Revision history for FusionInventory::Agent

2.1.7  Sun, 12 Dec 2010 20:05:16 +01000
       * RPC: Better message if access is denied
       * add --no-p2p parameter
       * initialize $config->{'rpc-trust-localhost'} to avoid a warning
         with --help
       * injector: fix the --help, there is no default server
       * fusioninventory-agent, do not load lib with use to be able to change the @INC first.
         this is needed for AIX 6.1 prebuilt.
       * AIX/CPU: use addCPU() and collect the CORE/THREAD
       * AIX/hardware: fix a typo sysplanar0 instead of sysplana00
       * AIX/storage: reinitialise temp var correctly
       * AIX/storage: store the harddrive serial number
       * AIX/storage: use addStroage
       * AIX/user: use addUser()
       * Big Oops, CPUID != CPU serial number, see:
         Revert commit a1c4c665, which is broken because of that:
         Win32: try to identify dual core CPU even if Windows thinks it two physical CPU
       * Linux/resolution: fix the parsing for Nouveau, than Remi Collet
       * Linux: improve the Harddrive detection if lshal is not avalaible,
         thanks Bernhard DENNER for the initial patch
       * No warning if ddcprobe is not avalaible

2.1.7_beta1  Fri, 19 Nov 2010 14:15:08 +0100
       * replace Cwd::abs_path with File::Spec->rel2abs
         abs_path fails if the directory doesn't exist yet. This was breaking
         --basevardir on UNIX system.
         The problem was fixed on Win32 with the 2.1.5 release. See commit
       * Fix regression: Do not empty log file if logfile-maxsize is undef
         or 0, thanks Remi Collet
       * Linux/PPC: Fix various warnings in
       * Linux/PPC: ignore some wrong warning
       * Linux: CPUS/TYPE renamed to CPUS/NAME
       * POD: add doc for BIOS/{S,B}MANUFACTURER
       * POD: fix a syntax error in fusioninventory-agent
       * use the default basevardir.
       * POD: clarify, we ignore virtual filesystem like /proc in <DRIVES />
       * Solaris: move showrev output example in ressources/solaris
       * Solaris: ignore Zone on Solaris < 5.10
       * Solaris: collect the UUID on x86
       * OpenSolaris: collect firmware information even if showrev is not installed
       * OpenSolaris: support GNU df to collect partition
       * Solaris: identify zfs filesystem and collect serial number (UUID)
       * Solaris/ code clean up
       * Solaris/ Don't set revision to 'Serial' if revision is empty
       * MacOSX: No serial & uudi gathered on Mac OS X 10.5 running VirtualBox
         fail back on ioreg when system_profiler do not give the wanted information
       * import a dmidecode output on OpenBSD 4.5
       * BSD/Storage: Avoid warning if model is unknown
       * BSD/CPU: failback on CPU Family if Version is empty in dmidecode, closes: #439
       * Linux, distro detection: ensure /etc/issue is parsed last if lsb_release is
         missing. This way /etc/debian_version is used on Debian 
       * Linux: correctly parse /etc/resolv.conf to identify the domain
       * Linux: don't save 2 time the same domain
       * Linux/ARM: collect the Hardware information from /proc/cpuinfo 
       * BSD: use sysctl -n hw.model to get the CPU name and frequency
       * MacOSX:, convert hex string to ASCII when needed, thanks Sylvain la Gravière
         for the bug report
       * Add support for 3 new manufacturer. Backport Adam Buchbinder changes on
         1.1.x branch
       * Linux/ARM: collect the Hardware information from /proc/cpuinfo
       * Windows: Disable dmidecode.exe on Win2003
       * MacOSX/Drives: don't ignore autofs filesystem, thanks François Legastelois
         for the bug report
       * BSD: use mount to identify the filesystem type, this shoud fix bug #450
       * Win32: try to identify dual core CPU even if Windows thinks it two physical CPU
       * Win32: no need to change %PATH% anymore
       * fusioninventory-agent-config, better question for server address 
       * BIOS: clean up
          - do not mix motherboard and system information anymore
          - do not use CPU information do create fake serial anymore
          - retrieve the SKU number
       * MacOSX: use ioreg to get the machine serial number
       * Logger: ensure the logger is load just one time
       * add fusioninventory-injector in the distribution
       * Linux: fix: Agent don't give video ram size and video resolution,
         Eric FREYENS for the fix suggestion.
	 We now use ddcprobe or Xorg to get the resolution of the main screen.
	 This fix will be improved in the futur and should be seen as experimental
       * Win32: ignore garbage character in the XML, and filter SOFTWARES/VERSION
         to deal with some very strange case, thanks Mario GZUK for the bug report
         and RDP access
       * MacOSX: ignore a warning in
       * MacOSX: retrieve partition UUID on MacOSX 10.4
       * Linux, use ddcprobe and Xorg log file to detect the X resolution, turn
         off the generic module
       * Solaris/Networks: no ugly hack to detect the Perl bin path to launch kstat
       * Solaris/Networks: no useless grep call
       * HTML: add the deviceid in the HTML file
       * Linux/CPU: workaround if cpuinfo has broken "physical id"
       * BSD: add support for DragonFlyBSD! :D
       * VirtualBox: Don't use process list (ps) to find running process
       * MacOSX/VirtualBox: looks for user dir in /Users on MacOSX
       * Linux/Storage: ignore fdisk -l error message
       * Linux/Storage: avoid error message with fdisk -s on invalid devices
       * RPC: Allow access to / from everywhere

2.1.6    Tue, 05 Oct 2010 21:03:39 +0200
       * Ensure the RPC serivce URL printed in the log message targets with the default settings
       * Restore the Storage even if the target is not a server.
         Enable --tag and keep the DeviceID
       * fix 2.1.5 regression, correctly initialise $basevardir default value
       * POD, explain the registry is used on Windows, thanks Stéphane URBANOVSKI
       * Add support for MontaVista Linux, thanks Luka KODRIC
       * BSD: Fix a syntax error in Domain
       * BSD: Some adjustement for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
       * BSD: avoid warning if the lease file can't be parsed
       * BSD: hide, df messages on STDERR
       * BSD: convert the IP mask from hex to dec
       * Win32: workaround to add timeout for HTTPS on Windows
       * OpenBSD: Do not fails if dmesg is in /sbin/dmesg instead of /bin/dmesg
       * AIX: ignore /proc filesystem like on Linux
       * Logger: avoid breakage if log file is > 5MB, thanks Benoit Machiavello
       * AIX: Error running AIX::Mem module on AIX 6.1, thanks Luka KODRIC
       * AIX: Erroor in harddrive module on AIX 6.1, thanks Luka KODRIC

2.1.5    Wed, 15 Sep 2010 11:08:56 +0200
       * Win32: Do not fail if the log file doesn't exist yet, thanks Igor
       * Win32: Correclty launch the sub Perl process, thanks Igor
       * Fix: Some NETWORKS/VIRTUALDEV were set to yes instead of 1

