Revision history for Perl extension Net::Packet.

*** This will probably be the last release. From now on, please use 
Net::Frame::* modules on CPAN. This framework is obsolete.

3.28 Sun Feb 15 17:45:54 CET 2015
   - FEATURE: use $Env->noObsoleteWarning(1) to disable the obsolete warning
   - bugfix: check payload length before using it in PPPoE
   - update: copyright notice

3.27 Mon Nov  9 19:19:57 CET 2009
   - bugfix: PPPoE packing payload
   - update: copyright notice

3.26 Sat Apr 19 18:41:12 CEST 2008
   - new: added possibility to adjust snaplen in
     => contributed by Darien Kindlund
   - bugfix: examples/

3.25 Thu Dec 28 11:11:19 CET 2006
   - bugfix: forget to load some subs for IPv6 handling

3.24 Sat Dec 16 17:48:15 CET 2006
   - NEW: now supports big-endian archs (IPv4 and IPv6 update)
   - bugfix: Frame: require VLAN

3.23 Thu Nov 23 23:47:10 CET 2006
   - examples: updates and bugfixes
   - tests: bugfix when test modules not available

3.22 Sat Nov 18 14:44:49 CET 2006
   - update: ETH: print() now displays length instead of type if 802.3 layer
   - new: IPv4: isProtocolIgmpv4() and NP_IPv4_PROTOCOL_IGMPv4
   - test: added Test::Pod::Coverage
   - test: added Test::Pod
   - pod: old undocumented methods are now documented

3.21 Wed Nov 15 19:52:43 CET 2006
   - NEW: added layers STP, OSPF (header only), IGMPv4 (v1 and v2),
          CDP::Address, CDP::TypeAddresses, CDP::TypeCapabilities,
          CDP::TypePortId, CDP::TypeSoftwareVersion
   - NEW: Dump now support PPP links
   - UPDATE: old PPP integrated into PPPoE, because this is PPP for PPPoE
             So, there is a new PPP implementation, which is now a layer 2
   - UPDATE: also, PPPLCP is now a layer 3
   - UPDATE: IPv4: hlen now defaults to 5, length now defaults to
   - update: CDP: new attributes: typeAddresses, typePortId, typeCapabilities,
   - update: Packet: removed the END block that would clean $Env->dump,
             it is user responsibility to do that
   - bugfix: Frame: _getPadding()
   - bugfix: Dump: storing of received frames when doFrameReturnList is true
   - bugfix: Dump: .storable file removing in all cases
   - bugfix: Dump: isFather(), isSon()
   - bugfix: ARP: print()

3.20 Sun Nov 12 23:02:09 CET 2006
  - NEW: support for PPPoE, PPP, PPPLCP, LLC, and begin the work for CDP
  - NEW: Frame->new can now return an array ref of decoded frames, to handle 
         new layers, and such things as IPv6 within IPv4.
         See doFrameReturnList from Env.
         With this new scheme, the behaviour from unpacking VLAN or ICMPv4 
         has changed. Old behaviour remains the same, but if you set 
         doFrameReturnList to true (not by default), your programs will need 
  - NEW: all layers: be able to create layers without having the need to 
                     build a full frame
  - new: Frame: print() and dump() methods, encapsulate attribute
  - new: Consts: new constants
  - new: Layer: isLayer2(), isLayer3(), isLayer4(), isLayer7(),
  - new: Utils: debugDeviceList()
  - new: Env: doFrameReturnList, noFramePadding, doIPv4Checksum,
              noFrameComputeChecksums, noFrameComputeLengths,
  - update: all layers: rewrite of print() methods
  - update: TCP: optimizations on recv() method
  - removed: Frame: noPadding attribute, moved to Env noFramePadding
  - removed: Frame: doChecksum attribute, moved to Env doIPv4Checksum
  - bugfix: Env: in getSubnet()
  - bugfix: Env: mapping between dnet interface and WinPcap interface should 
                 now work
  - bugfix: Env: no IPv6 under Windows for now
  - bugfix: ETH: in isTypeIp()
  - bugfix: Frame: do not use Dump and Desc if they do not exist
  - bugfix: Frame: getFilter() only when a Frame is competely filled
  - bugfix: IPv4: do not use l4 if it does not exist
  - bugfix: IPv6: do not use l4 if it does not exist

