Revision history for Data-Verifier

  * Don't dereference ArrayRef values with a single member. (Dennis Schön,
    RT #60425)

  * Don't die by attempting to cram a non-arrayref-ref into an array-ref.

  * Point out that D:V stops processing on the first failure

0.34    Jul 13, 2010
  * Allow the data passed into verify to be an object rather than just a
    HashRef (George Hartzell)

0.33    Jul 9, 2010
  * Match what the documentation says and allow the value of "filters" to be
    a single coderef or an array of coderefs.  (RT #59211, Thanks Ron Savage!)

0.32    June 25, 2010
  * POD fix

0.31    April 9, 2010
  * Add valid_values to Results class

0.30    March 30, 2010
  * Fix accidental warning about the wrong field.  We DO serialize original_value!

0.29    March 10, 2010
  * Add post_filter_value to Field and populate it with the value after
    applying filters.
  * Populate original_value with the value that was submitted, unchanged.
    This is a slightly invasive change but if the field was valid then it will
    re-filter back to the same value so it is considered safe to do.
  * Change type of original_value to ArrayRef|Str to handle multiple
    values of a param.

0.28    February 2, 2010
  * Document that type will allow a TypeConstraint instance and add a test
    so if we break it, we know.
  * Rename all the tests to not include a number, since the order is not

0.27    December 30th, 2009
  * Add flatten filter that removes all whitespace.

  * Convert to use native Moose traits
  * Pod fixes for RT#52592

  * Don't run filters on undefined values, lest your logs be spammed
    (thanks to the most awesomest person ever, jshirley.) (ed: ChangeLog
    entry written by jshirley)

  * Fix typo in unknown type constraint error message.

  * Use MooseX::Storage::Deferred so that user can choose serialization style.
    (thanks Stevan Little)

  * Throw an exception when an unknown filter is provided to the filter
  * Allow coderefs to be supplied in the list of filters.
  * Add JSON::Any dependency.
  * Clarify documentation of filters.

  * Fix type of Field's value attribute (Should've been an Any now that
    it is not serialized.

  * Improve Field POD
  * Add clear_value to Field and use it rather than value(undef) (which
    validates the type constraint and is just bad form.)
  * Add original_value attribute that holds the value that was submitted for
    the field.
  * Result's value is no longer serialized.

  * Change post_check's calling convention after reading some wisdom from
  * Change internal API to use a field class rather than a bunch of hashes.

  * Document check order
  * Clean up post-check test a bit

  * Remove warning

  * Add coercion method and attribute for site-specific coercions (stevan and jshirley)

  * Add post_check key

  * Add dependent key for creating dependent fields
  * Result
    * Add merge method that adds the supplied result to this one
    * Add is_valid, valid_count and valids
  * Rejigger most is_* methods to return more appropriate values

  - Properly set coerced values

  - Set invalid values as undef in Results
  - Add MooseX::Storage to Results can be serialized
  - Add values attribute to Results
  - Only validate defined values against types
  - Enable coercion
  - Add max_length and min_length

  - Honor global filters

  - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.