Revision history for Perl extension Chart::Clicker.

  - Fix broken bar_padding computation in Bar renderer
  - Skip some math when no ticks are visible in an Axis

  - Fix problems in dist due to quoting

  - Fix shape positions when line renderer is additive
  - Add pie example

  - Use min/max functions from List::Util rather than rolling my own
  - Refactor Series internals to more easily facilitate subclasses
  - Add HighLow series
  - Add CandleStick renderer

  - Add some new examples: Multiple-Axes, Multiple-Renderers and Shared-Axes
  - Add Context->share_axes_with method for convenience
  - Add font attribute to OverAxis decoration

  - Add label_font and tick_font attributes to Axis for changing each

  - Don't uselessly add a Fill op to a Line renderer w/no shape
  - Properly handle the shape_brush attribute in the Line renderer
  - Remove default background_color from Plot

  - Line renderer will now stack if additive attribute is true.

  - More clever color allocator that attempts to space out colors at even hue
    spacings for predictable color schemes that are more pleasing and contrast
    enough to be easily differentiated.    
  - Bump Graphics::Color dep for color allocator test

  - Remove ghostly " - 5" that was fucking up additive ranges
  - Clamp Area "fade" gradients to the top of their areas, not the top of the
  - Add tick_label_color to Axis
  - Add label_color to Axis
  - Use real gray rather than translucent gray for grid to get rid of
    composited "joint" spots at line intersections
  - Add StackedArea renderer
  - Fix some errors in examples

  - Move some subs around in, to no effect.
  - Take out some C-style loops because they apparently offend a loud majority
    of #moose (groditi and phaylon)
  - Hide border of "hidden" Axis
  - Set the type of Series keys & values to ArrayRef[Num] from ArrayRef
  - Fix 01-data-series.t which had an error in it.  Yay type checking!
  - Remove some useless, commented out code

  - Fix Line's shape attribute, which didn't do a damn thing
  - Draw Line's shapes in a separate loop so that the path works right
  - Remove Chart::Clicker::Shape
  - Add OverAxis Decoration
  - Add Clicker->over_decorations for adding decorations "over" the renderers
  - POD overhaul
  - Remove some long-commented-out code.

  - POD fixes
  - Split Grid's brush into two separate attributes: range_brush and
  - Set an Axis' padding to 5 at the time it is created, zero it out in prepare
    if hidden.  This lets us remove some crufty code from
  - Set a default color on the Axis' brush
  - Document Axis' tick_label_angle
  - Separate Grid's line drawing into two operations so that each brush
    can affect the output
  - Remove color from Grid, use each brush to set range/domain color
  - Remove some useless code from Plot
  - Add grid_over flag to to allow grid over/under control
  - Rejigger Axis code so that each Axis' brush size affects it's
  - Adjust paddings a bit.

  - Add Axis->tick_label_angle for rotating tick label
  - Add requirement for Math::Trig
  - Bump some deps

  - Fix META.yml
  - Add some POD to describe why NOT having a default context makes Clicker
    shit on itself.
  - Fix linear gradient in Area renderer.

  - Add examples directory
  - Don't add padding if axes are hidden.
  - Fix gradients in Area renderer

  - Remove some old code (was already commented out)

  - Fix POD bug (thanks Jay Shirley)
  - Axis::DateTime: get this working again, albeit a bit gimped
  - Move pod tests to t/author

  - Fix multiple-prepare bug

  - Use new Grapics::Primitive APIs

  - Remove Moose Coverage dependency

  - Keep up with Graphics::Primitive API changes

  - Bump Graphics::Primitive dep to 0.28 and make appropriate changes to Fill

  - Axis: Add stagger flag

  - Axis: Fix busted labels when using labels & values together

  - Fix bug in top-horizontal axes

  - Oops again, bump Cairo driver version

  - Ooops, bump version dependencies properly

  - Remove label rotation on vertical axes due to problems with
  - Depend on Graphics::Primitive 0.25 and make necessary API changes