2.1.4    Wed, 15 Sep 2010 00:26:03 +0200
       * Save the realm if we found it by ourself. With this changes
         we avoid useless request with the wrong realm from sub module
       * Add Win32::OLE and Win32::TieRegistry dependency on Win32
       * MacOSX: fix the memory size inventory, thanks Eric Freyens for the
         bug report
       * Do not use dmidecode if it fails to give valuable information,
         use WMI instead on Win32
       * ensure basevardir and share-dir are canonical pathname
       * POD doc, add this sentence:
         "The command line parameters overwrite the configuration file."
       * Fix several issues in agent.cfg file (Walid NOUH)
       * Corrected a lot of english sentences (Benoit MORTIER)
       * Win32, avoid warning if the CPU has no name
       * if envvar REALLIB is defined, we use it to overright @INC, this in order
         to relocate the perl tree easily
       * Pass @INC content to the subprocess
       * Vmsystem, ignore some normal warning (missing /proc on some OSes)
       * fix Solaris Zone detection and add a test and some Solaris release file

2.1.3    Wed, 01 Sep 2010 21:31:25 +0200
       * Linux: Avoid error on system with no /proc/bus/input/devices
       * agent.cfg, add more server= parameter example
       * --server remove spaces at the begin and end of the server parameter
       * fix is_success, load use HTTP::Status;
       * fix t/xml-query-inventory.t to not fail on non i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi
       * fix t/app.t on Windows

2.1.2    Mon, 23 Aug 2010 17:24:47 +0200
       * set a default SNMP version to really avoid warnings
       * Add ./t/README.t to check is README{,.html} files are present
       * Really set a default SNMP version, and bails out if an invalid version
         is used
       * Fix compatibility with snmpquery and netdiscovery plugins
       * Fix some warnings in
       * Ensure Xen PVH host identification
       * Linux: fix DNS domain detection
       * t/modules.t: do not fail on Syslog on Windows

2.1.1    Wed, 18 Aug 2010 21:04:30 +0200
       * Turn daemon mode off in the base configuration file
       * Fix some POD warnings
       * POD: document the common server URL for OCS and FusInv for GLPI
       * Add resources/hal/rh4-kvm and test it with t/drives.t
         adjustment needed
       * RH4, avoid false STORAGES (partition instead of disk)
       * Proc::Daemon close all the file descriptors including the file logger.
         We reopen it if needed
       * Print rpc-trust-localhost value in --help
       * RPC, cosmetic adjustement in debug message format
       * Linux/Storage: avoid breakaging if there is no disk in HAL
       * FusionInventory::Agent::SNMP clean up to avoid warning at run time
         (Guillaume Rousse)
       * Linux: parseLshal(): do not return empty hash ref anymore, thanks
         Guillaume Garson
       * Fix bypassing of virtualised system detection
       * Fix error message for non-present zoneadmin command
       * Do not call getCapacity() in parseUdev(), thanks Michał Panasiewicz

2.1      Sun, 15 Aug 2010 19:32:43 +0200
       * cleanup Makefile.PL
       * enhance documentation with optional and mandatory dependencies
       * drop README file lost in the middle of perl modules
       * Fix some warnings on Windows
       * agent.cfg, fix a syntax error
       * turns most call to carp() and die() into logger usage
       * Linux: storage, hdparm gives more reliable serial number
       * XML, storage, rename STORAGES/SERIAL to STORAGES/SERIALNUMBER, thanks
       * Win32: uses WMI to collect Environment vars to get correct UTF-8 data
       * Win32: ensure the hostname is in UTF-8
       * Win32: fix: load Win32::OLE in UTF-8
       * Win32: get the hostname from WMI in unicode
       * Win32: use the standard codepage to access the registry
       * Big thank you to Denis Linvinus who gave RDP access to a Russian
       * Win32: don't put BIOS ROM in STORAGES, thanks EmpereurZorg
       * Win32: add
       * Fix: Virtuozzo containers memory unit (Jan JUNGMANN)
       * Win32: Ignore network it the network interface has no PNPDeviceID 
       * HP-UX: fix --no-software support
       * Win32: retrieve the Windows key on Windows 64 bit,
       * Win32: Push the default monitor in <MONITORS />
       * Win32: Use the GUID as software name is NAME is empty
       * Solaris: Various fixes (CPU, memory, storage)
       * Fix HTTP auth on non HTTPS server, _BIG_ thinks to Mario Gzuk and
         Michael Kolowicz
       * Linux: Avoid a warning if /sys/class/net/%INTERFACE%/device/uevent doesn't
       * Basic HTTP Auth: if the realm parameter is missing, the agent reuse the one
         from the server
       * Initialize PROLOG_FREQ to 1h for every target
       * Don't fail is RPC module can't be loaded. threads and HTTP::Daemon are optional
         and it may be normal.
       * web interface: do not open a new windows when an inventory is forced

2.1_rc3  Sun, 25 Jul 2010 21:26:40 +0200
       * MacOSX: fix if diskutils gives size in GB/MB instead of GiB/MiB
       * MacOSX: ignore printer if name start with:
         The printers list is empty. To add printers (fixes: #169)
       * MacOSX, BSD, Linux: unify domain name computation to use host name
         as primary information source, and avoid using windows-specific
         'workgroup' as default value
       * Add resources/cpuinfo/linux-686-samsung-nc10-1
       * Fix, restore ability to specify server as an host name rather
         than a full URL
       * Fix, restore --noinventory support, print a warning saying
         --no-inventory should be used instead
       * Fix: Linux, PC: detect CPU configuration of machine with one
         CPU with one core and 2 threads (Samsung NC10)
       * Fix: Linux, PC: support /proc/cpuinfo with no "physical id:"
         thanks Sébastien Prud'homme
       * Fix: Linux, PC: get the number of core from dmidecode if
       * Win32 and Linux, PC: get the CPU frequency from the CPU name, if
         possible. That's the most reliable way to get the
         information since 'Max Speed' in dmidecode is most of the
         time on crack and /proc/cpuinfo is not reliable because of
         the frequency scaling
       * Linux, PC: the cpu detection can work if only dmidecode is
       * remove --perl-bin-dir-in-path, turns it on only in the Windows
       * test scripts: fix is_deeply() argument order
       * RPC: print "now" as next contact date instead of 1/1970
       * Inventory, correctly store user list
       * Fix the noDuplicated to avoid duplicated XML sections in inventory
       * Import the new FusionInventory logo
       * Fix, HP-UX errors when listing drives (Amir PAKDEL)
       * Win32, network: Filter interfaces with no IP, IPv6 and MAC
       * Win32, printer: restore the DRIVER field
       * Win32, drive: restore the SIZE field
       * Win32, get the memories from WMI only if dmidecode is missing
       * Dmidecode, drop the unit from the memory speed like the Win32 OCS
         agent do
       * Win32, set the BIOS/TYPE field
       * Win32, storage: clean up. Reduce the number of hdparm call.
       * Win32, set USBDEVICES/NAME
       * RPC: rewrite the thread management to reduce the memory consumption
         on Windows
       * Win32: Users, we need to use Get() to retrieve Win32::OLE::Variant
         object content
       * Add more test scripts: xml-query-inventory.t,
         xml-query-simplemessage.t, t/xml-response.t
       * Fix a typo scanhomedirs → scan-homedirs
       * HP-UX: add HP-UX VM support (Sébastien PRUD'HOMME)
       * Linux, PC: CPU fixes for VMware ESX, thanks Benoit Machiavello
       * Linux: set correctly HARDWARE/WORKGROUP with the domain name,
         thanks Benoit Machiavello
       * HARDWARE/USERID: don't put more than one time in row the same user
       * Makefile.PL: Turns off the post-installation script. The hack is broken.
       * Solaris: imporove CPU, Mem, Slots (Lucas MASSE)
       * Solaris: imporove Bios, Controllers, Domains, Drives, IPv4, Memory,
         Networks, Packages, Storages and Users (Jérome LEBAS)
       * Add comment and default settings in agent.cfg (Walid NOUH)
       * UUID, improve the code to support old dmidecode
       * VirtualBox, improve Virtualbox detection, closes: #230
       * MacOSX: Set the UUID
       * MacOSX: rewrite without Mac::SysProfile
       * MacOSX: collecte IPv6 address
       * Win32: set the NT Domain for the WORKGROUP if avalaible like OCS agent
       * MacOSX: Collect Firewire disk

