41:00
        - Resource forks in 5.7009

5.7009  2007-08-22 00:14:00
        - Moved Manual.pod to Manual.pm and clarified status of 
          Catalyst-Manual dist
        - Doc patches to Catalyst::Controller
        - remove ignore_loaded from plugin load, commenting why
        - document the ignore_loaded feature in Catalyst::Utils
        - Add testing of inline plugins.

5.7008  2007-08-13 08:40:00
        - Added $c->request->query_keywords for getting the keywords
          (a query string with no parameters).
        - Add undef warning for uri_for.
        - Fix bug where a nested component would be setup twice.
        - Make ensure_class_loaded behave better with malformed class name.
        - Make _register_plugin use ensure_class_loaded.
        - Remove 'Argument "??" isn't numeric in sprintf' warning.
          (Emanuele Zeppieri)
        - Fixed a bug where Content-Length could be set to 0 if a filehandle
          object in $c->response->body did not report a size.
        - Fixed issue where development server running in fork mode did not
          properly exit after a write error.
        - Remove warning for captures that are undef.
        - Fixed $c->read and parse_on_demand mode.
        - Fixed a bug with the HTTP engine where very large response bodies
          would not be sent properly.

5.7007  2007-03-13 14:18:00
        - Many performance improvements by not using URI.pm:
          * $c->uri_for (approx. 8x faster)
          * $c->engine->prepare_path (approx. 27x faster)
          * $c->engine->prepare_query_parameters (approx. 5x faster)
        - Updated HTTP::Body dependency to 0.9 which fixes the following issues:
          * Handle when IE sometimes sends an extra CRLF after the POST body.
          * Empty fields in multipart/form-data POSTs are no longer ignored.
          * Uploaded files with the name "0" are no longer ignored.
        - Sending SIGHUP to the dev server will now cause it to restart.
        - Allow "0" for a path in uri_for.
        - Performance and stability improvements to the built-in HTTP server.
        - Don't ignore file uploads if form contains a text field with the same name.
          (Carl Franks)
        - Support restart_delay of 0 (for use in the POE engine).
        - Skip body processing if we don't have a Content-Length header.
          Results in about a 9% performance increase when handling GET/HEAD
        - Add a default body to redirect responses.
        - MyApp->model/view now looks at MyApp->config->{default_view/model}
          (Bogdan Lucaciu)

5.7006   2006-11-15 14.18
        - Updated manifest
        - Fix Slurp dependency
        - Updated HTTP::Body dependency to 0.6, 0.5 can break on large POST 
        - Skip utf8 fix for undef values in uri_with() and uri_for()

5.7005   2006-11-07 19:37:35
        - Fixed lighttpd tests to be properly skipped.
        - Moved IE workarounds to exist only in the HTTP engine.
        - Added installation instructions (from Catalyst-Manual dist)

5.7004   2006-11-06 20:48:35
        - Fix Engine::HTTP crash when using IE. (Jesper Krogh, Peter Edwards)
        - clean up Catalyst::Utils to handle some edge cases
        - Properly work around lighttpd PATH_INFO vs. SCRIPT_NAME bug
          (Mark Blythe)
        - add _application accessor to Catalyst::Base
        - Support current_view
        - Allow use of Catalyst::Test without app name (Ton Voon, Altinity)
        - Catalyst::Manual moved to its own package
        - Add option to FastCGI engine to send errors to stdout, not the web server
        - Use Module::Install's auto_install to install prerequisite modules 
        - various documentation fixes and improvements
5.7003   2006-09-21 16:29:45
        - Additions and updates to tutorial

5.7002   2006-09-17 19:35:32
        - unescape captures to match args
        - fix for relative Chained under namespace '' (root)
        - fix for hashrefs in action attributes from config
        - fix for Chained to require correct number of CaptureArgs

5.7001   2006-07-19 23:46:54
        - fix for component loading
        - uri_for and uri_with now behave as they used to with non-
          array references

5.7000   2006-07-07 08:08:08
        - fix FCGI.pm warning message with FastCGI engine
        - bumped inc::Module::Install to 0.63 in Makefile.PL
        - fixes to uri_for_action for DispatchType::Chained
        - Further doc work.
        - Minor code cleanups 
        - Changed catalyst.pl to depend on Catalyst::Devel

5.70_03  2006-06-28 16:42:00
        - fixup to registered plugins debug at app startup
        - refactored Catalyst::Utils::home

5.70_02  2006-06-27 11:51:00
        - Updated tutorial.