    - Pretty up some un-Moosey behaviour
    - Add Bubble renderer and Series::Size
    - Add PostScript and PDF support
    - Use Graphics::Primitive
    - Add show_range and show_domain flags to Grid
    - Make Range's span inclusive
    - Add lots of convenient methods via MooseX::AttributeHelpers
    - Get rid of all indirect method calls (ewww!)
    - Fix broken bar renderer alignment
    - Rename Renderer::Base to just Renderer
    - Stop baselining axes by default, it breaks stuff.
    - Abandon $CC_* position/orientation junk for Moose roles with strings
    - Move out lots of generic functionality to new modules
    - Add context support
    - Ignore duplicate axes
    - Change Axis 'visible' attribute to 'hidden' to avoid clashing with
    - Axis' ticks attribute now yields the correct number of ticks, not -1
    - Horizontal axes' tick labels now align their baselines properly
    - Make axes position independent, as they were intended

    - Packaging fixes.
    - Add fudge_amount attribute to Axis, defaulting to .1, that tells Clicker
      how much to fudge the amount upper and lower values of the range.
    - Fix drawing-insets test index mistype
    - Fix range baseline throwing Moose errors on undef
    - Fix broken layout test

    - Add 'baseline' attribute to Axis
    - Fix incorrect coloring of text on customized axes
    - Add tick_labels to axis and make use of it in Simple
    - Make axes and labels cope with dropped letters (e.g 'y' or 'j') properly
    - Mooseify renderer options (the 'options' method is no longer used)
    - Allow many objects with a color to be set with just the name ('black'
      rather than 'new Chart::Clicker::Drawing::Color'...)
    - Fix warnings in tests
    - Line render shapes default to filled, shape_stroke provides method for
      old method of doing strokes.
    - Fix broken Bar renderer
    - Add hide_axes and hide_grid to Simple
    - StackedBar renderer
    - 'additive' renderer attribute
    - combine the 'combined' range of a DataSet for additive renderers
    - Fix bug when setting range max/min to 0
    - Real SVG support
    - Add 'format' attribute to Clicker constructor

    - Fix broken Axis::DateTime
    - Fix broken type for Simple's renderer
    - Fix busted Bar renderer

    _ Remove unused and un-required dependency

    - Add Pie renderer.
    - Moose

1.1.8 Sat Sep 1 10:38:01
    - Remove lots of ()->
    - Try and make some things faster after watching dprofpp output
    - Fix format accessor in Axis::DateTime
    - Fix bug in Component::inside_width
    - Add shape to line renderer

1.1.7 Thu Aug 30 20:43:21
    - Add time_zone to Axis::DateTime (thanks Johannes Hoerburger)
    - Add test for formatter and document inheritance

1.1.6 Fri Mar 09 18:24:12 2007
    - Remove Mac OS X specific files (thanks jshirley)

1.1.5 Sat Feb 24 12:48:03 2007
	  - Return 1 for 0 span ranges. (thanks Daniel Kasak)
1.1.4 Wed Jan 02 09:31:21 2007
    - Add Chart::Clicker::Simple
    - Fix bug in ColorAllocator's constructor
    - Fix bug in Bar Renderer for full-height bars
    - Remove default border from Plot
    - Doc cleanups
    - Code cleanups

1.1.3 Sun Oct 22 10:53:23 2006
    - Add SVG support (thanks Torsten Schoenfeld)
    - Teach write() how to handle different formats.
    - Update docs
1.1.2 Sat Oct 21 12:16:51 2006
    - Add labels to Axes (thanks Torsten Schoenfeld)
    - Add error accessor to Series (thanks Torsten Schoenfeld)
    - Add Measurement Renderer (thanks Torsten Schoenfeld)

1.1.1 Sun Sep 17 19:10:17 2006
    - Documentation updates
    - Fix Axis::DateTime's rendering

1.1.0 Thu Sep 14 20:06:37 2006
    - Remove (range|domain)_markers from Chart::Clicker
    - Fix rendering of Axis grid lines by using Axis mark()
    - Fix Series with keys given in constructor
    - Add Marker support via Data::Marker and Plot's use of
    - Make pseudo-smart date stuff in DateTime

1.0.7 Tue Sep 12 20:12:34 2006
    - Adjust Axis to make subclassing better
    - Add Axis::DateTime

1.0.6 Sometime
    - Make the stroke an option (and off by default) of Bar
    - Add max and min methods to Data::Range
    - Fix Area renderer only showing a single series
    - Take a stab at improving the Legend's rendering
    - Add mark() to Axis for positioning values
    - Adjust renderers to use Axis->mark() for positioning
    - Fix rendering of mutiple series in Bar renderer

