Revision history for App-Rad

0.10    2009/04/10
        Added plugins support!
        Getopt::Long requirement is specific to getopt() method.
        Updated documentation.

0.09    2008/12/22
        Fixed dependencies check and documentation typo.

0.08    2008/12/21
        Added Help() attribute. Put help, include and exclude into separated modules. Updated documentation. More tests.

0.07    2008/11/12
        SMALL API CHANGE: $c->register_commands()'s parameters ignore_prefix, ignore_suffix and ignore_regexp now *must* start with a dash.
        $c->register_commands() helper method now can be used to include context documentation on available commands (RT #40578).
        Updated documentation. More tests.

0.06    2008/11/03
        Fixed POD. Added license to Meta.yml. Added load_config and config methods.

0.05    2008/10/28
        Separated default() into default() and invalid(). Updated documentation. More tests.

0.04    2008/10/26
        Fixed some testing issues. Added Stash, and improved TODO list.

0.03    2008/10/22
        Added getopt integration. First public release, on an unsuspecting world.

0.02    2008/10/05
        Added controller object and documentation.

0.01    2008/09/20
        First version, for internal use only.