Revision history for perl module Git-Hooks. -*- text -*-

0.044     2013-06-27 09:13:28 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Version 0.043 used the s///r operator, which was implemented on
    Perl 5.14. This version refactors it to avoid the operator and
    keep compatibility with Perl 5.10.

0.043     2013-06-26 10:35:02 America/Sao_Paulo

  [New features]
  - Support the new pre-push hook, implemented by Git 1.8.2 which is
    invoked during a "git push" command.
  - New class Git::More::Message, representing a Git commit
    message. Generally speaking, a commit message can be any string
    whatsoever. However, the Git community came up with a few
    conventions for how to best format a message and this class
    embraces those conventions making it easier for you to validate
    and change a commit message structure. With it the
    Git::Hooks::CheckLog and Git::Hooks::GerritChangeId plugins were
    much simplified.
  - New method Git::More::read_commit_msg_file that reads the contents
    of a file, respecting the i18n.commitencoding config option, and
    returns its contents stripspaced.
  - New method Git::More::write_commit_msg_file that writes a string
    to a file respecting the i18n.commitencoding config option.

  - New methods Git::More::push_input_data and
    Git::More::get_input_data to unify the treatment of data read from
    STDIN by the hooks pre-receive, post-receive, pre-push, and

  - The data passed to the post-rewrite hook via STDIN wasn't being

0.042     2013-05-31 15:17:39 America/Sao_Paulo

  [New features]
  - CheckJira: Make githooks.checkjira.matchlog option be
    multi-valued. This allows one to specify more than one place in
    the commit message where JIRA keys are looked for.

  - Add a User Tutorial document.

  - Make tests independent of git's global init.templatedir option.

0.041     2013-05-25 11:46:39 America/Sao_Paulo

  [New features]
  - Support Gerrit's ref-update and patchset-created hooks. Gerrit
    ( is a web-based code review system
    which incorporates a Git server implemented with JGit
    (, which is a pure Java
    implementation of Git.  Up to version 2.2.0 JGit still doesn't
    support Git standard hooks. However, Gerrit implements its own
    special hooks
    config-hooks.html), which are rather different from Git's.

  - New option: githooks.disable. This option can be used to disable
    plugins otherwise enabled by the githooks.plugin option. It's
    useful if you want to enable a plugin globally and only disable it
    for some repositories.

  - CheckRewrite: Detect and allow fast-forward "git rebase upstream
    base". If upstream is a decendant of base, the base-commit is
    empty. In this situation the rebase will turn out to be a simple
    fast-forward merge from base on upstream and there is nothing to

  - Fix plugin disabling detection. Plugins enabled in the
    configuration using their full module name could not be disabled
    via the environment variable trick, because the variable must have
    the full plugin name, but ':' characters are not accepted in
    environment variable names.

  - Fix BAIL_OUT message during tests.

0.040     2013-03-15 00:21:24 America/Sao_Paulo

  The 0.039 release package contained some experimental code
  unintentionally. This new release simply fix this. The changes
  recorded below for the 0.039 release are still valid.

0.039     2013-03-14 23:56:15 America/Sao_Paulo

  [New features]
  - run_hook doesn't die at the first error anymore. Now it collects
    errors from all hooks to be able to show them all when it dies at
    the end. These modification required changes to all plugins to
    make them invoke an error method instead of simply dying.

  - Git::More::get_current_branch previously returned the branch
    short-name. Now it returns the branch full name. Moreover, when in
    dettached mode it returns undef.

  - The exit code of external pre-receive hooks weren't being dealt
    with correctly.

  - The arguments for update and pre-receive hooks weren't being dealt
    with correctly when new branches were being pushed or branches
    were being deteled on a push.

  - Fix Git::More::is_ref_enabled for when in dettached head state. It
    returns true in this case.

  - Fix all L<> POD tags in the documentation.

0.038     2013-02-01 16:25:00 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Remove "beta status" warning from README.

  - The dzil configuration now correctly detects build-time

  - The testing framework now produces some more intelligent error

0.037     2013-01-29 22:14:25 America/Sao_Paulo

  [New features]
  - Makefile.PL now tries to find on some usual places if it
    can't require it using the standard @INC. This allows for
    installation and testing on systems where Git cannot be required

  - GerritChangeId wasn't calculating the Change-Id correctly in some

  - CheckRewrite wasn't showing the names reaching branch names

  [Refactorings for a future port to Windows (We're not there yet!)]
  - The testing framework now uses Git::command to invoke git instead
    of using directly an open pipe.

