Tue 07 Jan 1996

	o Release 1.07
	o Fixed a problem in Time::Zone (had @l[8] instead of $l[8], doh! )

Thu 02 Jan 1996

	o Release 1.06
	o Fixed t/getdate.t
	o Date::Parse can now parse the date-format 960913, which apparently
	  is fairly common in sweden.

Wed 31 Jul 1996 <bodg@tiuk.ti.com>

	o Release 1.05
	o Modified Date::Format not to use single letter sub names,
	  all format sub names are nore prefixed with format_
	o Cleaned up Date/Format.pm so that AUTOLOAD is not required
	o Patched Date/Language.pm to add Norwegian. Thanks to
	  Gisle Aas <aas@bergen.sn.no> for the patch

Thu 27 Jun 1996 <bodg@tiuk.ti.com>

	o Added %z to Date::Format to output timezone in +/-0000 format
	o Added multi-language support via Date::Language,.

Tue 25 Jun 1996 <bodg@tiuk.ti.com>

        o Some code tidying up
        o added a new test, copied from Date::GetDate
        o improved performance

Wed 22 May 1996 <bodg@tiuk.ti.com>

	o Fixed a bug in the parser for dates in a default (local) timezone
	  but a different dst

Wed 15 May 1996 <bodg@tiuk.ti.com>

    	o Added support for mainframe type dates

Fri  3 May 1996 <bodg@tiuk.ti.com>

	o Added %s to date formatting at request of Josh Osborne