Revision history for Perl extension Net::SSLeay.

0.01  Thu Jun 27 03:56:00 1996
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.16
0.02  Trial with name
0.03  Renamed everything Net::SSLeay
0.04  19.7.1996 Fixed some 0.6.1 incompatibilities, namely removed
      #include <ssl_locl.h>, fixed typo in SSL_get_cerificate, fixed
      the return type of the same. --Sampo
1.00  19.6.1998, Sampo Kellomaki <>
	- overhauled to SSLeay-0.9.0
	- renamed cat to sslcat
	- added lots of convenience functions, like get_https
	- added couple of X509 routines
	- improved tests and documentation
	- fixed callbacks (but found that old callbacks dont work)
1.01  23.6.1998, Sampo Kellomaki <>
	- made Makefile.PL check SSLeay version and to be more CPAN kosher
	- changed build instructions to build outside perl source tree
	- added random number initialization using /dev/urandom (if available)
	- made ssl_write_all accept references, this is more memory efficient
1.02  8.7.1998, Sampo Kellomaki <sampo@@iki._fi>
	- Added SSL_(CTX)?_set_options and associated constants
	- Slight clean-ups
1.03  4.1.1999, Sampo Kellomaki <sampo@@iki._fi>
	- Merged URI encoding patch to make_form
	  from Joe Rhett <jrhett@@navigist._com>
	- changed sslcat, ssl_read_all, ssl_write_all to return error messages
	  as second member of list. Functions continue to behave the old way
	  if scalar return value is used (they check this with wantarray).
	  Change was suggested by Joe Rhett.
	- changed $trace levels so that 0 does not produce any output
	- changed get_https and put_https to fake error 900 in $response
	  return field
	- changed print_errs and some other internals to return textual
	  errors instead of error count
	- changed SSLeay.xs comments from #if 0 to #define REM. This will
	  hopefully make it easier to compile with some vendor compilers
	- Added version detection code for OpenSSL-0.9.1c and checked
1.04  31.1.1999, Sampo Kellomaki <sampo@@_iki._fi>
	- Backward incompatible changes in OpenSSL API mean that 1.04 will
	  drop support for SSLeay and all OpenSSL versions prior
	  to 0.9.2b release. Thanks guys!
	- Detected errors in OpenSSL-0.9.2b/ssl/ssl.h - see patch in README
	- Reordered arguments of several functions to track OpenSSL-0.9.2b
	  changes. This also changes the order of args in corresponding
	  perl functions. You have been warned!
		- SSL_use_certificate_ASN1(s,d,len)  // swapped d and len
	- WARNING: Possibly fatal verify_callback parameter list issue
	  is still standing
	- cleaned up many macros that used to access ctx->session directly,
	  OpenSSL-0.9.2b defines thes macros properly so I use them now.
	- Added SSL_ctrl() and SSL_CTX_ctrl()
	- Added SSL_get_options(), SSL_CTX_get_options(),
	- Removed SSL_add_session(), SSL_remove_session(),
          and SSL_flush_sessions() per #if 0 in ssl.h, line 667
	- Updated paths in various utility programs
	- Upgraded version number detection logic in Makefile.PL
	- Added -rsaref flag to Makefile.PL. This allows linking against rsaref
	30.7.1999, final squeeze to get this out --Sampo
	- upgrade to OpenSSL-0.9.3a
	- upper case all header names so keys of the hash returned
	  from get_https are predictible
	- fixed get_https and post_https so they don't do shutdown
	  anymore. This used to cause headaches when connection
	  renegotiation happened.
	- applied ssl_read_CRLF patch by Clinton Wong <clintdw@@netcom._com>
	- ActivePerl diffs from applied,
	  but not tested.
1.05  31.1.1999, --Sampo
	- fixed test cert creation (lack of symlinks, reported
	- callbacks fixed and tested to work
	- added Authentication examples
	- added couple more X509_STORE_CTX family functions
1.06  7.4.2001, --Sampo
	- fixed ssl_read_all bug where `0' input was mistaken for EOF.
	- openssl-0.9.6a fixes (e.g. random number generator init)
	- various minor fixes subnitted by fellow netters (sorry, I lost track
	  of your names so I do not name the contributors here)
1.07  18.4.2001,
	- TLSv1 support by Stephen C. Koehler <>
1.08  25.4.2001,
	- applied 64 bit fixes by Marko Asplund <aspa@@kronodoc._fi>
	- applied error codes and SSL_*_method patch by Noel Burton-Krahn
          <> via aspa
	- warning cleanups by Jared Allison <jallison@@UU_.NET>
	- do last loop fixes from Jim Bowlin <>
	- Fixed extra-newline-if-header-already-contained-newline problem
	  reported by Sean McMurray <> (first reported by
	  Yuao TANIGAWA <> but not fixed by me back
	  then for some reason, my bad)
	- Added ability to set client certificate for https_cat and sslcat
	  as suggested by Avi Ben-Harush <>
	- created do_https2 with more rational calling sequence
	- numerous windows oriented fixes from Eric A Selber
	- bumped OpenSSL version requirement to 0.9.6b and tested
	- merged in Net::SSLeay::Handle by Jim Bowlin <>
1.09  20.8.2001,
	- fixed Makefile.PL (computation of bin_path) and ($perl
	  use before defined) per Gordon Lack <>
	- Patch by Jeremy Mates <> to make
	  more acceptable for older perls
	- systematically implemented many of the newer functions of
	  openssl API (per popular request and for completeness)
1.10  7.12.2001,
	- Added proxy support by Bruno De Wolf <bruno.dewolf@@pandora._be>
1.11  14.12.2001,
	- Added proxy support to Net::SSLeay::Handle, too
1.12  6.1.2002
	- cosmetic fix to socket options from
          Kwindla Hultman Kramer <>
1.13  13.2.2002
	- eliminated initializing random numbers using /etc/passwd per
	  comments by Matt Messier <>
	- tested against openssl-0.9.6c
1.14  25.3.2002
	- added code to Makefile.PL to verify that the same C compiler
	  is used for both perl and openssl
	- added code to Makefile.PL to support aCC on HPUX. Detective
	  work contributed by Marko Asplund.
	- added peer certificate support to hilevel API, inspired
1.15  3.4.2002
        - added `use bytes' from Marcus Taylor <>
          This avoids unicode/utf8 (as may appear in some XML docs)
          from fooling the length comuptations.
	- Dropped support for perl5.005_03 because I do not have opportunity 
          to test it. --Sampo
1.16  17.4.2002-22.5.2002
        - applied patch to fix CTX_set_default_passwd_cb() contributed
          by Timo Kujala <>, --Sampo
	- similar patch by Chris Ridd <>
	- applied patch to add various API functions by
	- 5.005_03 compat fix for from Jim Mintha <>
1.17  8.6.2002
	- further fixes for Net::SSLeay::Handle from
	- improved README.Win32 and added RECIPE.Win32 from
	  Hermann Kelley <hkelley@@secmon._com>
1.18  15.6.2002
	- applied minor patch by Mark Veltzer <mark@@veltzer._org> to Makefile.PL
1.19  10.8.2002-16.8.2002
	- Added SSL_peek patch to ssl_read_until from 
          Peter Behroozi <> --Sampo
	- Improved Windows instructions per Marcel Bucher <marcle@bucher._cc>
1.20  16.8.2002
	- Additional patch by Peter Behroozi <> --Sampo
	- Patch by Mike McCauley
1.21  6.9.2002
	- Patch by Mike McCauley
	- applied patch from Tim Engler <>
        - perl-5.8/gcc-3.2 patch on Makefile.PL from
	  Joern_Hoos@@notes.uni-paderborn._de, lucho@@galix._com,
	  bellis@@saberlogic._com, and simonclewer@@superquote._com
1.22  8.1.2003
	- proxy auth fix from
	- RAND patch from Toni Andjelkovic <toni@soth._at>
1.23  13.6.2003
	- some minor tweaks by many, mainly for RH build
	- memory leak and cleanup patches from Marian Jancar <mjancar@suse._cz>
1.24  25.6.2003
        - write_partial() return value patch from
          Kim Minh Kaplan <kmkaplan@selfoffice._com>
        - applied version check fix to
          from Jason Rhinelander <jason@gossamer-threads._com>
	- new features: http and raw tcp support
	- fixed apparent STDIO vs. sysread bug in proxy connect
1.25  18.8.2003
    - added and to MANIFEST
    - fixed some further bugs with TCP read all, etc.
    - fixed some const char pointer warnings
1.30  21.12.2005
	- Fixed the MD5 function for hashsums containing \0
	- Fixed some compile warnings with recent gcc.
	- Fixed do_httpx3:
	  + Don't add additional Host: headers if it's already given
	  + Omit the :$port suffix for standard ports
	  + Thanks to
	- Limit the chunk size when reading with tcp_read_all to 0x1000.
	  This fixes various rt tickets.
	- Added patch to allow session caching
	- Mike McCauley and Florian Ragwitz maintain this module now
1.31_01 02.07.2007
	- Only bind X509_STORE_set_trust #if OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x0090800fL
	- Removed %Filenum_Objects from Net::SSLeay::Handle so unused handles will be freed.
	- Use ppport.h.
	- improved openssl path guessing, forcing openssl path now
            requires the -path flag (caution: incompatible flag change)
            Path guessing works on windows too.
            mikem, with patches from Stas Bekman
	- Added /usr/sfw/bin/openssl to path guessing for Open Solaris,
	suggested by Igor Boehme.
	- Fixed a problem with X509_get_subjectAltNames not working when the
	subjectAltNAmes are the first extension. Reported by Achim Grolms