2.1_rc2  Thu, 01 Jul 2010 23:05:10 +0200
       * MANIFEST.SKIP, we need the resources files for the test suite
       * Linux: set back DRIVES/FREE
       * Linux: CONTROLLERS/NAME drop the trailing whitespace
       * addEntry(), do not ignore $noDuplicated parameter
       * remplace --html-dir by --share-dir
       * use pciid to know the pci device name and manufacturer, thanks
         Sébastien Prud'homme
       * load dmidecode from $PATH
       * fix VirtualBox VM detection (David DURIEUX)
       * Makefile.PL, UNIVERSAL::require is a dependency now
       * Document --logger
       * Fix --logger: to not overwrite other loggers if --logfile is on
       * POD, add for PROCESSES inventory
       * tools/ fixes for Solaris shell
       * Fix: Linux/i386: retrieve the number of CORE correctly
       * Fix: Vmsystem, don't load 'version', we don't use it anymore
       * Fix: Linux/ARM: drop a debug print
       * Fix: Linux Storages, fix fdisk parsing
       * MacOSX: use addCPU to collect cpu information
       * MacOSX: the number of core of the CPU
       * MacOSX: Collect all the net devices and set VIRTUALDEV=1/0
       * MacOSX: collect all the drives (fixes: #119)
       * MacOSX: DRIVES, swap VOLUMN and TYPE fields
       * Makefile.PL, no parameter for install_share, thanks Act from GLPI
         forum (
       * drop the dependency on Net::SSLeay and IO::Socket::SSL,
         we don't need them (!)
         Fix: HTTP proxy with HTTPS
       * drop the dependency on Net::SSLeay and IO::Socket::SSL,
         we don't need them (!)
         Fix: HTTP proxy with HTTPS
       * Makefile.PL, no parameter for install_share, thanks Act from GLPI
         forum (
       * Fix: don't ignore 0 values in the XML
       * MacOSX: don't use Mac::SysProfile to get memory info
       * Linux/i386: Igore empty CPU socket, thanks Sébastien Prud'homme,
         bug: #177
       * MacOSX: USB devices inventory
       * LInux/PC: Fix the core detection on multiCPU system
       * in and README are now in a new git
         repository 'agent-tools.git'
       * Linux + Lsilogic, avoid a warning if smartctl is installed
       * Linux Storage, parseUdev() use SERIALNUMBER _SHORT if avalaible

2.1_rc1 Sat, 26 Jun 2010 00:49:44 +0200
       * Add Windows support for 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Seven
       * Windows: Add new values for SOFTWARES key
       * Add Windows service
       * disable --color for Windows for now
       * Collect Solaris process informations (Emengao)
       * VirtualMachine: Add
       * VirtualMachine: Check is the status is correct
       * detect Slackware packages (David DURIEUX)
       * switch SUBSYSTEM and VMTYPE values.VMTYPE is "libvirt"
       * Better error handling if it's not possible to create basevardir
       * Inventory: reduce the number of debug messages
       * Add DRIVES/SYSTEMDRIVE to know if it's the system partition
       *, fix: addStorages is deprecred, not addStorage
       *, addSection() is now deprecated and a warning is
         printed everytime the function is called
       * Linux/PC/CPU: set CPU name and detect CORE/THREAD
       * Stores environement variables
       * Identify USB devices (Windows, Linux)
       * --realm was two time in --help
       * LoggerBackend/ fix
         (Guillaume Rousse)
       * LoggerBackend/ don't reopen file descriptor for every new
         message (Guillaume Rousse)
       * gets all installed printers and their drivers names
        (Aurelien Bondis)
       * ocsinventory-ng is not more the default server hostname, you've to
         set it yourself in agent.cfg
       * adds Inputs support for Linux clients (Aurelien Bondis)
       * Turns off interactive mode of GNU fdisk (Aurelien Bondis)
       * Add a few new PNP monitor IDs (Alex Mauer)
       * Makefile.PL: Define Perl 5.8 as the minimal version.
       * RPC: Add http://hostname:62354/status to get the current status of
         the agent
       * Add --rpc-trust-localhost
       * RPC: serve a basic page to present the agent
       * --html-dir parameter
       * Linux/Domains. Use Sys::Hostname to get the domain
       * Exit if no --server or --target is defined
       * Inventory: If two modules with the same name are found, only load
         the first
       * Linux/Storages: detect floppy and block devices (Amir PAKDEL)
       * Linux/Storages: don't attempt to run df on cdrom devices
         (Guillaume Rousse)
       * Linux/Storages: factorize redudant code for udev devices detection
         (Guillaume Rousse)
       * HP-UX numerous improvement (Amir PAKDEL)
       * Add NETWORKS/SPEED (in MB/s) (Amir PAKDEL)
       * HP-UX/Drives: Swapped "Type" and "File System" (Amir PAKDEL)
       * Inventory: POD doc for NETWORKS part
       * add --no-printer parameter
       * BSD: don't use uname to get the OSName, but $^O aka $SNAME
       * BSD: chomp() the number of CPU
       * HP RAID disk detection is now in Generic directory and so, can be
         used by Windows and probably HP-UX.
       * Linux: use blkid to get the partition serial number
       * Task: Add the module for debugging purpose
       * HTTP::Daemon::get_request is not thread safe and must be called from
         the master thread. The timeout is set at 5 seconds to avoid
       * Linux: HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) (Management Interface of HP
         ProLiant servers) (Amir PAKDEL)
       * HP-UX: HP Management Processor (MP) (Management Interface of HP
         Integrity servers) (Amir PAKDEL)
       * Add --perl-bin-dir-in-path parameter for the Windows package
       * Collect Batteries information
       * Add --disable-perllib-envvar to be able to ignore PERLLIB and
         PERL5LIB envvar
       * turns off PERL5LIB envvar in win32-service
       * Simplify a lot, add _addEntry() function
       * Do not set CPU Id as MBoard serial number anymore
       * XML: Only set the non empty field to decrease the final file
         size and improve the performance
       * Add a template config file in etc/agent.cfg
       * Add --conf-file=XXX parameter to allow the user to use another
         config file
       * Fix, allow dash in key name in config file
       * Rethink the script in ./tools, see ./tools/README
       * Inventory: use encode('UTF-8', $string) to reencode to UTF-8
         string detected invalide.
       * print help messages on STDERR
       * Linux: factorize redundant modules for non-LSB Linux distribution
         identification (Guillaume Rousse)
       * rewrite lshal and dmidecode parsing code for readability and
         efficiency (Guillaume Rousse)
       * don't test umask() result, it always succeed
       * don't test Sys::Hostname availability, it's a core module
       * RPC: ignore when socket::accept return an undef $socket
       * RPC: display the date of the next inventory planned
       * testing: test modules loading (Guillaume Rousse)
       * testing: test PBP compliance (Guillaume Rousse)
       * testing: test dmidecode and lshal parsing tests (Guillaume Rousse)
       * code cleanup: ensure consistent 4-spaces indentation step everyhwere
        (Guillaume Rousse)
       * code cleanup: use strict and warning pragmas everywhere
        (Guillaume Rousse)
       * code cleanup: use lexical file handles (Guillaume Rousse)
       * code cleanup: use 3-args open statement (Guillaume Rousse)
       * code cleanup: use block-style eval statement (Guillaume Rousse)
       * code cleanup: use english names for magic variables (Guillaume Rousse)
       * code cleanup: use explicit return statement (Guillaume Rousse)
       * code cleanup: ensure all opened file handles are proprely closed
        (Guillaume Rousse)
       * code cleanup: ensure all open failure are signaled to user with a
         meaningful message (Guillaume Rousse)
       * code cleanup: ensure object constructors can handle subclasses
         (Guillaume Rousse)
       * Linux/Storages: Rename addStorages to addStorage finally
       * Add Virtuozzo support (Jan JUNGMANN)
       * merge README file with the fusioninventory-agent POD documentation
       * File::Find is required
       * Add --html parameter
       * Improve --help presentation

