Revision history for Padre-Plugin-Catalyst

	Added Spanish translation (BRUNOV)
    removed taint mode for test, leading to build failures (jquelin)
	Added Catalyst Community Live Support (garu)
	Expanded Catalyst Tutorial to a submenu, updated to newest version (garu)

	Default model name set to 'DB', type set to DBIC::Schema (if available) (GARU)
	Added translation support (SZABGAB)
	Added translations:
	- Arabic                (AZAWAWI)
	- Brazilian Portuguese  (GARU)
	- Chinese (Traditional) (BLUET)
	- Dutch                 (DDN)
	- French                (jquelin)
	- Polish                (THEREK)
	- Russian               (SHARIFULN)

0.02    2009-04-08
        Now working on MS-Windows too  (FAYLAND)
        Added "create new model" window (GARU)
        Added "create new controller" window (GARU)
        Added checkbox to shorten MVC names while creating a new app (GARU)
        Added plugin icon (tiny Catalyst logo) (GARU)

0.01    2009-03-31
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.