Changelog for Exporter-ConditionalSubs

v1.11.0 2020-07-09T15:41:47
 - Update README (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - SM-2590  Documentation (Larry Leszczynski)
 - SM-2590  Clean up requires (Larry Leszczynski)
 - SM-2590  Do not stub out exports if Devel::Cover in use (Larry
 - SM-2590  Upgrade B::Generate (Larry Leszczynski)

v1.10.1 2020-02-21T18:26:56
 - Update version in README (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Update cpanfile (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Fix boilerplate test to not be TODO (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Move author and release tests where they go (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Update distribution files (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Convert to Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::GSG (Andrew Hewus Fresh)

v1.10.0 2015-05-20T01:41:38
 - More .gitignore (Larry Leszczynski)
 - Version update to 1.01 for CPAN (Larry Leszczynski)
 - Logical defined-or not available before 5.10 (Larry Leszczynski)
 - Add .gitignore (Larry Leszczynski)
 - initial content upload (Steven Arnott)