2.0.7    Mon, 14 Jun 2010 18:09:27 +0200
       * Avoid a warning if --stdout is used.
       * print help messages on STDERR
       * --wait: no need to wait before the final exit
       * Inventory PROCESSES. Support more different date format and avoid

2.0.6    Fri, 28 May 2010 15:53:16 +0200
       * Fix DRIVES/CREATEDATE for ext* filesystem
       * Inventory: Always generate a CHECKSUM, OCS is not able to import
         inventory is the key is missing, thanks Eric Feron
       * Ipdiscover: Fix, wrong IP/MAC pair, thanks anto1ne
       * Fix dmidecode version comparaison
         (Guillaume Rousse)
       * Mismatch between xen dom0 and xen PV host
         (Guillaume Rousse)

2.0.5    Wed, 12 May 2010 10:50:51 +0200
       * Don't use dmidecode with -t and -s parameter since it's not
         supported on RHEL4
       * Remove wrong code to detect problem with umask. umask(077) will
         returns the previous umask. In daemon mode, the umask is set to
         0 which was seen as an error code
       * Fix a minor typo in
       * daemon mode: don't change current directory to / if --devlib is
       * Add MIME::Base64 as recommended package
       * A Fedora RPC spec file in contrib/fedora (Remi COLLET)
       * RPC: drop the sleep(1) before every new request
       * RPC: avoid threads::running to keep compatiblity with Perl < 5.10
       * SSL: --ca-cert-file correctly detect if the cert is present
       * Don't use ExtUtils::Installed to identify the installed files,
         ExtUtils::Installed looks all the @INC directory for .pack files,
         including '.'. When the agent was launched by a cron task or in
         daemon mode, the current directory is / and so the whole system was
         scanned, thank you Remi COLLET for pointing this issue.
       * BIOS: correctly set SMANUFACTURER and SSN instead of

2.0.4    Thu, 06 May 2010 18:43:30 +0200
       * Add debug message on WOL and correction when no mac address comes
         in xml file from server (David DURIEUX)
       * etc/cron.d/fusioninventory-agent, call fusioninventory-agent
         instead of ocsinventory-agent
       * limit the number of RPC connection, and fix the Win32 issue
       * Restore --wait XXX
       * Fix --wait documentation.
       * Avoid an error with --lazy, thanks Remi Collet
       * Bump "Next server contact planned for ..." message severity from
         debug to info

2.0.3     Sun, 11 Apr 2010 00:38:18 +0200
       * Fix a syntax problem in FusionInventory::Agent::Network

2.0.2     Sat Apr 10 23:31:48 2010 +0200
       * fusioninventory-agent-config: Fix a typo, thank you Act
       * --delaytime really read the parameter, thanks Walid NOUH
       * fix --no-socket
       * Fix a typo in fusioninventory-agent-config, logtotate (Girish NAVUDA)
       * Fix: between two server query, really wait during a random period
         still based on server PROLOG_FREQ
       * Do not load Crypt::SSLeay and IO::Socket::SSL at the same
       * POD doc, explain how to use more than one server
       * Fix: between two server query, really wait during a random period
         still based on server PROLOG_FREQ
       * Correct bug when oid result is pack and put mac in right format
         (David DURIEUX)
       * Set 2.0.1 release date in Changes file

2.0.1 (Solarium)    Sun Mar 28 22:26:47 2010 +0200
       * tools/ clean up
       * Only use thread if Perl has got thread support, thank you
         Lei Andy Shi for the bug report (LP: #545477)
       * -D/-d avoid unless loop if --local is used too
       * RPC: correctly initialize $logger in new()
       * Add a warning for the breakage with pre 2.0 tasks
       * fixes (David DURIEUX)

2.0 (Zygotene Bouquet)   Tue, 23 Mar 2010 18:53:36 +0100
       * OcsDeploy: avoid a warning when the server don't send DOWNLOAD
       * Drop the Net::Walk dependency
       * README, add File::Copy::Recursive in the list of dependency
       * OcsDeploy: use 'df -Pm' to get a consistent output with GNU tools
       * Task exec: Log the errcode return by the system()
       * Debug: do not drop the FusionInventory-Agent.dump to help debbuging
       * VERSION is not defined in $FusionInventory::Agent::VERSION
       * README: Clean up
       * Storage: Use only hashref to pass arguments
       * SNMPQuery: translate in english some comments
       * FusionInventory::Agent::Task::{OcsDeploy,NetDiscovery,SNMPQuery} are now
         maintained in new sub-projects
         - drop their dependencies in Makefile.PL
       * backport a fix from ocsinventory in fusioninventory-agent-config to fix a typo
         thanks Guillaume PROTET and Jean-Sebastien NORMAND
         ocsinventor-agent → ocsinventory-agent
       * Don't try to parse empty response from server
       * fusioninventory-agent-config: RPM/DEB mode turn off by default
       * Check if the module is installed before the execution
       * fusioninventory-agent-config: add a minimalist POD doc
       * FusionInventory::Agent::RPC add POD documentation
       * Load LWP::UserAgent and HTTP::Status in an eval to get these
         dependencies loaded only when needed
       * Makefile.PL add Net::CUPS is recommended
       * Linux, retrieve the PCI Class