5.70_01  2006-06-26 10:49:00

        - fixed a Catalyst::Base bug causing duplicate action registrations
        - modified DispatchTypes to support multiple registrations
        - added Catalyst::Runtime module as dist marker
        - added Catalyst::ActionChain and Chained DispatchType
        - removed retarded registration requirement in dispatcher
        - removed Module::Pluggable::Fast hack in favor of
        - extended uri_for, added dispatcher->uri_for_action
        - added Catalyst::Base->action_for('methodname')
        - checked and tested :Args multimethod dispatch
        - added ability to set action attributes from controller config
        - added merge_config_hashes() as a convenience method
        - Swapped out CGI::Cookie in favour of CGI::Simple::Cookie
        - Removed test dependencies on Test::NoWarnings, Test::MockObject
        - Removed dependency on UNIVERSAL::require
        - Split out Catalyst::Helper into a new distribution
        - un-bundled the plugins as they are now pre-reqs for Catalyst::Helper
        - nuked each() out of core with prejudice (due to lurking buglets)
        - Added tests from phaylon for dispatcher precedence
        - Use Class::Inspector->loaded($class) instead of $class->can('can')
        - Added ActionClass attribute
        - Removed Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst from Makefile.PL (circular dep)
        - Updated docs for Catalyst::Component
        - Separated execute and dispatch on Catalyst::Action
        - cleaned up logging and debug output
        - significant documentation revisions
        - Added warning for setup being called twice
        - Fix pod to use DBIC::Schema instead of DBIC model
        - Fix ->config failing to copy _config for subclassing
        - Updated log format
        - Updated debug dump

5.6902  2006-05-04 13:00:00
        - Remove tarballs and OSX metadata files.

5.6901  2006-05-03 11.17:00
        - Module::Install didn't overwrite META.yml. 

5.6900  2006-05-03 11.17:00
        - Stupid pause indexer can't count.
        - Better fix for Catalyst::Test
        - more tests.

5.682   2006-04-27 13:51:00
        - Damn OSX attributes again :( 

5.681   2006-04-27 08:47:00
        - Updated manifest.
        - Add basename to core . (Deprecates Catalyst::Plugin::Basename)
5.68    2006-04-26 12:23:00
        - ConfigLoader: Updated to version 0.06
        - fixed undef warnings in uri_for() and uri_with()
        - Fixed Catalyst::Test to report errors on failed Class load

5.678   2006-04-24 12:30:00
        - Re-release of 5.67 without OSX metadata files.

5.67    2006-04-23 08:50:00
        - Added $c->req->uri_with() helper
        - ConfigLoader: Updated to version 0.05
        - Fix up Engine to avoid a new 5.8.8 warning
        - Added app name with :: support for PAR
        - Added $c->models/views/controllers
        - Static::Simple: Unescape the URI path before looking for the file.
          This fixes issues with files that have spaces.
        - Looping and recursion tests plus a fix
        - Added lots of API documentation. Refactored main pod.
        - Changed default behaviors for $c->model/$c->controller/$c->view
          to more sane settings.
        - added the clear_errors method - an alias for error(0)
        - Added tmpdir option for uploads (woremacx)
        - Applied patch from GEOFFR to allow normal filehandles.
        - Refactored Dispatcher internals for better readability and speedup
          (stress tests run 12% faster)
        - Allow $c->error to run as a class method

5.66    2006-03-10 17:48:00
        - Added Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst support
        - Cleaned generated tests
        - Added Root controller concept
        - Updated ConfigLoader plugin to version 0.04

5.65    2006-02-21 10:34:00
        - Added plugin introspection.
        - Support optional hashref as last param for parameters in uri_for.
        - Updated tutorial to be more complete.
        - Applied args patch from antirice (Fixes Ticket #67)

5.64    2006-02-07 20:29:00
        - Fixed bug in FastCGI proc manager mode where pm_post_dispatch
          was not run. (Eric Wong)
        - Cleaned up generated tests
        - Updated YAML support to use ConfigLoader
        - Fixed path dispatch to canonicalise correctly
            (see http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/ticket/62)
        - Added Catalyst::Manual::About

