Revision history for Perl extension HTML::Embperl.

    - rewritten the code for the LOG handle. Now the handle LOG is tied so every
      print/printf is written to embperl.log at the right position. Use this to 
      do logging from your embeded code or modules
    - Fixed a bug which causes garbage displayed in dynamic tables or make parts
      of the table lost at all  

0.18-beta 25 Oct 97
   - Added caching of p-code. Now all perl-code is compiled only once. On the
     second request the compiled p-code is used. This makes, for example, the 
     table.htm from the test about 4 times faster on the second run then it was in
     previous versions of Embperl. Also tables and loops are faster in the first
     request, because the code is only compiled in the first iteration.  
   - <Select>/<option> is now handeld like <input>, this means that if a value
     for the select exists in %fdat, the corresponding option is automaticly
   - Added support for table heading (<th> tag). If all cells in a row are surounded
     by <th>/</th> instead of <td>/</td> the row is interpreted as column headings and
     printed only once. row headings not support yet, but in one of the next versions... 
   - Added support for multipart/formdata to support fileupload. Embperl detects
     automaticly multipart/formdata and let handle it. The results are also
     present in @ffld and %fdat like for normal formdata. See for more docs.
     (Thanks to for the idea and material)
   - Now all the output is kept in memory and the http-header are send when the
     processing is finish. This gives the ability to set http-header (only under mod_perl)
     within the page. Also now the Content-Length could be send in the http-header.
     (Thanks to for the idea and material)
   - Added tests for mod_perl mode and running as cgi-script, if compilation
     for mod_perl is enabled (Thanks to Doug MacEachern for lots of ideas
     and code I have borrowed from his mod_perl)
   - Removed "= true" in MailFormTo which caused a warning and don't declare
     syserr_list in ep.h on FreeBSD (Thanks to Michael Fuhr for the hints)
   - Added SYSNOPSIS section to docs to avoid pod2man warning and changed
     apache/src/regx to apache/src/regex in Makefile.PL (Thanks to Bob Wilkinson)
   - Splitted C-sources in some more source files

   - Fix two minor memory leaks. Now the Embperl test suite can run 1000 times and
     more without makeing the httpd grow!

0.17-beta  30 Aug 97
   - Removed some Compiler Warnings (Thanks to Ian Kallen for reporting them)

0.16-beta  29 Aug 97
   - Added more restrictive access check when running under mod_perl 
     * Option ExecCGI must be set
     * must not a directory
   - Added a little bit more docs about how to view Embperl lofile with
     your browser
   - Added declaration for error dependend stuff to compile on solaris, check errno before
     accessing sys_errlist to avoid SIGSEVs, Fixed another warning from Sun Pro C Compiler
     (Thanks to Dan Peterson)
   - Switched I/O to PerlIO if supported by installed Perl version.
     Should now work with sfio (not tested yet)
   - Added possibilty to include Embperl commands in all html tags 
     (did not works for body, table and tr tags in previous versions)
   - Preserve case of HTML tags
   - Do not interpret unknown html tags anyhow, to handle "<" characters
     which do not start a html tag better 
   - Do not display the time needed for the request if CLOCKS_PER_SEC not
     defined (e.g. SunOS - Thanks to Dan Peterson)
   - Added apache_xx/src/regx to include path, to avoid problems when
     apache was build with it's own regx library
   - Show which tags mismatch in error message (table, dir, select etc.)
   - Fixed a bug which caused "[" character even printed when in a false
     if path   

0.15-beta  11 July 1997
	- Added interpretation of SELECT Tag to generate dynamic listboxes
	  from an arrary 
	- Fixed a problem with dynamic lists
	- Fixed some warnings displayed by the Sun Pro C Compiler (Thanks to Dan Peterson)
	- Fixed an error message about missing IO::Handle 
	- Changed all // comments to /* */ to be more compatiple with others
	  than gnu-c compiler
	- Insert a missing return in oputc caused a SIGSEV on Solaris  (Thanks to Dan Peterson) 
        - Checked return code of Logfile open, to prevent a SIGSEV when cannot
          write to logfile and write an errormessage in servers errorlog  (Thanks to Dan Peterson)
        - Errors will also be logged to the servers error log (written to stderr)

0.14-beta 30 Juni 1997  
        - adding 8192 to EMBPERL_DEBUG and setting EMBPERL_VIRTLOG will add a link
          to Embperl output, so you can directly view the right part of the logfile
          with your browser
        - added the LOG filehandle to print to the embperl logfile
        - Add the possibility of handling multiple form fields with same name
        - chars which are result of a perl expression will not be escaped to html if
          they are prefixed with a backslash
        - Added support for scanning the parameters of input tag for perl code i.e.
          [- -] and [+ +] substituions takes place
        - Replace carridge return in perl expression with space to avoid perl 5.004 error
          about carridge return
    	- added $req_rec to access the apache server api when running under mod_perl

        - Fixed a bug in Safe namespace handling causing always ERR: 17 Namespace unknown
        - Fixed a bug which caused dynamic tables to end, if a if, while etc. is included 
        - Fixed a bug that caused [$cmd$] executed only in the first iteration of while or table
        - Fixed some bugs in input tag interpretation
        - Fixed a bug occured when have a input tag with value="" and %ffld=""
	    - Fixed a bug in that caused the options to be ignored when running offline

0.13-beta   April 26 1997	
        - Move EPENTRY (embperl_init) down to avoid crash when compiled with
        - Add #undefs for stdio function to compile with perl > 5.003
          Note: This is a quick hack, and will be changed to use PerlIO in
          one of the next releases, so we can tie stdout of Embperl
        - Add pids (to distinguish between muliplite requests) and time to
          logfile output
        - Make many functions static and names of externals more unique to
          avoid conflicts of symbolnames with other modules
        - If file not found return status 404 instead of 500
	- Add Apache::Embperl so the module shows at CPAN also under 
	  module/by-module/Apache/ as suggested by Doug MacEachern

0.12-beta not publicly released
	- The mask has been removed from namespace option so it can be used
          with > 2
        - Embperl works with -T / PerlTaintCheck on
        - Add function MailFormTo to send form contents via email
        - the dbgSource option displays only one line for better overview
        - fixed a bug caused perl operator '<' interpreted as html tag
          in tables or while loop after the first iteration
        - add ffld array for mod_perl mode to get the order of form fields
        - removed vsnprintf, since it's not available on all platforms
    	- Correct handling of empty dynamic tables
	- Fix Bug causes a Segmentaion Fault when first table is empty
	- Add script for make test
	- Fixed Error with nested if
	- Log compilation errors of embedded perl code
	- Avoid some warnings in

0.11-beta      March 25 1997
	- Name changed from Embperl to HTML::Embperl!!!!!!!!
	- FORM & ENV debug output now available in all modes
	- Ouput from [+  +] and INPUT fields are escaped
	  (e.g. < is send as &lt; )
	- two dimensional tables
	- bug whiches causes an endless loop when using a \ fixed
        - fixed escaping special html chars above ascii code 128
        - added support for list tags (dir, menu, ol, ul, dl)
        - added support for textarea tag
	- fixed some errors

0.10b-beta	Jan 23 1997
	- fixed some errors

0.10beta 	Jan 18 1997
	- first public beta release