Revision history for Perl-LanguageServer

2.0.1   14.01.2020
        - Added support for reloading Perl module while debugging
        - Make log level configurable
        - Make sure debugging tooltips don't call functions
        - Reparse cached symbols in case cache is broken

2.0     01.01.2020
        - Added Perl debugger

0.9     03.5.2019
        - Fix issue with selecting text for find definition
          or find reference, when the symbol is selected
        - Fix issue for Perl module that print to stdout
          during syntax check
        - Include Compiler::Lexer from github to ease
0.03    08.09.2018
        - Fix issue with not reading enougth from stdin, which
          caused LanguageServer to hang sometimes
0.02    21.07.2018
        - Only check syntax if there are no changes for 1.5 sec
        - Improve symbol parser
        - Fix concurrency issues
        - Other small improvements
        - Add support for adding workspace folders

0.01    13.07.2018
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.