5.63    2006-01-22 00:00:00
        - Updated prereq versions

5.62    2006-01-17 16:30:00
        - Large update to the tutorial (castaway)
        - Added YAML config support
        - Added COMPONENT() and ACCEPT_CONTEXT() support
        - Action list in debug mode is now displayed as a tree in the
          correct execution order.
        - Fixed engine detection to allow custom mod_perl engines.
        - Static::Simple: Fixed bug in ignore_dirs under win32.
        - Display version numbers of loaded plugins. (Curtis Poe)
        - Added class and method for caught exception messages.
        - Updated PAR support to use "make catalyst_par",
          packages are no longer written by Makefile.PL.
        - Automatically determine Content-Length when serving a
        - Exceptions now return status 500.
        - Updated for Module::Install 0.44.
        - Fixed additional file installation for multi level app names.
        - Added REDIRECT_URL support for applications running behind
          a RewriteRule in Apache. (Carl Franks)
        - Fixed FastCGI engine under win32. (Carl Franks)
        - FastCGI doc updates (Bill Moseley)
        - Bugfix for $c->model and friends (defined).

5.61    2005-12-02 00:00:00
        - Fixed ExtUtils::AutoInstall Bootstrap Code in Makefile.PL

5.60    2005-12-01 22:15:00
        - Fixed Path and index actions in the appclass,
          including those that attach to /
        - Index is now weighted higher than Path
        - Fixed restarter and -d debug switch in server.pl.
        - Added a warning if you attempt to retrieve a parameter
          using $c->req->params('foo').
        - Fixed the Module::Install::Catalyst @ISA bug

5.59    2005-11-30 13:25:00
        - Fixed shebang line for generated scripts
        - Fixed forward to classes ($c->forward(qw/MyApp foo/))
        - Wrap use block in begin to quelch C:C3 warnings
        - Removed scrollbar from debug output
        - Fixed catalyst_par_core() and catalyst_par_multiarch()

5.58    2005-11-24 10:51:00
        - Added ExtUtils::AutoInstall support
        - Allow overriding path in Catalyst::Helper.
        - Added -makefile to catalyst.pl to generate a new Makefile.PL.
        - Restored Catalyst::Build with a deprecation notice.
        - Improved PAR support
        - Replaced -short with auto-detection
        - Fixed prereqs, added File::Copy::Recursive
        - Static::Simple changes:
            - Made prepare_action play nice with other plugins by not short-
            - Added tmpl to the ignored extensions.
            - Fixed security problem if req->path contained '..'.

5.57    2005-11-20 22:45:00
        - Updated uri_for to accept undef actions
        - Switched to Module::Install
        - Renamed tests for easier editing
        - Reformatted documentation
        - Renamed -nonew to -force
        - Added PAR support
        - Added keep-alive support and bug fixes to HTTP engine.
          (Sascha Kiefer)
        - Added daemonize option to FastCGI engine. (Sam Vilain)

5.56   2005-11-16 10:33:00
        - Fixed FastCGI engine to not clobber the global %ENV on each
          request. (Sam Vilain)
        - Updated benchmarking to work with detach
        - Fixed dispatcher, so $c->req->action(undef) works again
        - Updated Catalyst::Test to use HTTP::Request::AsCGI
        - Added -pidfile to external FastCGI server.

5.55    2005-11-15 12:55:00
        - Fixed multiple cookie handling

5.54    2005-11-14 22:55:00
        - Fixed a Module::Pluggable::Fast related bug

5.53    2005-11-14 15:55:00
        - Removed t/04prereq.t that was testing for non-required

5.52    2005-11-14 10:57:00
        - Strip '..'s in static urls to fix security issue.

5.51    2005-11-14 00:45:00
        - Changed uri_for to use namespace instead of match.

5.50    2005-11-13 20:45:00
        - Fixed minor bugs.
        - Updated docs.

5.49_05 2005-11-12 20:45:00
        - Large update to the documentation. (David Kamholz)
        - Fixed args handling in forward()
        - Fixed forwarding to classes
        - Fixed catalyst.pl-generated Build.PL Makefile section.
        - Fixed relative forwarding
        - Fixed forward arrows in debug output

5.49_04 2005-11-09 23:00:00
        - Made context, dispatcher, engine, request and response classes
        - Added $c->stack.
        - Fixed dispatcher to ignore unknown attributes.
        - Improved format of startup debug log.
        - Updated built in server to restart on win32. (Will Hawes)
        - Fixed streaming write from a filehandle to stop writing
          if the browser is closed.
        - Added $c->controller, $c->model and $c->view shortcuts.
        - Switched to Text::SimpleTable.