2.0beta4 Thu, 04 Mar 2010 12:19:47 +0100
       * Drop the dependency on Net::SSLGlue::LWP because its own dependencies
         are not avalaible on RHEL5.x, thank you Remi Collet for pointing
         this issue.
       * Makefile.PL: suggest IO::Socket::SSL for SSL
       * Drop the Dependency on LWP::Simple
       * RPC: Do not die if client send random data
       * HP-UX: Use can_run to know if machinfo if avalaible  (François MERMET)
       * HP-UX: code clean up  (François MERMET)
       * Net::IP is now required.
       * OcsDeploy: Fix 2 malformed regex, thank you Mario Gzuk
       * OcsDeploy: avoid a warning if $rc in unset on Perl 5.8
       * OcsDeploy: Archive::Extract is just recommended now
       * Network: load HTTP::Status
       * dropped, was deprecated with the 2.0 changes
       * Do not ignore --server if --local is present
       * Inventory: No need to generate in local mode
       * Inventory: create one last_state file per server
       * Inventory: save last_state if server send a response
       * Storage: use umask 077 for stored files
       * Target and Logger: fix the lock, use a global var now
       * Inventory: Set the VERSIONCLIENT XML key
       * HPUX: Software, fix the package name
       * MacOSX, move the MacOSX packing files from the main branch to
       * SNMPQUERY : Update Dico to known new devices (David DURIEUX)
       * SNMPQUERY : Corrections of ports, mac address and other things (David DURIEUX)
       * NETDISCOVERY : Correction of NMAP discovery (David DURIEUX)
       * NETDISCOVERY : Correction of many bugs (empty devices, data send to server...) (David DURIEUX)
       * rename FusionInventory::Agent::Task::NetDiscovery::dico in FusionInventory::Agent::Task::NetDiscovery::Dico;
       * WAKEONLAN : Begin to rewrite good WOL, so send magic packet directly on OSI2 of network card (ONLY FOR LINUX UNDER ROOT) (David DURIEUX)

2.0beta3 Mon, 22 Feb 2010 00:51:36 +0100
       * README: clean up
       * Do not use IPC::Run, thanks Mario Gzuk
       * Fix --local
       * fix: Invalid type 'W' in pack in, thanks Mario Gzuk
       * HP-UX: fix the module. They'd been broken during the merge
       * Turns Off FusionInventory::Agent::Storage
       * Correctly checks if $basevardir exist (-d instead of -f)
       * --no-ssl-check, show warning just one time
       * ignore stderr
       * HP-UX: Fix CPU/serial detection on HP-UX 11.31 (Marty RIEDLING)
       * POD documentation for FusionInventory::Agent::Network
       * POD documentation clean in FusionInventory::Agent::XML::Query::Inventory
       * POD documentation for FusionInventory::Agent::XML::Query::SimpleMessage
       * Linux: Handle channel bonding interfaces (Stéphane URBANOVSKI) 
       * XML: clean up addNetwork (Stéphane URBANOVSKI) 
       * CPU: Add CORE/THREAD 
       * Inventory: use the standard Inventory object
       * Inventory: correctly save OcsDeploy package ID
       * NetDiscover/SNMP: Various changes (David DURIEUX)

2.0beta2 Wed, 17 Feb 2010 23:21:59 +0100
       * Update dico for detected devices in NETDISCOVERY module
         (David DURIEUX)
       * Changes file clean up

2.0beta1 Wed, 17 Feb 2010 22:08:00 +0100
       * Use Sys::Hostname instead of uname for better portability
       * add --daemon-no-fork
       * Don't ask the user if should be
       * Drop the linux_agent modules compatibility layer
       * Rename module hook functions:
          check()    → isInventoryEnabled()
          run()      → doInventory()
          longRun()  → postInventory()
       * Add isPostInventoryEnabled() function
       * Drop AccountConfig. replaced by Storage
       * Move Ocsinventory::Agent::XML::{Inventory,Prolog,SimpleMessage} in
       * WakeOnLan support (David DURIEUX)
       * Ocsinventory renamed to FusionInventory
       * OcsDeply jull rewrite
       *  P2P mode in daemon mode (-d or -D)
       * add --rpc-ip
       * SNMP support (David DURIEUX)
       * Network discovery (David DURIEUX)
       * WakeOnLan (David DURIEUX)
       * is now and is installed in the $PATH
       * Solaris: use regex to identify CPU class (Jerome LEBAS)
       * Solaris/Network: support Zone (Jerome LEBAS)
       * HP-UX: initial support, tested on RP3440 (François MERMET)
       * Changed arguments to dpkg-query for compatibility (Scott HANNAHS)
       * MacOSX: Distinguish clearly between "OS Name" and "System Version" by
         parsing output carefully for both variables. Clean up language in
         description. (Scott HANNAHS)
       * Add an in contrib example of script to identify specific software
         (Simon CLARA)
       * Upgrade memconf to V2.13
       * Use parameters to simplify the way dmidecode is called (Dmitry ILYIN)
       * Solaris: Bonding support (Stéphane URBANOVSKI)
       * Remove exec flag on
         lib/Ocsinventory/Agent/Backend/OS/MacOS/ (Remi COLLET)
       * spelling in manpage authentification → authentication
       * MacOSX: Correctly identify the CPU frequency on MacOSX 1.6 French,
         thanks Grek
       * Improve the README about non-interactive installation
       * Bump copyright date from 2009 to 2010
       * Linux/PPC: Frequency is an integer, not a float
       * run dosfslabel on the correct device
       * Nmap: Check ip send by server

1.1.2    Sun, 27 Dec 2009 17:24:43 +0100
       * Avoid problem with dmidecode -V output on RHEL3.9 (Remi COLLET)
       * Fix internal --delaytime handling. That's seconds, not hours!
       * improve a error message

1.1.1    Mon, 21 Dec 2009 22:38:12 +0100
       * NETWORKS/VIRTUALDEV should be 1 or 0
       * FreeBSD: Fix CPU detection (David DURIEUX)
       * Virtualization::Qemu, fix kvm detection
       * Don't run brctl if it's not installed
       * Various wording fixes (Vincent KNECHT)
       * Improve README (Barius DRUBECK)
       * Get serial number from ext4 partition if ext4dev driver is used
       * LP: #494908 Agent fails to retrieve info file when a package is
         activated only with the server name (Pascal DANEK)
       * LP: #495398 Fix RedHat version detection (Stéphane URBANOVSKI)
       * Improve README (Barius DRUBECK)
       * LP: #490774 Fix PowerPC CPU detection on Linux, thanks darkpep for
         the bug report

