Thu Jan 02 1996
	o Release 1.03
	o Fixed a bug in Net::SNPP::service_level
	o Added binmode patch to Net::FTP
	o Fixed Net::NNTP::date

Mon Dec 23 1996
	o Release 1.02
	o Updated Net::FTP Documentation
	o Added Configure to create Net::Config
	o Added Net::PH
	o Fixed a bug in Net::NNTP::xover
	o Implemented Net::NNTP::xrover
	o Changed Net::FTP::mkdir to return it's directory argument
	  it the server suceeds but does not return the full path
	o Applied patch from Gisle Aas <> to fix
	  bug with checking arguments of login
	o Fixed Net::Netrc to return 'default' for when the given host
	  does not exist
	o Changed _POST to check for CMD_MORE
	o Fixed Net::Cmd::datasend to stop addition of extra newlines
	o Added patch to mdtm from James Jurach <>

Thu Sep  5 1996 Graham Barr <>
	o Release 1.01
	o Started to add ESMTP support into Net::SMTP
	o Added a fix to Net::FTP::login for firewalls that do not
	  prefix the connection replies with 331 codes
	o Net::NNTP::new: Changed the default host code to check the
	  env. variables NNTPSERVER and NEWSHOST before defaulting to `news'
	o Modified all non-RFC977 methods to conform to an un-released
	  draft RFC by S. Barber of Academ Consulting Services
	o Net::FTP::new will now pass Timeout => 0 to IO::Socket
	o There seems to be a problem with the 2nd accept on the listen
	  socket. Added a work-around which forces the creation of a new
	  listen socket per PORT call
	o Added mdtm and size methods to Net::FTP
	o Modified Net::Netrc to skip ownership check for OS/2, as OS/2's
	  implementation of stat is not compatible with this check
	o Net::FTP::get now returns the local filename upon success
	o Net::FTP::get now returns true if the get was a sucess
	o Net::FTP::get only creates local file if RETR command
	o Changed Net::Cmd::CMD_PENDING to '0' as SNPP uses codes > 5
	o Added Net::DummyInetd
	o Changed CMD_PENDING to be 0 instead of 9, this is due to
	  Net::SNPP using status codes > 5

--- May -- 1996  Graham Barr <>

        o Major changes to all modules (documentation and functionality)
          although backwards compatability should be maintained.
          This is the kind of comment you get when you forget to update
          ChangeLog when you actually to the changes :-(

Tue May 28 1996  Graham Barr <>

	o Combined Net-SMTP, Net-FTP and Net-Domain distributions into one
	  libnet distribution
	o Modified FTP and SMTP to use new IO:: modules
	o Split out from Net::FTP and Net::SMTP

Wed Apr 10 1996  Graham Barr <>

	o Removed 'Use of uninitialized value' from send

Mon Mar 18 1996  Graham Barr <>

	o FTP: Removed parse_dir and file_mode as there is now a File::Listing
	  package avaliable with libwww which can do directory listings

Sat Mar  9 1996 Graham Barr <>

	o SMTP: Significantely updated the documentation
	o SMTP: modified data() and added datasend() and dataend() so
	  that data can be sent piecemeal
	o SMTP: modification to hoe expand and verify work, expand now
	  always returns an array and verify only returns true/false
	o SMTP: Changes to use Symbol, but still has compatability mode
	o SMTP: Changed so that the object is the FileHandle
	o SMTP: recipient will now fail when required
	o SMTP: added code() method

Tue Mar  5 1996  Graham Barr <>

	o Changes to Net::FTP::A::read for files which have very long
	  lines and do not fit into a single buffer
	o Changes to responce for knackered FTP servers which send
	  a Transfer Complete response before they send the data ?? :-(

Wed Jan  3 1996  Graham Barr <>

	o Moved netrc stuff into Net::Netrc

Tue Dec 19 1995  Graham Barr <>

	o Fixed a problem with Net::FTP::A:read which caused the last line
	  of a transfer to be dropped if it did not end in a \n

Mon Dec 11 1995  Graham Barr <>

	o Introduced IO::Socket which eventually will be released
	o Comands that create a data connection noe return the data
	  connection socket
	o Data connection now blessed into a package Net::FTP::type
	  where type is the connection type (eg A for ASCII)

Tue Nov 21 1995 Graham Barr <>

	o Changed to use Socket(v1.3) instead of directly calling pack
	o SMTP::new now takes optional parameters after the host
	  in for form of a hash. Current parameters are Hello,Debug,Port
	o Modified SMTP::new to automatically call hello

Mon Nov 20 1995  Graham Barr <>

	o Some perl -w clean ups

Thu Nov  9 1995  Graham Barr <>

	o Modified FTP::new() to call croak when IP address cannot be
	  determined from name given.

	o Modified SMTP::new() to call croak if IP address of the given host
	  cannot be found