  - Git::More used Git::command_output_pipe in a way that wasn't
    working on Windows.

  - External hooks won't be supported on Windows for a while. Hence,
    some tests are skipped.

  - The testing framework uses sh-scripts to indirectly invoke the
    Perl hooks on Windows, because that OS does not follow the
    shee-bang Unix conventions.

  - Several other small changes.

0.036     2013-01-19 16:41:16 America/Sao_Paulo

  [Interface changes]
  - Internal hooks now shouldn't die directly when they detect a
    problem. Instead, they should invoke the new Git::More::error
    method to produce the error message and return a boolean value
    indicating if they have succeeded. This way they don't need to
    stop at the first error, but can detect many more and generate
    more information to the user.

    In order to support old hooks, run_hooks checks their return
    values. If they return a boolean, they're treated as modern
    hooks. If they return undef (and $@ is empty, so that it wasn't an
    exception) they are considered to have succeeded.
  - Git::Hooks::run_hooks only dies after having run every internal
    and external hooks and seeing that not every one of them
    succeeded. This way the user gets informed of every problem and
    not just the first one found.

  - Add method Git::More::error to be used by plugins to produce
    consistent error and warning messages to the user.

  - Add method Git::More::clean_cache to delete a cache entry. It may
    be used by hooks just before returning to Git::Hooks::run_hooks in
    order to get rid of any value kept in the SECTION's entry.

  - CheckLog did not treat empty commit messages correctly.

0.035     2013-01-18 08:44:20 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Provide for temporary disabling of plugins by setting to a false
    value (e.g. '0') an environment variable named after the
    plugin. This is useful for temporary disabling of pre-commit
    hooks, for instance.

  - Add method Git::More::set_authenticated_user
    This method can be used to set the username of the authenticated user
    when the default heristics used by the method authenticated_user
    aren't enough. The name is cached so that subsequent invokations of
    authenticated_user will return it.

  - CheckRewrite was invoking 'git branch --all' but old versions of
    git didn't support the long option name. Now it uses '-a' instead.

  - CheckRewrite error messages showed branch names with two character

  - Make the Change file conform to the Specification for CPAN Changes
    files (CPAN::Changes::Spec).

0.034	  2013-01-16 12:22:37 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Implement the new Git::Hooks::CheckRewrite plugin to check the
    safety of rewrites, by detecting when we're amending or rebasing
    commits that have already been pushed.

0.033	  2013-01-12 18:45:07 America/Sao_Paulo

  [Incompatible changes]
  - Substitute Git for App::gh::Git as a parent for Git::More. The
    major motivation for this was to get rid of some heavy
    dependencies that were carried over by App::gh. This change should
    be mostly transparent, as App::gh::Git is a copy of Git.

    Since Git isn't on CPAN we can't depend directly on it. The user
    must guarantee that it is present on @INC in order to install and
    use Git::Hooks. The environment variable GITPERLLIB can be used to
    specify a list of directories (besides the ones already in @INC)
    where the module will be searched.

  - Consolidate the methods Git::More::get_config and
    Git::More::config in a single method Git::More::get_config, which
    returns ever more specialized configuration depending on how many
    arguments it gets (zero, one, or two). This change affects most

  - Make a change in the way we inkoke "git init" during test so that
    we can use pre-v1.6.5 gits.

0.032	  2013-01-06 10:06:48 America/Sao_Paulo

  [Incompatible change]
  - Simplify plugin/hook integration. Previously, if a plugin could be
    hooked to more than one hook, one should configure all the
    integrations by hand. For instance, the CheckJira plugin can be
    hooked to the update, the pre-receive, and the commit-msg hooks,
    and the user had to know which hooks should be enabled. Now it's
    easier because the plugins can hook themselves to all hooks
    directly. In this way, for instance, instead of configuring
    CheckJira specifically for one of those hooks with one of the
    following configurations:

        git config --add githooks.commig-msg  CheckJira
        git config --add githooks.pre-receive CheckJira
        git config --add githooks.update      CheckJira

    One can simply do this:

        git config --add githooks.plugin CheckJira

    CheckJira will automatically be enabled for all plugins.