1.1     Fri, 06 Nov 2009 16:07:08 +0100
       * addMemorie() renamed to addMemories(), this had been broken during
         the addMemories() → addMemory() transition
       * Debug mode: msg "check function failed" changed to "ignored" since
         the fails may be wanted by the check() function
       * CompatibilityLayer: $self->{params} changed to $self->{config},
         this restore the debug mode in
       * Continue XML::Inventory functions name clean up. Rename:
        - addSlots() calls to addSlot()
        - addMemories() calls to addMemory()
       * Move ocsinventory-agent POD documentation frol Ocsinventory::Agent
         to the ocsinventory-agent shell script. So now the manpage has the
         correct name
       * Fix RPM output parsing (Remi COLLET)
       * VMWareESX: avoid breakage is VM has spaces in its name
         (Christian Michallek)
       * Try to detect kvm --uuid value
       * Makefile.PL, check for Net::SSLeay
       * Move Ocsinventory::Agent in a .pm and add a wrapper script to load
         in order to by able to process --devlib
       * doesn't use sudo anymore and check for
       * Prune 'Mac OS X' from the version on Mac + typo fixes (Scott HANNAHS)
       * POD doc, add a paragraph about the config file
       * LP: #462529, Fix EDID screen detection, thanks Sergio MERINO
       * Use boolean for networks/virtualdev
       * Generic/Screen: chomp uuencode output
       * Generic/Screen: HSD code for "Hanns.G" (Remi COLLET)
       *, put user $PATH in /etc/cron.d/ocsinventory-agent

1.1_beta1    Fri, 18 Sep 2009 11:54:12 +0200
       * Can use Net::CUPS to find the default printer
       * AIX: Hide procfs in Filesystem
       * OS::Linux::Storages, correctly retrieve the serial (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * load $http_proxy env settings and --proxy option is available
       * Add OS::Linux::Distro::NonLSB::ArchLinux (Julien SAFAR)
       * New Backend OS::Generic::Processes 
       * Linux/BSD: detect DNS servers config 
       * Solaris: Better output for $OSVErsion (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * Solaris: Sun Fire T1000 patches for memory (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * Solaris: memory SPARC Enterprise T5220 (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * Solaris: CPU SPARC Enterprise T5220 (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * Solaris: CPU SPARC Enterprise T5220 (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * Linux: split the /proc/cpuinfo parsing depending on the arch
       * Linux: drop Linux::Controllers which is duplicated with
         Generic::Lspci::Controllers (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * AIX: Various fixes in (Sebastien DAGNICOURT)
       * AIX:, Virtual disks support and fixes (Sebastien DAGNICOURT)
       * Bump the default timeout from 30 to 180 secondes
       * Agent/XML/Inventory: Fix when version == 0, bug found by neisen
       * AIX: device type adjustment (Sebastien DAGNICOURT)
       * Solaris: Sun-Fire-V440 support (Sebastien DAGNICOURT)
       * Add a missing space is the name banner in --debug mode
       * Agent/XML/ Add FROM and INSTALLDATE fields in software
         in HARDWARE (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Initialize etcdir key even if there is no config file
       * CompatibilityLayer: correctly set $debug
       * CompatibilityLayer: better log messages
       * getOptionInfoByName return an array ref now
       * rename getOptionInfoByName to getOptionsInfoByName
       * --debug print the XML on STDERR
       * Rename the params key to config to avoid ambiguity
         with $params
       * RPM: collect the install date and the size (Nicolas EISEN)
       * DPKG: collect the Installed-Size (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Linux: Collect the ext{2,3,4} and xfs serial number
       * Linux: Collect the ext{2,3,4} creation date
       * Add a warning when no certificat is found
       * Turns off alarm once it's backend run is finish
       * Fix the IPMI module detection
       * Linux: Store the PCISLOT and the driver name
       * NETWORKDS, only store Networks with an address
       * Linux: detect virtual network device
       * Linux: Collects xfs, ext{2,3,4} and vfat label
       * runs the backend module from main() it's possible to
         reuse the Backend object.
       * Linux: filter non standard MAC address returned by ifconfig like
         00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00 mac
       * Linux: Fix the Uptime check()
       * Preliminary libvirt support
       * Partial rewrite of the backend
       * Add a warning if the user is no root, thanks Nicolas EISEN and
         Sylvain LUCE
       * SPARC-Enterprise M4000 and M5000 support (Sylvain LUCE)
       * Libvirt: collect VCPU info (Philippe LIBAT)
       * Add Virtualization::Xen module (Philippe LIBAT)
       * Solaris: add a warning if memconf is not in $PATH
       * Switch the XML content from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8, BTW we force
       * Fix the history flood in (Pascal DANEK) 
       * Storage the monitor EDID string in BASE64 and UUENCODE
       * Linux: Storages: reorganize the code base and use lshal
       * Linux: Drives, complete inforamtions with lshal (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Linux: fix the PowerPC CPU detection
       * Warns the user during the install process if one of
         the recommended module is not installed
       * Update out copy of memconf, thanks WeatherDave who notified the new
         revision and of course Tom Schmidt who do a great job 
       * MacOSX: Avoid a scalar used has hash ref error, thanks Adadov
       * MacOSX: Correctilly detect Up/Down network interfaces
         (David OLIVIER)
       * AddNetwork() doesn't ignore network with no IP address
         (David OLIVIER)
       * add --backend-collect-timeout parameter (Nicolas EISEN)
       * MacOSX: convert the IP mask from hex (David OLIVIER)
       * MacOSX: add a workaround to avoid Mac::SysProfile failure on
         MacOSX 10.5.7 (David OLIVIER)
       * Add Virtualization::VirtualBox module (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Add Virtualization::Qemu module (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Add Virtualization::Vmsystem module (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Better smartctl detection (Nicolas EISEN)
       * optimization and vm users detection Virtualization::VirtualBox (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Add Virtualization::VmwareFusion module (Walid NOUH)
       * Don't use hdparm prior 9.2.2 anymore to avoid crap in kernel log, see
       * Correctly detect ipmitool
       * Solaris: i86pc Memory support (Jean-François BOUCHER)
       * Solaris Zone support (Maurizio BERTABONI)
       * Always send tag, even if server already has one
       * Add the byHand software collect method (Sébastien DAGNICOURT)
       * add logging to can_read(), can_load() and can_run()
       * use addUser() instead of setHardware() 
       * Add the runcmd() in the Backend modules

1.0.1    Sun, 22 Mar 2009 20:48:49 +0100
       * Fix a typo in Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::AIX::Memory 