1.31_02 14.07.2007
	- Fix linking problems on Windows. Tested with VC++ 6.0, Shining Light
	0.9.7L on Windows Server 2003 with ActivePerl Also tested
	with OpenSSL 0.9.8e compiled from source.
	- Unable to get working systems when compiling with MS Visual Studio
	Express 2005. Contributions requested. This may be relevant:
	- Fixed a number of minor compile warnings on Windows
	- Updated README.Win32 to define building procedures on Windows
	- Fixed incorrect test failure reports in 08_external.
	- Add parens to function calls in Makefile.PL to prevent
	warnings with some perls.
	- Tested on Sparc Solaris 8, Sparc Solaris 10, OpenSuSE 10.2 x64,
	OpenSuSE 10.0 x86, FreeBSD 6.0 x86, Ubuntu 6.10, Fedora Core 6 x86
	- Changed type of SSL_set_info_callback args to stop compiler warnings
	on Windows
	- Removed auto_include from Makefile.PL
	- Removed build_requires('Test::NoWarnings') from Makefile.PL
	- Testing with Strawberry Perl on Windows XP SP2, added doc to
	- Testing with Perl CamelPack 5.8.7 on Windows XP SP2,added doc to

1.32 03.08.2007
	- Don't let the tests die when something unexpected happens. Just BAIL_OUT.
	- Some Win32 improvements.