    Also, the plugins can be referred to by their fully qualified
    module names (e.g. Git::Hooks::CheckJira) to allow for third party

    If the githooks.plugin option is not defined, the configuration
    processing will try to build it from the old githooks.HOOK
    configuration options that are not needed anymore, so to preserve
    compatibility. This is a temporary measure.

0.031	  2013-01-05 23:33:50 America/Sao_Paulo

  [Incompatible changes]
  - Move plugin config options to a githooks subsection. For example,
    the CheckLog.spelling option now is called
    githooks.checklog.spelling. The new scheme avoids unecessary
    pollution of the configuration namespace. The plugins that existed
    up to the previous release can still have their options in the
    previous place, because we dynamically move them. This is a
    temporary measure to avoid breaking old configuration. It will
    probably be removed in the future.

  - Rename TODO to TODO.pod and update it with new ideas.

0.030	  2012-12-29 23:06:08 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix two bugs. No new features.

0.029	  2012-12-26 23:12:17 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix test t/02-check-log.t requirement of Text::SpellChecker.

  - Recommends Text::SpellChecker instead of requiring it, as it's
    only needed for the Git::Hooks::CheckLog plugin.

  - Update TODO file.

0.028	  2012-12-25 22:47:34 America/Sao_Paulo

  - CheckLog implements spell checking of log messages.

  - Abort building on Windows. We're not ready yet.

  - Git::More::get_commit_msg now supports pre-1.7.2 Gits.

0.026	  2012-12-22 20:23:22 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Implement a new plugin Git::Hooks::CheckLog to enforce formatting
    policies for git commit log messages.

  - Fix configuration grokking.

  - Recommends JIRA::Client instead of requiring it, as it is only
    needed for the Git::Hooks::CheckJira plugin.

0.025	  2012-12-21 08:06:04 America/Sao_Paulo

  - This version is another big refactoring. It introduces a few
    incompatible changes as well, for good measure. ;-)

  [Incompatible Changes Affecting Plugin Users]
  - The option previously required the name of
    an environment variable. But this was duplicating poorly the
    functionality of the githooks.userenv global option. So, I changed
    its meaning to now require a boolean (integer). If true it now
    checks if the authenticated_user (as inferred by the
    githooks.userenv option) is the current issue's assignee.

  [Incompatible Changes Affecting Plugin Developers]
  - The Git::Hooks routines grok_affected_refs, get_affected_refs,
    get_affected_ref_range, get_affected_ref_commit_ids, and
    get_affected_ref_commits were transformed in Git::More methods, so
    that they can now keep the affected_refs information inside the

  - The Git::Hooks::grok_userenv routine was transformed into the
    Git::More::authenticated_user method.

  - The Git::Hooks::git_config routine was transformed into the
    Git::More::config method.

  - The method Git::More::get_commits now returns a list of commits
    and not an array-ref. This makes its usage simpler.

  - The tests are now performed out of the distribution directory.  By
    performing them in the distribution directory we run the risk of
    messing up with Git::Hooks own git repository, which can interfere
    with the tests too.

  - Got rid of global variables in Git::Hooks and all state variables
    used throughout. This had a great impact in the code, adding
    arguments to several routines, turning Git::Hooks routines into
    Git::More methods, adding new methods

  - The tests now prepare only the hooks that will be tested. Earlier
    we prepared all 16 hooks, which made the testing take longer.

  - The compatibility with old plugin names that was implemented some
    commits ago was made more specific, affecting just the plugins
    CheckAcls, CheckJira, and CheckStructure. Those were the plugins
    that existed before the plugin name change.

0.024	  2012-12-17 12:35:52 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Implement a new plugin Git::Hooks::GerritChangeId which is a
    reimplementation of Gerrit's commit-msg official one
    (, at Gerrit's v2.5.1).

  - Improve code and documentation with the help of Code::TidyAll,
    Perl::Critic, Pod::Checker, and Pod::Spell.

