Revision history for App-cpanminus-reporter

0.09  2013-05-18
      - prevents prompt from being affected by PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT
        (thanks Marcel "hanekomu" Grünauer for reporting!)

      - Metabase transport now marked as a dependency (previously it was
        only a recommendation). Some clients do not trust recommendations
        and the vast majority of cpanm-reporter users are probably
        sending stuff via Metabase anyway, so I rather "punish" the
        minority with an extra dependency than the majority with a runtime
        error :)
      - improved docs

0.08  2013-05-09
      - forced CTCC 0.06 to avoid Metabase id_file issues

0.07  2013-05-08
      - new '--setup' option that configures and updates your CPAN Testers
        data for you, just like CPAN::Reporter does for 'cpan'!
        (this fixes RT#84799 and Github#2, thanks Maurice Mengel and Boris
         Däppen for reporting!)

      - fixed RT#84979 where cpanm-reporter crashed when the build.log file
        could not be found (thanks Nathan Glenn for reporting!)
      - recommends installing Test::Reporter::Transport::Metabase as well,
        since almost all testers want to report directly to the CPAN Testers
        servers. Fixes RT#84794 (thanks Mark Lawrence for reporting!)
      - forces dependency on version 0.05 of CPAN::Testers::Common::Client,
        which fixes RT#85112 (thanks Lars for reporting!)

      - updated docs :)

0.06  2013-04-18
      - fixed issue where cpanm-reporter sometimes failed to
        find the user's metabase_id.json file (thanks aero
        and wizonesolutions for reporting)

0.05  2013-04-17
      - Added missing deps

0.04  2013-04-17
      - version requirement for CPAN::Testers::Common::Client

0.03  2013-04-16
      - App is now a bit more verbose, but has a --quiet option
      - Added missing dep (File::stat)

0.02  2013-04-15
      - Better placement of TOCTOU caveat warning

0.01  2013-04-15
      - Initial release.