1.0.5 Tue Sep 5 19:31:24 2006
    - Fix broken charting of axes not based on zero lower ranges.
    - Reverse fade color stops
    - Use the lower on the range for Axis tick values
    - Add Glass decoration
    - Adjust Renderers to not take a 'min' value

1.0.4 Thu Aug 31 21:45:37 2006
    - Remove disclaimer about using File::Temp
    - Fix completely broken domain axis values

1.0.3 Tue Aug 15 19:13:12 2006
    - Ditch File::Temp for write_to_png_stream from Cairo

1.0.2 Thu Aug 10 19:18:11 2006
    - Fix broken X axis for all Renderers (reported by Peter Hicks)

1.0.1 Wed Aug 09 20:28:42 2006
    - Remove print of file size in png()
    - Update examples in Chart::Clicker POD
    - Allow setting of series in constructor or DataSet
    - Allow setting of range in Axis constructor (was overwritten)
    - Fix constructor of Series to use Class::Accessor
    - Document ticks() in Axis

1.0.0 Sometime
    - Don't draw on undefined surfaces returned from Components
    - Remove 'above' crap
    - Increase 'divvy' to ticks + 1 and only set it if it's undefined
    - Don't outright skip if an Axis is invisible, just skip the part
      when we are drawing.
    - Add format() to Axis for formatting tick values.

0.9.7  Mon Jun 12 00:00:00 2006
    - Don't draw invisible axes
    - Expose the number of ticks for the axis.
    - Fix area renderer being off by 1.5 on first point

0.9.6  Thu Jun 8 00:12:54 2006
    - I totally forgot to document...

0.9.3  Mon May 22 11:24:31 2006
    - Layout based rendering.
    - Documentation updates
    - Labels

0.9.1  Wed May 10 10:12:09 2006
    - Clicker is now a Container
    - Add CC_CENTER
    - Add Container
    - Add Component

0.9.0  Tue May 9 01:30:19 2006
    - Axis labels
    - Get Axes working and add Axis positioning
    - Set all values to 0 by default in Insets
    - Rename constants CC_* and add TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT and RIGHT for Axis
    - Add Chart::Clicker::Drawing for some common constants
    - Move HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL to C:C::Drawing as constants
    - Eliminate extraneous drawing ops (paints) from Plot
    - Use an Inset to keep up with 'shrinkage' of inner surface in Plot
    - Enhance Axis with height, orientation, per, tick_values, and width and
      prepare method that calculates required space.
    - Remove prepare() from Renderer::Base and move most of the arguments
      to the render() method.
    - Rework Renderers to use the domain and range axes for the values they
      need for rendering.
    - 'inline' marker drawing
    - Add divvy() to Range.
    - Have Grid use 'main' domain and range axes for it's values.
    - Remove reference to a C:Clicker::prepare sub in the docs

0.2.4  Thu May 4 00:30:19 2006
    - Shapes
    - Use Shapes for Point Renderer

0.2.3  Wed May 3 23:15:09 2006
    - Bring Makefile.PL and MANIFEST up to speed
    - Legends!
    - Stop hard-coding output file
    - Fix bugs in color allocation
    - A solemn promise to tag this version so I can do svn diffs...

0.2.2  No clue
    - I forget

0.2.1  Tue Apr 25 23:53:21 2006
    - Update Bar renderer to divide available spots between all series
    - Use ColorAllocator in renderers
    - Add ColorAllocator
    - Create the Drawing namespace

0.2.0  Sun Apr 23 08:09:34 2006

0.1.0  Thu Apr 20 01:12:09 2006
    - Add Border and Stroke
    - Use Class::Accessor
    - Chart->background_color()
    - Plot->background_color()
    - Chart::Point

0.0.4  Tue Apr 18 23:22:12 2006
    - Add Color and use it for Markers

0.0.3  Fri Apr 14 13:34:43 2006
    - Add Grid decoration and move mass marker creation there for grid.

0.0.2  Fri Apr 14 12:13:10 2006
    - Get Markers working

0.0.1  Tue Apr 11 20:30:16 2006
	- original version