0.023	  2012-12-16 08:47:55 America/Sao_Paulo

  - This version makes a large refactor in the code. The plugins were
    rewritten as proper modules so that they can be used by
    themselves, without the Git::Hooks framework. The only user
    visible change is that from now on the preferred way to configure
    plugins is by their CamelCase names (e.g. CheckJira instead of
    check-jira). But the old flattened names are still valid to keep
    compatibility with already set up repos.

  - This version starts to require App::gh::Git version 0.56 in order
    to have a working App::gh::Git. It also starts to require
    File::Path version 2.08 for the testing phase in order to have a
    working make_path routine.

0.022	  2012-12-06 23:13:44 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Implement a new plugin called which enforces
    the repository's file and reference structure.

0.021	  2012-12-06 08:52:34 America/Sao_Paulo

  - The configuration variables userenv and admin, which were
    available in the check-acls and check-jira plugins were promoted
    to the "githooks" configuration section. Along with them, the
    functions grok_userenv, match_user, and im_admin were also
    migrated to the Git::Hooks module so that they can be used by any
    access control plugin.  The old configuration variables in the
    plugins are still supported but are now documented as deprecated.

  - Also improved the documentation slightly.

0.020	  2012-11-20 21:56:51 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Implement routine Git::Hooks::eval_gitconfig to make it easier to
    grok Perl expressions in config values.

  - Fix some problems in the test infrastructure.

0.019	  2012-11-10 23:56:44 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix the post-receive hook which now gets the same input as
    pre-receive. This was reported to me by Mike South. Thanks again!

0.018	  2012-11-06 21:49:20 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix a bug that prevented installed hooks to be invoked in the
    absence of any configured plugins. This was reported to me by Mike
    South. Thanks!

0.017	  2012-10-31 10:45:10 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Just a bunch of fixes.

0.016	  2012-09-13 22:34:05 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Interpolate environment variables in the whole ACL specification
    for check-acls.

  - Make the .pl extension optional in configuring plugins.

  - Make im_memberof an exported routine of Git::Hooks.

  - The group specification is now given by the githooks.groups
    variable. This is an incompatible change, since previously it was
    given by the check-acls.groups variable.

  - Implement Git::More::get_affected_files. This routine returns a
    hash mapping every affected file in a sequence of commits to a
    letter telling its affected status.

  - Allow check-acls.userenv be given by a code snippet to be

0.015	  2012-08-19 18:20:07 America/Sao_Paulo

  - ACLs in can have environment variables interpolated
    in their refs components.

0.014	  2012-08-16 23:00:38 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Implement reference specification by negated regexes in ACLs.

  - Clarify semantics of ACLs what component in the documentation.

  - Fix check-jira.matchlog usage.

  - Provide different messages when there are JIRAs cited but not from
    an expected project.

0.013	  2012-07-27 17:11:17 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Require at least git 1.5 to work with.

0.012	  2012-07-26 12:11:10 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Improve testing framework.

0.011	  2012-07-25 11:12:01 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Improve testing framework.

0.010	  2012-07-23 11:25:09 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Check if we have git installed before generating Makefile from
    Makefile.PL so that we avoid producing bogus

0.009	  2012-07-22 11:21:18 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Show git version upon test failure.

0.008	  2012-07-20 17:19:17 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix to detect ref rewrites to non-related commits.

0.007	  2012-07-17 08:59:31 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix still more errors detected by

0.006	  2012-07-16 17:29:12 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Enable pre 1.7.2 gits by using old-fashioned rev-list --pretty

0.005	  2012-07-16 10:17:16 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix some errors detected by

0.004	  2012-07-15 22:01:36 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix missing required dependency.

0.003	  2012-07-15 18:33:20 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix dependency on App::gh::Git.

0.002	   2012-07-11 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Implement support for driving external hooks.

  - Rename option githooks.hookdir to githooks.plugins.

  - Rename default local plugin directory from .git/hooks.d to

  - Add option githooks.externals to disable external hooks processing.

  - Add option githooks.hooks to specify extra directories to look for
    external hooks.

0.001	   2012-07-10 America/Sao_Paulo

  - First release, with two hooks passing tests: and

  - I decided to incorporate Git::More in this distribution instead of
    making it a separate module.

  - The documentation is lacking and the functionality needs to be