0.321   2014-03-26
  * Remove file accidentally checked in to git

0.320   2014-03-26
  * Format data section output more nicely (Matt Phillips)
  * -f follow option for tailing log files (Matt Phillips)
  * Fix filename limitation FIXME in .gz/.bz by using multi-var
    open (Matt Phillips)
  * Link to Michael Pucyk's LogDefer Python module
  * Improve docs, update copyright year, explain _() shortcut

0.315   2014-03-11
  * Print log messages that contain newlines in a nicely
    formatted way that's great for stack traces and data
    dumper output (thanks Matt Phillips)
  * --tz option that prints timestamps in the timezone you
    specify instead of the default system local-time
  * Detect and report limitation where .gz and .bz2 filenames
    can't contain ' characters

0.311   2013-10-12
  * Fix bug in date formatting (thanks Mike R)
  * Show unix time along with formatted date

0.310   2013-09-01
  * Don't die on log lines that don't start with JSON
    useful for parsing mixed log-defer/free-form formats
    (thanks mikep)
  * --map feature: transform log-defer messages into
    arbitrary strings
  * Better error reporting when --grep expressions
    fail to compile or throw run-time errors
  * --count option for creating reports by inspecting
    the data section (thanks mikep)

0.300   2013-04-08
  * Data::Dumper data view mode was broken
  * Allow forcing colours on, even if STDOUT is not a
    terminal with --colour
  * On terminals that don't support bright_* colours, fall
    back to non-bright colours instead of erroring out
  * Support new style timer messages that are in arrays,
    not hashes

0.201   2013-02-20
  * Only include terminal colours if stdout is a terminal
  * Forgot to install script in path
  * Added section to docs regarding greping

0.200   2013-02-18
  * Initial CPAN release: split off code from Log::Defer
    so servers don't have to install all the libraries
    required for log visualisation