1.0    Sun, 22 Mar 2009 20:14:26 +0100
       * Hide warning messages when tw_cli or hpacucli are not present on CentOS
       * Avoid unnecessary about missing 'http://' in local mode
       * use can_run do detect ipmitool
       * properly use can_run
       * Avoid a warning in in local mode
       * Improve the README file
       * Avoid a warning at runtime if rpm is not correctly installed
       * BSD: Detect AMD64 arch (David DURIEUX)
       * force detection even if slot 1 is 0 (Remi COLLET)
       * minor clean up + indentation
       * send the $model as NAME to avoid NAME == 'unknown' (Remi COLLET)
       * New backend module ServeRaid for IBM ServeRAID card (Remi COLLET)
       * Linux::Storages, fix the hdparm call (Remi COLLET)
       * OS::Generic::Dmidecode::Bios, fix for RHEL2 dmidecode (Remi COLLET)
       * launch backend modules with a 30sec timeout
       * use prompt() from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to avoid
         unexpected error with cpan
       * avoid the "No LSB modules are available." warning message
       * Backend: --debug print a warning when arun() function is not found
       * Fix the Debian/Ubuntu detection for non lsb system
       * also drop /etc/cron.d/ocsinventory-client is the user
         want to drop the old linux_agent
       * Backend::OS::Solaris::Memory: use the Logger instead of "print"
       * Solaris: Drop unwanted spaces around OSVERSION and STORAGES/DESCRIPTION
       * Solaris: Avoid warning is the user can't use fstyp 
       * MANIFEST.SKIP: ignore .git/ and .gitignore
       * add a workaround for 
       * use cpanp and perl 5.10 now
       * do a eval around require File::Find
       * Add a workaround to find the backend modules for PAR::Packer
       * internal change, now do eval 'use $pmodule' instead of require
       * fix serialnum detection in and (Edouard GAMIN)
       * Makefile.PL: drop wait(), not used
       * Makefile.PL: fix a syntax error
       * add tools/ to document the workaround used to avoid
       * Fix --logfile=/somewhere.log, see
       * tools/, add a new script
       * Don't print ugly error if next_timefile can't be saved
       * OS::Linux::Domains, improve the way it deals with multiple
         domaine entries (Remi COLLET)
       * AIX: Record the last memory Slot (Wilfried BRUNKEN)
       * Bump 0.0.10 to 1.0 because it's the first release to be officially part
         of the OCSInventory distribution

0.0.10beta2    Wed, 24 Sep 2008 23:41:21 +0200
       * README: add a not about the $PATH varible on Solaris.
       * Added extra section support for backends (Pascal DANEK)
       * Fix the way submodules are disabled with $runMeIfTheseChecksFailed
       * Linux: Use lsb_release if presents to detect the OS, this will fix
         the Ubuntu detection
       * Hide a Perl warning if the agent is run by the user want the last_state
         file is missing
       * Add Ipmi backend module (Jean PARPAILLON)
       * Drop the control characters from the inventory XML
       * Apply a little change in that may fix the ParserDetails.ini problem,
         thanks tharoun

0.0.10beta1    Thu, 04 Sep 2008 18:16:49 +0200
       * Fix a "ocs server name" => URI side effect (Pascal DANEK)
       * Download::Store: used absolute path to "cp" on STORE action (Pascal DANEK)
       * Download::Store: set -dpR flags to "cp" (Pascal DANEK)
       * Solaris: Replaced hostid in serialnumber by real serialnumber (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
                  (SUNWsneep becomes mandatory on sparc)
       * Solaris: Return only one IP address (trying to guess which one corresponds to hostname) (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
       * Solaris: return disks SERIALNUMBER and FIRMWARE as XML fields (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
       * Redirection and stderr issue on Solaris (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
         - Removed close of stderr fd
         - Modified lspci and screen check() to avoid pollution of stdout/stderr
       * fix the previous changelog entry, the fix had been done by Nicolas DORFSMAN
       * checks for MANIFEST present
       * improve the backend module detection by also scanning the symlinked directory
       * add the --devlib flag to load ./lib only if wanted and remove '.' from the directory to scan
         with File::Find.
       * import the can_run, can_load and can_read functions in the Backend modules
       * the backend module can have no check function, in this case OCS assume it's ok
       * apply a patch by Etienne GUILLAUMONT to fix CPU detection on AIX 4 
       * checks PAR::Packer presence now
       * only inventory installed .deb
       * accept another vardir if the first one was invalide
       * correctly actived in modules.conf is the user needs it
       * add MacOSX support thanks to Wes YOUNG (Wes YOUNG)
         - Added tools/darwin/ support scripts/code for OS X enterprise deployment
       * add the follow_skip==2 flag to File::Find in so it doesn't detect the same
         file two time
       * import of backend module for RAID controler on Linux (3ware, Adaptec, HP and Lsilogic)
         (Edouard GAMIN)
       * remove a warning in Debug mod, if a backend module has no run() function
       * don't crash in Daemon mode if the server is unreachable (Wes YOUNG)
       * Net::IP is just (strongly) suggested now
       * fix --basevardir so it really accepts a parameter, thanks Gubluts from the forum who
         pointed out the bug
       * use which to find ocsinventory-agent location
       * Makefile.PL, Perl 5.6 doesn't have Config::config_re, I call it from an eval now
       * Added --delaytime option as commandline / .cfg file adjustable (Wes YOUNG)
       *, don't use grep -v since it's not POSIX
       * doesn't die if is missing like with perl 5.6
       * avoid a warning with gzip -h on AIX if Compress::Zlib is missing
       * README: depends on Perl 5.8
       * README: On solaris the Makefile needs gmake
       * README: Add a note about crontab and PATH
       * Linux: redirect hdparm error to /dev/null
       * yes/no questions have a default value now
       * fix a bug in the import of the old ocsinv.adm
       * doesn't create two vardir directories anymore
       * do not print a wrning is --nosoftware is used. Thanks Knarfling and Remi who pointed the issue
       * fix the POD documentation, some mistakes were detected by Perl 5.10's perldoc.
       * the agent doesn't crash anymore if ocsinv.adm or ocsinv.conf is corrupted
       * install memconf on Solaris
       * Solaris: apply patches to use memconf for CPU, Drives and Memory (Christoph HALMES) 04/18/2008 Bug fix
       * Add /ocsinventory in the server path if the user enter just the hostname 04/03/2008 Bug fix
       * fix a error in the previous release that was forcing the local mode (Nicolas DORFSMAN)

