Revision history for Perl extension HTML::Toc.

2009-07-31  Freddy Vulto <>

    Release 1.12

    - Added Test::Differences to Makefile.PL

2009-04-13  Freddy Vulto <>

    Release 1.11

    - ToC insertion point doesn't match anymore if insertionPoint is a text
      token within a ToC token.
    - fix to preserve surrounding text of ToC insertion point
    - updated Makefile.PL to automatically do "SET PERLIO=perlio" on
      MSWin32 (Dan Dascalescu)
    - Test suite:
	- switched tests to use Test::More and Test::Differences (Dan
	- added separate test files `insertionPoint.t' and `anchors.t' (Dan
	- added test "text and children passed to templateAnchorName" to
	  `generate.t' (Dan Dascalescu)

2008-12-12   Freddy Vulto <>

    Release 1.10

    - additional paramaters `text' and `children' are now passed to
      `templateAnchorName'.  To make this possible, internals have been
      changed to defer processing of a ToC item (matched on a start tag -
      at which processing used to take place immediately), until the
      matching `end' tag is passed.
    - Reverted addition of `:raw:utf8' layers (v1.00), because CPAN Testers
      reported "Unknown open() mode '>:raw:utf8'" on Perl-5.6.2.  CRLF test
      issues under Windows can be addressed instead by setting `set
      PERLIO=perlio' before running `make test'.

2008-11-28   Freddy Vulto <>

    Release 1.00

    - Made ToC compliant to XHTML-1.0 STRICT:
	- attributes are now quoted;
	- nested ul's are embedded within li's;
	- anchor name tag is inserted within header tags instead of outside;
	- the inserted anchor name tag now is empty, i.e. immediately
	followed by </a>, to make nested anchor errors less likely to occur.
    - Removed FileHandle dependency and added `:raw:utf8' layers when
      opening files.  This fixes CRLF issues under Windows (thanks to Dan

2008-11-20   Freddy Vulto <>

    Release 0.92

    - Fixed tests on Debian.

2001-09-03   Freddy Vulto <>

    Release 0.91

    - Tested on Cygwin.
    - Used Unix file type for source files.
    - Updated documentation.
    - Prohibited call with undefined parameter to HTML::Parser->parse() from
      HTML::_tokenTocEndParser->parse() which caused havoc with version 3.25
      of HTML::Parser.
    - Specified 'HTML::Parser' as module that needs to be available in order
      to use HTML::Toc.
    - Added protected method HTML::TocGenerator::_setActiveAnchorName().
      This method replaces the incongruous access of
      'HTML::TocUpdator::_doDeleteTokens' by HTML::TocGenerator.
      HTML::TocUpdator now overrides '_setActiveAnchorName()' to allow
      the ancestor call to HTML::TocGenerator only when '_doDeleteTokens'
      equals false.

2001-08-09   Freddy Vulto <>

    Release 0.90

    - First release.