Revision history for Device-USB

0.22   2008/10/02
        Perform cleanup of tests for Mac OSX, as well as changes to clean
        code for newer Perl::Critic policies.
        Correction to documentation of Device::USB::Device methods bulk_write
        and interrupt_write (reported by John R. Hogeruis).
        Modified the Inline attributes to make building under systems other
        than Linux a bit easier. (thanks to John R. Hogeruis for the insight).
        Make creation of makefile fail if Windows and environment not properly
        set up.
0.21    2007/04/16
        Thanks to Vadim Mikhailov for spotting a problem with use of the macro
        Inline_Stack_Vars that prevented compilation under Windows. Applied
        Vadim's patch.
0.20    2006/11/18
        Added support for interface objects and corrected the code
        returning the code. Previous versions had only returned the first
        setting of the interface.
        Deprecate the Device::USB::Device::config method as badly named and
        incomplete. Replaced with Device::USB::Device::configurations and
0.19    2006/09/18
        Modified Inline::C code to be correct C. (reported by Craig DeForest.)
        Changes Device::USB::Device interface to automatically open the
        USB device if needed, as requested by Ray Brinzer.
0.18    2006/09/17
        Added CLASS_* constants to the Device::USB module.
        Added class support for the configuration objects.
        Try again to fix assumption in tests, this time found by Ray Brinzer.
0.17    2006/09/04
        Added FAQ document. Added new Device::USB::list_devices_if() and
        Device::USB::find_device_if() methods for more flexible device
        searching. Minor documentation cleanup.
0.16    2006/09/01
        Modified Device::USB::list_devices() to support listing all devices.
        Thanks to Tony Awtrey for pointing this out. He also spotted an
        invalid assumption in the tests; that has been corrected.
0.15    2006/08/08
        Applied patch from Mike McCauley that adds
        Device::USB::Device::get_driver_np() and
        Device::USB::Device::detach_kernel_driver_np() methods, as well as
        extending the debugging modes.
0.14    2006/07/10
        Corrected the bInterfaceClass field in the interface
        descriptor. Thanks to Josep Monés Teixidor for spotting it.
0.13    2006/05/18
        Added debug mode to simplify debugging VSI module.
0.12    2006/05/08
        Fixed a bug that prevented Device::USB::Device::control_msg() from
        returning data.
0.11    2006/04/05
        Correct some typing errors in the documentation.
        Correct return code on Device::USB::Device::open().
0.10    2006/04/01
        Build test suite and shake out bugs with testing.
0.03    2006/03/27
        Rename to Device::USB with permission of the owner of that module.
        (Not released)
0.02    2006/03/25
        Mostly complete first version available for limited distribution.