0.0.9 04/01/2008 April Fool release!
       * Added fallback for --lazy if no prolog freq was found and server error (Pascal DANEK)
       * Fixed accountinfos handling bugs (Pascal DANEK)
       * Changed --wait behaviour (--wait=number_of_seconds || "server") (Pascal DANEK)
       * PROLOG_FREQ is handled in prolog phase (Pascal DANEK)
       * the random value for file_nexttime is computed only if prolog_freq has changed since last prolog (Pascal DANEK)
       * import the documentation documentation by adding a description of the
         agent and pointer to the official website
       * --nosoft option renamed to --nosoftware, --nosoft still works but with a warning
       * add --basevardir to be able to use a specific place to store the var file
       * add the --lazy parameter: send an inventory only if the a random delay between 0 and PROLOG_FREQ had been run over. Usefull for package maintainer (Remi COLLET)
       * return 1 to the shell is the agent failed to contact the server
       * asks for the basevardir
       * write the modules.conf 
       * OS::Linux::Network::Networks, correctly reset the ipaddress before every loop so
         now a network can't have the address of the previous one
       * rename the key $params->{conffile} to $params->{accountconfig}
       * fix the way accountinfo information are stored
       * improve (a bit) tools/ to avoid error if people launch it
         from the tools directory
       * --server is ignore if --local is in use
       * adjust Backend::OS::Generic::Screen to be able to use monitor-edid with DVI link (Remi COLLET)
       * OS::Linux::Storages, add NEC as a know manufacturer add assume the manifacturer is Seagate if
         the model doesn't match the others and begin with ST (rjhill)
       * fix the CPU detection on Linux Sparc64 and ARM (Linksys NSLU2)
       * improve the Solaris version detection by reading the /etc/release file (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
       * Solaris: fix the MAC addresses when the leading zeros is missing (Jean-Jacques MICHEL)
       * Solaris: Add publisher is possible in the software list (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
       * Solaris: improve the hard drive detection (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
       * can remove the previous linux_agent
       * reuse linux_agent old config file to set the default server and tag
       * return the SERIALNUMBER and the FIRMWARE on Linux with hdparm, the feature is not supported
         yet by the server (egamin) 02/20/2008
       *, correctly save the realm, do not override the password 
       * Added "CAPTION" field to memory (Pascal DANEK)
       * Fix a bug with "NUMSLOTS" memory field (Pascal DANEK)
       * improve the parsing of the config file to accept quote and spaces in the value
       * save the configfile with 0600 right since the server
         password maybe be stored in it
       * doesn't scan the inc/ directory anymore
       * remove the BUNDLE packages which seem to break the install process
       * change Solaris::CPU to use psrinfo -v to get the CPUs which works fine on x86
       * fix a path error in Ocsinventory::LoggerBackend::File (Remi COLLET)
       * fix: don't send the inventory if the server doesn't need it (Remi COLLET)

0.0.8 02/05/2008
       * fix the deviceid and old_deviceid handling (Pascal DANEK)
       * fix a debug message in (Pascal DANEK)
       * different fixes on (Pascal DANEK)
       * fix an event message name in Option/ (Pascal DANEK)
       * fix the Compatibility Layer with prolog_read hook (Pascal DANEK)
       * merge PowerPC and PC code to detect the CPU and improve/fix the regex
       * looks for config file in /etc/ocsinventory /usr/local/etc/ocsinventory and
       * add a pod documentation about the different config files and directories
       * Compress::Zlib is required but recommended now. In fact, you need it with
         ocs server prior 1.02 01/16/2008
       * fix the post installation script to avoid invalid cron time 01/14/2008
       * add in the MANIFEST.SKIP to keep it out of the tarball

0.0.7 01/13/2008
       * Ocsinventory::Agent::AccountInfo does not warn accountinfofile if runned in debug mode
         without root privilege
       * fix params->{etcdir} to /etc/ocsinventory, /etc/ocsinventory-agent/modules.conf must be moved
         to /etc/ocsinventory/modules.conf
       * Solaris: Improve the CPU detection (Olivier ROUSSY)
       * AIX: Return the directory with the AIX package name (Olivier ROUSSY)
       * Ocsinventory::Agent::XML::Inventory can now write software inventory
         value of FILESIZE, FOLDER and PUBLISHER
       * processChecksum() and feedInventory() are called by Ocsinventory::Agent::XML::Inventory
         directly now
       * the server responses are not parsed in the main script anymore
       * do not create an inventory if the server doesnn't need it
       * new parameters for the backend modules (run and check functions):
         - prologresp, the Ocsinventory::Agent::XML::Response::Prolog object returned by
           the prolog
         - storage: an hashref stored on the harddrive at the end of the execution of the module
       * a backend module without a run function is accepted now 
       * add addIpDiscoverEntry() to add host from the same network
       * @runMeIfTheseChecksFailed: new optional setting for Backend module
       * Ipdiscover is now a backend module and nmap can be used instead of ipdiscover
       * --nosoft disable the Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::Generic::Packaging modules
       * Remove the deprecated modules Ocsinventory::Agent::Option::Ipdiscover and
       * the check function of the backend accepts the same parameter than the run function
       * Linux::Archs::I386 regex are more robust
       * perldoc documentation for the ocsinventory-agent command
       * minor improvment on the Makefile.PL
       * change the way --server parameter is read. Now we can have a full URL, --remotedir
         is now useless
       * fix: correctly load the last_state
       * improve the Makefile.PL by using inc::Module::Install and adding new check 
       * add a --version parameter and improve the --help
       * come with bundled dependency to simply the build process
       * fix the login/passwd/realm authentification
       * remove Agent/, I've to prepare a better system to keep the pid first
       * try to read the config in /usr/local/etc/ocsinventory/ocsinventory-agent.cfg if the
         standard one is missing 07/16/2007 Bug fix release

       * remove a debug "die" in the code 06/12/2007 Bug fix release 
       * Fix an undef value in Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::BSD::Mem
       * AIX: retrieve correctly the MAC address of some FibberChannel card 
       * now will try to find every module before the build to
         avoid unexplicated error

0.0.6  06/07/2007
       * Enable "verbose" is debug is turned on
       * AIX: Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::AIX::Networks rewrote
       * AIX:, remove the spaces from the end of the DESCRIPTION
       * add, a script designed to prepare a stand-alone binary of the agent
       * AIX: Retrieve all the gateway of every subnet instead of just the default one
       * renamed to
       * New flag: --stdout to print the inventory directly on STDOUT
       * If the use want write on the system var directory, the agent create one in
       * The agent setting can be preinitialised with /etc/ocsinventory/ocsinventory-agent.cfg or
       * remove two debug messages printed during accountinfo rewrite and the
         daemon starting process
       * remove a stupid check in Ocsinventory::Agent::AccountConfig, the
         accountconfig file was not written unless the file was already present
       * add a recMkdir function in ocsinventory-agent to create directory recursivly
       * do not process checksum in local mode 

0.0.5  04/17/2007
       * AIX: use lslpp -c -l to find installed packages
       * AIX: fixes on, and
       * AIX: fetch the serial number with lscfg unless it was found with lsvpd
       * add the .ocs extension to local written files
       * with --local flag: don't not warn if last_state doesn't exit
       * Solaris: retrieve installed package
       * downgrade some message important from info to debug
       * read screen serial number in the EDID (DDC screen)
       * replaced by
       * all the data are read from EDID now
       * Initial Linux PPC support (tested in Debian Etch).
         thanks Walid Nouh for the hardware
       * Apply patch by Remi Collet to fix an issue with Linux distro detection and Perl 5.6.1
       * Turn of STDERR during the module execution to avoid useless message (e.g: foo: not found)
         use --debug to turn them back
       * If the system side vardir can't be created. The agent try to create one in ~/.ocs-inventory-agent
       * Add a THANKS file

0.0.4 03/20/2007
       * use of gzip when Compress:Zlib is not avalaible. OCS server 1.01 and
         prior are not supported.
       * dmidecode parsing improved
       * lspci stuffs moved to generic
       * Linux: find Wifi connection
       * fix: pass correctly the logger to the modules
       * don't write the last_state is the connexion failed
       * Deals correctly with the accountinfo if it's internaly stored in a
         array ref
       * BSD support by Thierry Lacoste