5.49_03 2005-11-03 12:00:00
        - Fixed $c->req->{path} for backwards-compatibility.
        - Allow debug to be disabled via ENV as well as enabled.
        - Added -scripts option to catalyst.pl for script updating
        - Changed helpers to default to long types, Controller instead of C
        - Added Catalyst::Controller, Catalyst::Model and Catalyst::View
          base classes
        - Added JavaScript to debug screen to show and hide specific dumps
        - Added _DISPATCH, _BEGIN, _AUTO, _ACTION and _END actions
        - Added multi process external FastCGI support
          (see myapp_fastcgi.pl -help) (Sam Vilain)
        - Restarter process in HTTP engine now properly exits when the
          parent app is shut down.  
        - Improved performance of restarter loop while watching for
          changed files.
        - Restarter will now detect new files added to an app on systems
          that change directory mtimes when new files are created.
        - Restarter now properly handles modules that are deleted from an
        - Fixed memory leak in TestApp.

5.49_02 2005-10-26 12:39:00 
        - Whole new dispatcher!
        - Added index action
        - Added path_to method
        - Added support for passing an IO::Handle object to $c->res->body.
          (Andrew Bramble)
        - Added a new welcome screen.
        - Included Catalyst buttons and icons in helper.
        - Added Static::Simple plugin to core.
        - Added self restarting test server
        - Added filename to debug output for uploaded files.
        - Fixed forwarding with embedded arguments.
        - Fixed handling of escaped query strings.
        - Added upload parameters back into $c->req->params.
        - Added multiple paths support to dispatcher
        - Fixed bug in req->path where changing the path added a trailing
        - Removed req->handle and res->handle
        - Added prepare_body_chunk method as a hook for upload progress.
        - Fixed bug in uri_for method when base has no path.
        - Added automated tests for HTTP, CGI, and FastCGI servers.

5.49_01 2005-10-10 10:15:00 
        - Refactored all internals, should be 99% compatible to previous
        - *IMPORTANT* The Apache engines have been moved to a separate package
          for this release.  Please install Catalyst::Engine::Apache if you
          need Apache support.

        - Added support for calling forward with arguments in the path, i.e.
        - Made $c->req->uri a URI object, added req->path_info for CGI compat.
          Raw query string is available as $c->req->uri->query.
        - Made $c->req->base a URI object.
        - Parameters with multiple values (?a=1&a=2) now display properly
          in the debug output.
        - Semi-colon separators in query strings now work properly.
        - Expanded documentation of catalyst.pl (Andrew Ford)
        - Added support for running as a backend server behind a frontend
          proxy so req->base and req->address are set properly.
        - Added an 'abort' method to the Log api, so that you can
          kill loggging for a whole request.
        - Added $c->uri_for method to simplify url handling.
        - Added more tests and reorganized the t directory.
        - Reimplemented core engines, all are now CGI based for better test
          coverage and maintainability.
        - Added fork support to built in test server.
        - Fixed all memory leaks.
        - Thread-related bug fixes and tests.  We now believe the Catalyst
          core to be thread-safe.
        - Added streaming IO support through $c->req->read() and
        - Added MyApp->config->{parse_on_demand} (streaming input)
        - Added $c->req->handle and $c->res->handle
        - Improved documentation
        - Fixed mkpath in Catalyst::Helper (Autrijus Tang)
        - Fixed bug in dispatcher where an invalid path could call a valid
          action. (Andy Grundman)
        - Fixed Helper so it works with CRLF line-endings. (Andy Grundman)

5.33  2005-08-10 15:25:00
        - Now with updated manifest.

5.32  2005-08-10 15:10:00
        - Dispatcher might fail if object returns false. (Florian Ragwitz)

5.31  2005-06-04 12:35:00 (never released to CPAN)

        - helpers now create .new files where files already exist and differ
        - fixed $Data::Dumper::Terse (Robin Berjon)
        - added arguments for detach
        - new credits section in pod
        - fixed detach to allow relative action names (Matt and Robert)
        - added the ability to have whitespaces in Path( '' ) and Regex( '' )

5.30  2005-06-04 12:35:00

        - Fixed a bug where it was not possible to $c->forward to a 
          that was not inheriting from Catalyst::Base.
        - Fix for inheritance bug.
        - Allow forward with arguments.
        - Updated cookbook
        - Allow overriding home/root in config.
        - make module build cons README automatically.
        - prettify home path by resolving '..' (Andy Grundman)
        - improved helper templates a bit, new naming scheme for tests.
        - added support for case sensitivity, MyApp->config->{case_sensitive}
        - added $c->detach for non-returning forwards
        - added unified error handling, Catalyst::Exception
        - added section on param handling in Intro.pod
        - added $c->request->cookie
        - added Catalyst::Setup
        - refactored Catalyst::import()
        - improved rendering of error messages in debug mode
        - fixed a bug in Catalyst::Helper::mk_dir
        - further doc changes, esp. to Intro.pod

