Revision history for Camel-PKI

0.04	2007/08/08
		Modification of view to consult revoked certificates
		Correction of a bug in SSLClient (to authenticate to server)

0.03	2007/07/25
		Integration of errors in the web interface
		Tests added to test revocation through Forms (SSL and VPN)
		Tests added for crl
		Page to consult a certificate's information based on its serial
		Configuration file enables configuration of the dns name of the webserver
		Correction of a bug in revocation using forms
		Page to display revoked certificates (in a human-readable style)
		Page to display valid and issued certificates added (in a human-readable style)
		Welcome page added
		Functionnalities to view/download CRL added
		Pages to issue/revoke certificates added

0.02	2007/07/04
		Correction of bugs to pass tests.

0.01    2007/06/26
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.