Revision history for Perl extension XML::Smart.

1.4.1 25/10/2003
    - Fixed set_node(). Not full implemented on previous version! sorry.
    - Fixed openned tags for XML::Smart::HTMLParser. Now closing near the open tag.
    - Fixed external access of /nodes and /order, avoiding internal handling of
      them as normal keys.
    - Fixed bug at nodes(), nodes_keys(), args(), to identify HASH/ARRAY ref().
    - Fixed bug at XML::Smart::HTMLParser, when an attribute value has 2 '>' inside.
    - Fixed prerequisite at
    - Fixed warnings.

1.4 10/10/2003
    - Fixed bug for {arg}{CONTENT}, when {arg} not defined yet.
    - An argument now can be forced/unforced to be a node (tag) when XML data is generated.
    - Generation of XML data now keep the elements order, based in the previous document loaded or in the elements creation.
    - Added multiple searches at the same time to find().
    - Fixed delete {arg}[0].
    - Fixed pointer() when pointing to a content.
    - Fixed some others minor bugs.
    - New methods: nodes(), nodes_keys(), args(), args_values(), set_node(), set_order(), path(), path_as_xpath(), xpath(), xpath_pointer().

1.3.1 18/06/2003
    - Just a bug fix in XML::Smart::Parser for CDATA.

1.3  15/06/2003
    - Can build/load Wild XML data (like HTML).
    - New methods: null(), key(), i().
    - Fixed select search with multiple values. And added support to search in keys, not only ARRAY ref.
    - Accept a XML::Smart object as a value in the tree. When parsing to generate the data, the XML::Smart->tree is got.
    - Upgrade to Object::MultiType 0.2, due a bug when using XML::Smart as a boolean.

1.2  Mon May 30 02:03:00 2003
    - Added cut_root(), base(), back(), copy() and data_pointer() methods.
    - New resource "return format".
    - Support for basic entities (defaults).
    - Added Support for URLs (with LWP::UserAgent).
    - Unicode (UTF-8) support. (Work only on Perl-5.8+)
    - Added support for binary and CDATA content and automatically detection of both.
    - Added meta generator tag.
    - Fixed bug in XML::Smart::Parser (XML::Parser::Lite). Break of REGEX parser on sub REGEX execution.
    - Fixed bug with quotes.

1.1  Mon May 23 03:12:12 2003
    - Fixed some bugs.

1.0  Mon May 12 11:02:48 2003
    - First release!
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
        -X -A -n XML::Smart