3.01 Sun Nov  5 16:27:50 CET 2006
  - NEW: ported to Windows ActivePerl
  - Utils: new subs: getGatewayIp, getGatewayMac, getIpMac
  - Env: new attributes: subnet, gatewayIp, gatewayMac
  - Desc: new attributes: gatewayIp, gatewayMac
  => gatewayIp is automatically set, but not gatewayMac, due to the 
     nature of the ARP lookup implementation.
  - DescL3: under Windows, the layer 2 (ethernet) is automatically built, 
            so using DescL3 is the same as using DescL3 under Unix/Linux 

3.00 Sun Oct 29 15:31:06 CET 2006
  - Net::Packet::Dump: added keepTimestamp attribute to keep original pcap 
                       timestamp. Default is to not keep original and use our 
                       own timestamp.
  - bugfix: in, a redifined error is now removed
  - bugfix: in, a redifined error is now removed
  - bugfix: in, family attribute now initialized
  - pod update: lib/Net/
  - pod update: lib/Net/Packet/
  - pod update: lib/Net/Packet/
  - pod update: lib/Net/Packet/
  - pod update: lib/Net/Packet/
  - pod update: lib/Net/Packet/
  - pod update: lib/Net/Packet/
  - pod update: lib/Net/Packet/

3.00_02 Wed Oct  4 23:18:43 CEST 2006
   - bugfix: now it is possible to open a network interface with no IP address
   - bugfix: now it is possible to create a Dump object and give it another Env 
             object, without interfering with the default Env object

3.00_01 Wed Sep 27 17:25:47 CEST 2006
   - *** WARNING: developer release, the pod is not up to date with the code
   - Now uses array as objects (with Class::Gomor::Array)
   - good speed improvement by replacing calls to accessors methods to 
     direct array indice lookup
   - small memory usage improvement thanks to array objects
   - Net::Packet::Dump: complete rewrite
   - Net::Packet::Env: nearly complete rewrite

2.22 Sat May 13 11:45:03 CEST 2006
   - bugfix: in, debug mode was not working anymore

   - Net::Packet::Dump: added getStats()
   - now uses Class::Gomor instead of Class::Gomor::Hash (but objects are 
     still hashes)

2.20 Sun Mar 19 18:23:51 CET 2006
   - Net::Packet: ported under Cygwin (now works under Windows :) )
   - Net::Packet: is now a pure Perl module
   - IO::Interface: removed from dependances
   - Net::Write: new dependance
   - update: Desc*: now use new Net::Write portable module
   - bugfix: Dump: many fix, Debian users should now be able to use Net::Packet

2.06 Mon Mar 13 13:53:54 CET 2006
   - Frame: added noPadding option

2.05 Sun Mar 12 12:09:18 CET 2006
   - bugfix: IPv4: flags field is now split into flags and offset fields
   - bugfix: IPv4: constants for IPv4 flags are now ok
   - bugfix: Env: when we are not able to autoDev(), do not bother to autofind 
             IP and MAC addresses
   - bugfix: VLAN: pack/unpack methods fixed (now vlanId can be greater than 16
   - updated: IPv4: print() now also prints new offset field
   - updated: IPv4: pod for new offset field
   - updated: dump methods: no more new line character at the end of string
   - type: Utils: pod documentation typo fixed
   - new depdendance: Bit::Vector for
   - examples/ new example
   - examples/ new example
   - examples/ new example

2.04 Sun May 22 21:18:41 CEST 2005
   - examples/ bugfix in pcap filter
   - examples/ new feature (dump payload as ASCII)
   - Makefile.PL: bugfix: removed PREREQ_FATAL that was breaking cpan install
   - Makefile.PL: bugfix: corrected a check to let Darwin OS to compile module
   - added isTypeVlan()
   - added pod for noFixLen and doChecksum

2.03 Fri Feb  4 00:08:14 CET 2005
   - So sorry. Forgot in MANIFEST

2.02 Thu Feb  3 23:36:04 CET 2005
   - NEW LAYER: VLAN/802.1Q, see Net::Packet::VLAN
   - IPv4: noFixLen and doChecksum attributes

2.01 Tue Feb  1 17:28:04 CET 2005
   - bugfix: added explodeIps() explodePorts() into export in
   - bugfix: flush() in
   - getFilter(): better pcap filter for ARP packets
   - minor changes in various pod

2.00 Thu Jan 27 22:12:41 CET 2005
   - major release, backward compatibility broken
   - full documentation
   - a battery of tests
   - new layers:
     o Layer2/SLL
     o Layer2/RAW
     o Layer2/NULL
     o Layer3/IPv6
   - sending frames at DescL4 now fully works
   - huge speed improvements
   - some memory usage improvements
   - many many bugfixes

