1.5  2013-02-05

  - Make HTTP request construction more pluggable.

1.4  2013-02-05

  - Fix Test::Data::Riak's import method to allow both overriding of
    transport defaults and using all Sub::Exporter features.

1.3  2013-02-05

  - Fix flaking tests by giving Riak more time to finish processing the
    requests sent
  - Deal gracefully with RemoveObject requests returning results without
    a VClock

1.2  2013-02-04

  - This release contains a lot of new features and various refactorings that
    make it not fully backward compatible with earlier versions of Data::Riak.

  - Cache LWP connections
  - Allow LWP to handle responses with very long header lines
  - Add a status method
  - Make tests pass on storage backends other than leveldb
  - Improve error reporting
  - Refactor the Transport API to be less tied to HTTP
  - Refactor the Result API to provide only methods that make sense for a
    given result
  - Add an abstraction over the various Riak requests
  - Stop retrieving bucket props in list_keys
  - Add structured exceptions
  - Add set_props to set bucket properties
  - Remove Bucket->indexing as it never actually worked
  - Handle vector clocks
  - Deprecate $result->sync in void context
  - Make ResultSets and Results immutable
  - Add experimental HTTPS support
  - Deprecate default host and port
  - Add save_unless_modified allowing conflict handling
  - Add a helper to wrap Riak exceptions into HTTP::Throwables
  - Make it safe to run tests in parallel