5.23  2005-06-03 02:30:00
        - added support for non Catalyst::Base components to live in namespace
        - improved concurrency connections in Catalyst::Engine::HTTP::Daemon

5.22  2005-05-26 14:24:00
        - improved base locating in MP engines
        - improved error messages in C::E::HTTP::Daemon
        - hostnames are now resolved on demand unless provided by engine
        - fixed memory leak in $c->execute (Michael Reece, Matt S Trout)

5.21  2005-05-24 14:56:00
        - fixed a bug in https detection
        - fixed auto chain finally
        - added MYAPP_HOME and CATALYST_HOME environment variables

5.20  2005-05-18 19:52:00
        - improved uploads and parameters
        - added $c->req->protocol and $c->req->secure
        - added $c->req->user and $c->req->uri
        - improved error message when forwarding to unknown module
        - fixed win32 installer
        - added deep recursion detection
        - fixed auto actions
        - fixed inheritance in dispatcher
        - allow whitespaces between brackets and quoted string
          in Path and Regex attributes
        - new helper templates
        - installer now supports install_base and destdir
        - allow multiple Catalyst apps to run on the same mod_perl
          instance (not the same app!)
        - fixed MP2 engines
        - removed apreq dependency from all MP engines
        - added support for MP registry scripts
        - added support for LocationMatch and ScriptAliasMatch in MP engines
        - added SpeedyCGI engine

5.10  2005-04-23 11:16:00
        - updated dependencies to require latest module::pluggable::fast
        - new installer for templates and stuff using Module::Build
        - scripts are now prefixed, for being installable
        IMPORTANT: You have to regenerate the script directory,
        remove Makefile.PL and add Build.PL
        - Added compat to install Module::Build if required.
        - Improved: Params handling with MP engines
        - Fixed: Params handling on POST with CGI engine (Andy Grundman)
        - Fixed: Helper.pm on Win32 (Matt S Trout)

5.03  2005-04-19 20:35:00 (Revision 462)
        - fixed Test example (Torsten Seeman)
        - added Plugins chapter to manual
        - applied doc patch from Robert Boone <robert@rlb3.com>
        - improved Dispatcher error messages.
        - refactored so we don't need to include helper from
          Catalyst.pm - Fixes issues with FindBin
        - applied HTTP.pm patch from Andy Grundman <andy@hybridized.org>
        - added plugin() method for instant plugins
        - FCGI is no more considered experimental

5.02  2005-04-18 10:00:00 
        - fixed manifest

5.01  2005-04-17 23:00:00 
        - some documentation bugs fixed
        - added Catalyst::Utils
        - fixed regexp bug (Matt S Trout)
        - fixed upload bug with MP19
        - added $c->req->body
        - aliased $c->res->output to $c->res->body
        - Read AUTHOR from passwd or $ENV{AUTHOR} when 
          generating code.
        - extended attribute handling
        - added global config for components

5.00  2005-04-15 18:00:00
        - new core to support inheritance trees
        - new syntax for action declaration
        - new helper system using TT2
        - problems with mod_perl2 fixed
        - added Test::Pod support
        - added new server backend with HTTP/1.1 support
        - added option to run tests against a remote server
        - renamed errors() to error()
        - more better docs
        - countless minor improvements
          IMPORTANT: This release is very incompatible to previous ones
          and you have to regenerate the helper scripts again...

4.34  2005-03-23 07:00:00 2005
        - added some messages to Makefile.PL
        - added Catalyst::Engine::Test
        - added Catalyst::Engine::CGI::NPH
        - simplified Catalyst::Log to be easier to implement/subclass
        - added cgi.pl
        - updated Catalyst::Test to use Catalyst::Engine::Test
        - updated helper scripts
          IMPORTANT: this will be the last time you'll have to regenerate
          the script directory. We promise!

