perl-ldap 0.3202 -- Mon Jul 19 11:44:08 BST 2004

Bug Fixes
  * Fixed case typo in Makefile.PL

perl-ldap 0.3201 -- Wed Jul 14 21:52:59 BST 2004

Bug Fixes
  * Fixed dependancies in Makefile.PL

perl-ldap 0.32 --

Bug Fixes
  * Documentation updates
  * Fixed LDIF output from ldapsearch command
  * Return an error if no filter is passed to Net::LDAP::filter->parse
  * Fixed bug handling comments in LDIF parser
  * Fix to ldapsearch for passing scope with -s
  * Do not send a fake userid in SASL binds
  * Net::LDAP::Schema->parse() now returns undef on errors

  * Added supportedFeatures to the default list of attributes
    fetched by ->root_dse
  * Added option to sort attributes in LDIF output, with objectclass
    being first floowed by all other attributes in alphabetical order
  * Add escape/unescape filters/DN utility functions
  * Added support for reading LDIF URL attributes using file://
  * The socket created by new can now be bound to a local address & port
  * Any controls returned by the server with each entry as a result from a search
    are now available in the callback function
  * Added classes for EntryChange, PersistentSearch and ManageDsaIT controls
  * Allow options passed to Net::LDAP::Entry-.update to be passed to the
    Net::LDAP method that is finally called

perl-ldap 0.31  1 Jan 2004

* Fixed bug that could cause methods to return an integer instead of an object
* Fixed bug causing to ignore superior classes that had no attributes
* Documentation updates
* Updates to LDIF module

perl-ldap 0.30 17 Oct 2003

* Documentation updates
* Fixed bug checking return value of client_step in bind()
* Fixed bug in causing method calls on unblessed references

perl-ldap 0.29 24 Jun 2003

* Workaround bug in IO::Socket::SSL when startTLS fails
* Fix reference loop memory leak problem
* Add a SIGNATURE to the distribution
* Re-added support for :all in the import list to get all constants
* New methods error_name, error_text, error_desc added to

perl-ldap 0.28 19 May 2003

* Net::LDAP::Entry object can now be cloned
* New class Net::LDAP::RootDSE
* Net::LDAP->new can now accept URLs for the host
* Added support for ldapi:
* Now supports Notice of disconnection
* Net::LDAP::Constant now implements its own import function, it no
  longer inherits from Exporter. So :all and /^LDAP_CONTROL/ etc
  are no longer valid arguments for import. The result is that
  Net::LDAP::Constant only defined the subs that are needed.

perl-ldap 0.27 27 Jan 2003

* Default protocol version is now version 3
* Fixed support for multiple hosts to be passed to new

perl-ldap 0.26 18 Jul 2002

* canonical_dn and ldap_explode_dn have a new implementation.
* Net::LDAP::DSML reimplemented using XML::SAX
* Net::LDAP::Schema reimplemented. API needed to change to fix
  many bugs in previous implementation
* Added support for version number in Net::LDAP::LDIF
  (support for fill version still todo)

perl-ldap 0.251 15 May 2002

* Added support for Adamson's SASL authentication
* Both Cyrus SASL and Perl SASL modules are sought

perl-ldap 0.25 29 Oct 2001

* Added support for EXTERNAL SASL authentication
* Caller can now specify attributes to return from root_dse
* More scripts added to contrib
* Various bug fixes
* Caller can now specify sslversion for LDAPS and start_tls

perl-ldap 0.24 17 July 2001

* Added support for startTLS
* Better error checking in Net::LDAP methods
* VLV control now works
* Can now use oid or name for the matchingRule in filter extensible matches
* Major overhaul of
* $schema->name2oid is now context sensetive
* test suite now works with openldap2

perl-ldap 0.23 April 20 2001

* Fixed bug in Net::LDAP::Filter when the filter contained an escaped *
* Fixed SASL bind to call challenge with serverSaslCreds
* Fixed some uninit errors in Net::LDAP::Entry
* Various documention updates
* Added Net::LDAP::Util::canonical_dn
* Net::LDAP::LDIF will now call canonical_dn for any DN which
  contains non-printable characters
* Added support for matchingruleuse, ditstructurerules, ditcontentrules
  and nameForms into Net::LDAP::Schema
* The ->schema method in Net::LDAP has changed how it finds the
  schema to return. The new method is more correct, but there may
  be a possibility that this change has created an incompatability.
* New control module Net::LDAP::Control::ProxyAuth from
  Olivier Dubois added
* Added support for moddn in Net::LDAP::LDIF.
* Minor fixes to the DSML output (fixing illegal XML.)

perl-ldap 0.22 September 14 2000

* Quick release to fix memory problem with 5.6.0

perl-ldap 0.21 September 12 2000

* Change ->get back to return what 0.19 returned
* Deprecate ->get in favor of ->get_value
* Net::LDAP::Schema now supports matchingRules
* Added experimental onerror option to ->new
* New FAQ by Clif Harden

perl-ldap 0.20 August 3 2000

* Added INSTALL and CREDITS files
* Net::LDAP::Entry ->get and ->attributes methods now support options
* Added Net::LDAP::DSML from Mark Wilcox
* Added Net::LDAPS from Chris Ridd
* Many documentation updates
* Several fixes to ::Control::* classes, they should now work as intended.
* Net::LDAP::Entry->get now always returns a scalar result as documented.
* bin/ldapsearch now requires URI-1.08

perl-ldap 0.19 June 8 2000

* Fixed bug which caused 2nd and subsequent binds to be anonymous.
* Fixed bug in moddn.
* Fix bug which caused a call to ->pop_entry or ->shift_entry
  to hang forever.

perl-ldap 0.18 May 22 2000

* Now passes -wc with 5.004, 5.005_03 and 5.6.0
* Bundle now correctly references Convert::ASN1 instead of
  the non-existant Convert::ASN
* Net::LDAP::Filter will now catch the case of unmatched
  ()'s and return an error
* as_struct, which was broken in the changeover to Convert::ASN1,
  now works again.


 Test t/02filter.t fails with perl 5.6.0 compiled with threads enabled
 This is due to a bug in 5.6.0 when compiled with threads, see

perl-ldap 0.17 May 12 2000

* Change to use asn_read instead of asn_resc. This seems to have
  fixed the known problem with 0.16
* Various bug fixes, see ChangeLog

perl-ldap 0.16 April 27 2000

* This is the first release which uses Convert::ASN1 instead of
  Convert::BER. This should show an increase in performance.
* Added support for LDAPv3 controls. Controls supported are
  - VirtualListView
  - Sort
  - Paged
* HTML version of the documentation is now included in the
* Added Bundle::Net::LDAP
* Net::LDAP->schema can now be told where to search for the schema.


  In a pre-release of 0.16 it has been seen that a search result may
  not contain all entries and $mesg->code will be LDAP_DECODING_ERROR.
  This has been seen when the client is running on NT or Linux and the
  server is an Exchange server.