1.28 Thr Dec  2 20:36:11 CEST 2004
   - bugfix: netpacket_pcap_fp: now works with libpcap 0.8

1.27 Sun Oct  3 20:39:13 CEST 2004
   - Makefile.PL searches for location of libpcap
   - IPv4: auto resolution of names to IP addr
   - ARP:  auto resolution of names to IP addr
   - ICMPv4: pack/unpack Destination Unreachable messages
   - ICMPv4: pack/unpack Redirect messages
   - ICMPv4: pack/unpack Time Exceeded messages

1.26 Wed Sep 29 23:24:57 CEST 2004
   - renaming: Net::Pkt => Net::Packet to get registered on CPAN
   - unlinkAfterAnalyze is no more
   - unlinkOnDestroy defaults to 1 (replaces unlinkAfterAnalyze)
   - callStart defaults to 1
   - Auto DescL\d creation when a new Frame is created
     If a DescL\d has already been created on the first Frame creation, it is 
     not overwritten.
   - Auto creation of Dump object on the first new Frame, started on the first 
     Frame sent

0.26 Wed Sep 29 18:23:19 2004
   - !!! last version of Net::Pkt. It is renamed to Net::Packet.
   - NEW: Net::Pkt::getHostIpv4Addr()
   - NEW: Net::Pkt::getHostIpv4Addrs()

0.25 Sun Sep 26 21:20:37 2004
   - bugfix: an error in method Net::Pkt::next was making a segfault, due to a 
     bad typemap in Net::Pcap (FILE * to T_IN under Perl 5.8 is bad). Resolved 
     by creating my own Net::Pcap::file sub.

0.24 Sun Sep 26 15:08:11 2004
  - !!! live capture ready via next sub in Net::Pkt::Dump.
    See examples/ of perldoc Net::Pkt::Dump.
  - Net::Ifconfig::Wrapper: removed, now uses IO::Interface which is better 
    (but not perfect, so there remains the need for a wrapper around ifconfig 
    on some systems)
  - NEW: Net::Pkt::LayerARP: isReply
  - NEW: Net::Pkt::LayerARP: isRequest
  - Net::Pkt::Frame: new object data: reply to store the frame received on 
    a recv method call
  - NEW: Net::Pkt::Dump->next: returns next available frame from savefile
  - Net::Pkt::Dump->analyze: returns empty array if there is nothing to read 
    in savefile
  - Net::Pkt::Dump->analyze: now returns @frames if some have been analyzed
  - Net::Pkt::Dump: added a global to set sniffing in promiscuous mode
    => $Net::Pkt::Promisc, default to 0.
  - Net::Pkt::Dump: signal to handle DESTROY cleanly when hiting CTRL+C
  - Net::Pkt::Dump: documentation
  - Net::Pkt::Dump->new: callStart option (default 0)
  - Net::Pkt::LayerUDP->print: also prints payload size
  - Net::Pkt::LayerICMPv4: do not exit when an ICMP message is not yet known

0.23  Fri Sep  3 22:24:18 2004
  - bugfix: META.yml
  - bugfix: libnetpkt.c and Makefile.PL to let compilation work on Linux and 

0.22  Fri Sep  3 21:49:30 2004
   - LayerICMPv4: echo request/reply, timestamp request/reply, information 
     request/reply, address mask request/reply
   - method renaming: getRandom32bitInt => getRandom32bitsInt
   - method renaming: getRandom16bitInt => getRandom16bitsInt
   - method renaming: ipTransport => ipProtocol
   - method renaming: isTransportTcp => isProtocolTcp
   - method renaming: isTransportUdp => isProtocolUdp
   - Dump: removed dependance upon tcpdump binary, implemented as a C function 
     to do its work. But it adds the need to link with libpcap on module 
   - tcpPrint: now displays options
   - printDebug: now go to STDERR
   - METAL.yml written

0.21  Sun Aug 29 20:20:33 2004
   - changes in Dump scheme; now requires to call start and stop methods
   - auto* subs do not try anymore to find values if respective class
     data are already set
   - first public release

0.20  Sun Aug 29 12:00:34 2004
   - first release to private people

0.01  Wed Aug  4 12:16:03 2004
   - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options:
      -Oxan Net::Pkt libnetpkt.h