Revision history for Class-MethodMaker.

1.07  Tue Oct  1  7:04AM GMT 2002
	- make 5.005_03 friendly (patches courtesy of Ed Avis, 
	- Document implementation of default values with new_hash_init
	  (courtesy of Kevin J. Rice, <>)
	- Add static_list
	- Remove deprecated push action from list() methods

1.06  Fri May 31  7:15AM GMT 2002
	- Don't perform make self-checks by default

1.05  Wed Feb  6  5:33PM GMT 2002
	- Remove check for cut --version in on non-linux boxen

1.04  Wed Jan 30  4:13PM GMT 2002
	- Add tie_scalar, tie_list, object_tie_list, object_tie_hash,
	  new_with_args methods (Courtesy of Dominique Dumont, Hewlett-Packard
	- Factorize accessor creation in _add_list_methods and
	  _add_hash_methods (Courtesy of Dominique Dumont, Hewlett-Packard

1.03  Wed Jan 30  1:05PM GMT 2002
	- Fix bug in t/hash_of_lists.t that assumed key order of hash
	  (Courtesy of Bjoern Kriews)
	- Fix naming of methods in object_list to match list

1.02  Thu Jan 11  5:57PM GMT 2001
	- Add corrections to make object_list act just like list 
	  (Courtesy of Piers Cawley)

1.00  Tue Sep 19  3:09PM GMT 2000
	- Add ability to call new on instances as well as classes (Courtesy of
	  Rafael Kitover).
	- Add x_set method to list, hash_of_lists.
	- Correction to -java flags for get_set (to use set_* rather than
	  set*, etc.)
	- Install methods can now eval a string if seen.
	- List methods may all be used as x_verb now (although the
	  pre-existing verb_x ones still exist for compatibility)
	- Added x_index to list, hash_of_lists.

0.96  Wed Jun  7  6:13AM GMT 2000
	- Fix pre-5.005_03 breakage.
	- Undeprecate get_set->clear_x (keep it for consistency), since all
	  other basic types have a clear_ method.
	- Add in (experimental) copy method.

0.95  Thu Jun  1  8:12PM GMT 2000
	- Fix bug in boolean that failed in inherited classes.
	- Make get_set (undef) work.  Deprecate clear_x.
	- -sugar reintroduced for backward compatibility only.
	- Many more options to get_set.
	- Added counter method.
	- Made 5.004_04 compatible (I hope).
	- Added hash x_clear method.
	- Documented builtin class.
	- Documented join addition to get_concat.

0.94  Thu May 11  6:19AM GMT 2000
	- Added static_get_set, and hashref arg handling to hash &
	  static_hash; all courtesy of Matthew Persico.  Slight cleaning.
	- Added more ideas to `TODO' list.

0.93  Tue May  9  8:34AM GMT 2000
	- Documentation update.  
	- Various bug fixes.  
	- Added object list (courtesy of Evolution Online Software). 
	- Update get_concat to utilize a join field. 
	- Remove some undocumented code.  
	- Added tie_hash type. 
	- Update tests, add in some for new types, remove tests for
	  undocumented features.

0.92  Added regression tests, originally written to exercise 0.91 and
      then moved to a restructured One meta-method,
      fields() was abandoned, and replaced with a different meta_method,
      grouped_fields(), which adheres to the new calling structure.

0.91  Bundled up in a proper package, released to CPAN 26 November 1996

0.90  First stab -- released to CPAN without proper Makefile.PL or