4.33  2005-03-23 01:00:00 2005
        - documented the log() accessor method in Catalyst (Andrew Ford)
        - added optional arguments to Catalyst::Log methods (Andrew Ford)
        - removed cgi-server.pl
        - added fcgi.pl and Catalyst::Engine::FCGI
        - fixed an undef durng make test (Dan Sully)
        - new path test (Christian Hansen)
          IMPORTANT: you have to regenerate the script directory again

4.32  2005-03-22 02:10:00 2005
        - made a damn typo *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!*

4.31  2005-03-22 02:00:00
        - fixed inheritance (Christian Hansen)
        - previous release was borked!
          fixed that, but you have to regenerate the scripts again :(

4.30  2005-03-21 23:00:00 
        - more documentation (Andrew Ford)
        - added connection informations (Christian Hansen)
        - HTTP::Request support in Catalyst::Test (Christian Hansen)
        - moved cgi.pl to nph-cgi.pl
        - added Catalyst::Engine::Server (Christian Hansen)
        - removed Catalyst::Test::server
        - updated helper scripts
          IMPORTANT: note that you have to regenerate script/server.pl,
          script/cgi-server.pl and script/cgi.pl (now nph-cgi.pl)

4.28  2005-03-19 22:00:00
        - fixed isa tree (Christian Hansen)
        - added script/cgi-server.pl, so no more server restarting after
          code changes
        - reworked documentation (Andrew Ford <A.Ford@ford-mason.co.uk>)

4.27  2005-03-19 01:00:00
        - debug message for parameters
        - Fix redirects (Christian Hansen <ch@ngmedia.com>)
        - some random fixes
        - new helper api for Catalyst::Helper::* support
          you have to update script/create.pl to use it

4.26  2005-03-16 10:00:00
        - fixed the weird bug that caused regex actions to fail on every
          second request
        - more debug messages
        - 100% pod coverage.

4.25  2005-03-12 18:00:00
        - correct perl pathes for helper generated scripts (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
        - improved cgi engine docs (Christoper Hicks)

4.24  2005-03-12 01:00:00
        - updated cookbook example  
        - fixed base for apache and https (Andrew Ruthven)
4.23  2005-03-09 20:00:00
        - no more regex actions in forward
        - added support for test directories t/m, t/v and t/c

4.22  2005-03-08 20:00:00
        - catch errors in application class
        - handle die properly.

4.21  2005-03-05 17:00:00
        - fixed docs

4.20  2005-03-04 22:00:00
        - moved bin to script

4.13  2005-03-03 11:00:00
        - improved documentation
        - pod coverage test for helper generated apps
        - new helper api

4.12  2005-03-02 11:00:00 2005
        - server_base sucks, removed
        - added $c->log->dump()

4.11  2005-03-02 11:00:00 2005
        - removed some warnings
        - improved docs
        - private prefixed actions override private non prefixed actions
        - added server_base
        - updated Catalyst::Manual::Intro

4.10  2005-03-02 10:00:00 2005
        - improved documentation
        - fixed upload bug
        - fixed prefixed private actions bug
        - fixed more little bugs

4.01  2005-03-01 10:00:00 2005
        - improved documentation
        - documentation fixes (Johan Lindstrom)

4.00  2005-02-27 22:00:00
        - more verbose debug messages, especially for forward()
        - implemented prefixed prvate actions, icluding built in
          !?default, !?begin and !?end
        - new Catalyst::Manual::Intro
        - new helpers, bin/catalyst
        - helper api

3.11  2005-02-23 21:00:00
        - added dependency to UNIVERSAL::require (Marcus Ramberg)
        - added a little workaround for a warning in Catalyst::Test
          (Marcus Ramberg)
        - improved documentation for actions

3.10  2005-02-19 20:00:00
        - removed roles management from Catalyst::Engine
          and added it to Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::CDBI

3.04  2005-02-17 21:00:00 
        - error reporting for app class
        - no more engine debug messages
        - class->method forwards get resolved now

3.03  2005-02-16 23:00:00 
        - friendlier statistics

3.02  2005-02-16 22:00:00
        - fixed unintialized actions (Marcus Ramberg)

3.01  2005-02-16 20:30:00
        - better statistics

3.00  2005-02-16 20:00:00
        - real version number for CPAN.pm
        - fixed redirect in CGI engine
        - more statistics in debug logs
        - ? prefix for forward()

2.99_15  2005-02-02 22:00:00
        - support for short namespaces, MyApp::M, MyApp::V and MyApp::C
        - Replaced "Catched" with "Caught" in Catalyst::Engine
          (Gary Ashton Jones)
        - replaced _ with ! for private actions
        - added ? for prefixed actions
        - misc improvememts

2.99_14  2005-01-31 22:00:00 2005
        - arguments for _default
        - $c->entrance removed for more flexibility
        - added $c->req->method

2.99_13  2005-01-30 18:00:00 2005
        - POD fixes and improvements

2.99_12  2005-01-28 22:00:00 2005
        - first development release