Revision history for App-Rad

1.05_01	2010-09-09

        *** KNOWN BUG *** 
		@ARGV is left unchanged. As a result, $c->getopt no longer works. 
		This should be fixed by the time 1.05 comes out.

		*** API CHANGE *** 
		$c->execute does not call 'default' or 'invalid' commands anymore if
        it can't find the command name. Rad itself still does, but via 
        parse_input. You don't have to worry about this unless you make 
        explicit calls to $c->execute.

		*** API CHANGE *** 
		** (also note we are voting invalid() for complete removal  **
		** if you can't live without it, please email me or join us **
		** in #app-rad at )                            **
		if you redefine invalid(), note the invalid command is no longer
		passed as $c->cmd. This was inconsistent, being it's not an actual
		command. Now, the invalid subroutine receives 2 arguments: $c and
		the offending command, so you can do:
		sub invalid {
		    my ($c, $invalid_command) = (@_);
		all other subroutines keep receiving just $c as argument.

		*** API CHANGE *** 
		the rarely used create_command_name() method was removed from Rad, or
		rather -moved- into App::Rad::Include, so if you have code using that,
		just change your calls from $c->create_command_name() to 
		But you most likely never even heard of it, so don't worry.
        - $c->path and $c->realpath new auxiliary methods for giving you the
          app's bin path and realbin path (via FindBin core module) 
        - Added initial Shell-like behavior support via 'App::Rad->shell'
          (thanks AWNSTUDIO for making major tests and improvements on the 
          first beta)
		- Added support for defining specific command arguments and its 
          attributes (thanks ZOSO for suggesting, everybody at #app-rad for 
          discussing its API, and FCO for implementing the first patch)
		- Fixed bug where --option=0 was being set to 1 and not to 0, as 
          expected (FCO)
        - Fixed bug where plugin names were added more than once to the 
          plugins() list
		- Created experimental App::Rad::Tester to help testing apps created 
          with Rad.
		- Updated documentation
		- Added dynamic type setting for values that are set automatically 
          [al newkirk]
		- Added default value support for argument options default setting 
          [al newkirk]
		- Added argument conflict detection [al newkirk]
		- Added stash storing support [al newkirk]
		- Updated alias support [al newkirk]

1.04	2009/05/04

		***MINOR API CHANGE*** => default is now to register only subs that do *not* start with an underscore

		Fixed documentation (bug reported by FCO)
		Single (no value) options are now stored in $c->options with '1' value, so you don't have to explicitly use 'defined' to test them.
		Increment single options' value if argument is passed more than one time (so -v -v will make $c->options->{v} == 2)
		Now configuration files can have whole strings as options
		Now $c->cmd is an lvalue and can be changed w/o fiddling with internals
		Added CONTRIBUTORS section in POD
		Updated test suite

1.03    2009/04/24 was not in the MANIFEST

1.02    2009/04/24
        Fixed bug where $c->getopt would not set $c->argv correctly and change @ARGV instead (reported by FCO)
        load_config() factored out, now in App::Rad::Config;
        Updated (+fixed) documentation.

1.01    2009/04/13
        Fixed bug where single words inside :Help attribute (received as arrayref) were not dereferenced correctly.
        Added $c->plugins() method, with an ordered list of loaded plugins
        Added some plugin tests.
        Updated documentation.

1.00    2009/04/10
        Added plugins support!
        Getopt::Long requirement is specific to getopt() method.
        Updated documentation.

0.09    2008/12/22
        Fixed dependencies check and documentation typo.

0.08    2008/12/21
        Added Help() attribute. Put help, include and exclude into separated modules. Updated documentation. More tests.

0.07    2008/11/12
        SMALL API CHANGE: $c->register_commands()'s parameters ignore_prefix, ignore_suffix and ignore_regexp now *must* start with a dash.
        $c->register_commands() helper method now can be used to include context documentation on available commands (RT #40578).
        Updated documentation. More tests.

0.06    2008/11/03
        Fixed POD. Added license to Meta.yml. Added load_config and config methods.

0.05    2008/10/28
        Separated default() into default() and invalid(). Updated documentation. More tests.

0.04    2008/10/26
        Fixed some testing issues. Added Stash, and improved TODO list.

0.03    2008/10/22
        Added getopt integration. First public release, on an unsuspecting world.

0.02    2008/10/05
        Added controller object and documentation.

0.01    2008/09/20
        First version, for internal use only.