Revision history for Text-Editor-Easy

0.35  : 29 July 2008   !
        - text selection with mouse.
        - start of zone resizing : in an individual way and in absolute coordinates.
        ... by the way, believe it or not, this sub-version was created and edited almost
        exclusively with my perl program "". Well, to tell the truth, there are
        still lots of (sometimes 'very') annoying bugs that make these program and module
        not yet usable for a standard use.

0.34  : 18 July 2008   !
        - better key management (alt, ctrl, ...)
        - should skip tests on machins that can't do them without failing everywhere...

0.33  : 06 July 2008   !
        - main window size and position are now saved in the editor session
        - should skip tests on machins with no support of ithreads or Tk (not so
        obvious to leave with return code 0 of a ".t file" checking Tk that fails)

0.32  : 04 July 2008   !
        - save mecanism (for personal use) with Text::Editor::Easy::Program::Save module
        - I expect better reports (Text::Editor::Easy uses ithreads and graphical environnement)

0.31  : 29 June 2008   !
        - sub implementation of Key functions with "" (faster than 
        "" that used the object interface) : for debug reasons, lots of things are
        traced and tend to slow down the program.
        - suppression of selected text, "cut key" (ctrl-x)
        - start of graphical open implementation : specific "Text::Editor::Easy" instance to open files (ctrl-o),
        code in ""
        - better encapsulation of tab and session management (specific to the program, not to be known by the module)
0.3  : 1st June 2008   !
        - start to implement session management (demo11, F10 key, start of Text::Editor::Easy objects destruction)

0.2  : 27 April 2008   !
        Meta.yml file created by hand, I hope the tests will be all right this time... 
        Lots of little things (and bugs) added : 
                - start to implement the selection (just with keys, for the moment), copy (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v)
                - start to implement the search (ctrl-F and F3 short-cuts) + demo10
                - key-function can be specific to a Text::Editor::Easy instance (see "up" and "down" in demo10)
                - faster line search (mouse move on Editor log is now usable)
                - "change_last" event (to replace "insert_last" event for the macro instructions) : macro panel is now sensitive to delete modifications too
                - lazy call tests ("anything_for" sub called in "editor_number" or "editor_search" and recursive asynchronous call test with "editor_visual_search" for the graphic thread)
        Still not usable. I planned to deliver this date, the content doesn't matter.

0.1 : 16 March 2008    !
        Standardization of thread mecanism. Using clean packages in "Text::Editor::Easy" namespace. Adding about 250 tests.

a) Standardization of thread mecanism : see "Text::Editor::Easy::Comm" for a discussion of different types of threads
With the version 0.01, there were different implementations for each type of threads. And I also mixed "package" and "module" perl notions
during thread creation process. I couldn't go on with this mess (this mess was an improvement of another mess, still, there is a time
where you need to simplify, think another time, and reinvent something more powerful that fulfils all the new needs you have created :
but it was, of course, impossible to imagine the actual solution before writing anything and seeing the needs).

The version 0.1 is just that : the new thread mecanism. First this thread mecanism was completely separated from the other 
thread mecanisms that were running. I created sample tests for this newly defined mecanism. Then, one by one, I migrated all the ancient
thread to the new thread system. And, believe it or not, I had problems almost for each thread migration. This migration was difficult,
because work has to be made but without any visible change (no visual functionnality added).

b) Using clean packages in "Text::Editor::Easy" namespace
The new thread system allowed me to use clean packages easily thanks to 'use' and 'package' options of the "create_new_server' sub.
All my packages are now 'behind' "Text::Editor::Easy".

c)  Adding about 250 tests
All tests should be written before writing any code, as soon as the interface have been defined. Only, it's not obvious to choose a right
interface on the paper without using it and seeing the real problems.
Often, I have to write bad code before I can think really about the interface (and I still write bad code after too !).
I'm very careful about debugging because multi-thread is complex to debug. Sometimes all your threads work well, taken individually.
But the communications between them is not synchronized : either some little things don't work or everything is blocked... The best
way to avoid nightmares when I have to debug is to have the more tests I can and lots of displays to watch. With an Editor, you can
have even better : a complete dynamic explanations of all displays (history of thread calls, from which module/line and so on...).
I'll try to have this complete debugging tool working before version 1.0. For the moment, history is done in only one thread and
that's too limited to understand a multi-threaded program. I think that to debug complex mecanism you need powerful tool.
Otherwise, you lose more and more time maintaining your complexity and your complexity brings you nothing but new problems.

0.01 : 20 January 2008 !
        First version, 9 demos in program.