Revision history for Device-USB

0.33   2010/03/22
        Correct a unit test that failed on FreeBSD.
0.32   2010/03/21
        Corrected a unit test that was too strict, identified by H. Merljn Brand.
        Added 64-bit lib directories to the dependency check. Thanks to
        H. Merljn Brand.
        Corrected typecasting as found by Stephen Cliffe.
0.31   2009/12/22
        R. Barrabas modified Makefile.PL to better support building on
        Strawberry Perl.
0.30   2009/12/16
        Updated to support the Device::USB::Win32Async module.
0:29   2009/04/02
        Corrected handling of reads when passed uninitialized 'bytes'
        variables. Thanks to William King for finding this one.
0.28   2009/02/12
        Thanks to Vadim Mikhailov for patches supporting the ActiveState
        5.10 version, including upgrading to VS 2005.
0.27   2008/11/08
        Add dependency on Inline:MakeMaker to help CPAN Testers builds.
        Update documentation to reference the Google Code project.
0.26   2008/11/02
        Correct skip count on test 13 to fix FreeBSD tests.
0.25   2008/10/10
        Yet another modification to try to get the tests cleaned up for the
        CPAN Testers. Modify tests 13 and 14 to skip if no USB busses are
        found instead of failing.
0.24   2008/10/09
        Undo a modification to the parameter handling on bulk_read and
        interrupt read. The change broke the methods completely. Thanks to
        Tony Shadwick for pointing it out.
0.23   2008/10/04
        More documentation cleanup, including correcting the spelling of
        John Hogerhuis's name.
        Correcting tests 15, 16, and 17 to skip if no devices are found
        instead of failing.
0.22   2008/10/02
        Perform cleanup of tests for Mac OSX, as well as changes to clean
        code for newer Perl::Critic policies.
        Correction to documentation of Device::USB::Device methods bulk_write
        and interrupt_write (reported by John R. Hogerhuis).
        Modified the Inline attributes to make building under systems other
        than Linux a bit easier. (thanks to John R. Hogheruis for the insight).
        Make creation of makefile fail if Windows and environment not properly
        set up.
0.21    2007/04/16
        Thanks to Vadim Mikhailov for spotting a problem with use of the macro
        Inline_Stack_Vars that prevented compilation under Windows. Applied
        Vadim's patch.
0.20    2006/11/18
        Added support for interface objects and corrected the code
        returning the code. Previous versions had only returned the first
        setting of the interface.
        Deprecate the Device::USB::Device::config method as badly named and
        incomplete. Replaced with Device::USB::Device::configurations and
0.19    2006/09/18
        Modified Inline::C code to be correct C. (reported by Craig DeForest.)
        Changes Device::USB::Device interface to automatically open the
        USB device if needed, as requested by Ray Brinzer.
0.18    2006/09/17
        Added CLASS_* constants to the Device::USB module.
        Added class support for the configuration objects.
        Try again to fix assumption in tests, this time found by Ray Brinzer.
0.17    2006/09/04
        Added FAQ document. Added new Device::USB::list_devices_if() and
        Device::USB::find_device_if() methods for more flexible device
        searching. Minor documentation cleanup.
0.16    2006/09/01
        Modified Device::USB::list_devices() to support listing all devices.
        Thanks to Tony Awtrey for pointing this out. He also spotted an
        invalid assumption in the tests; that has been corrected.
0.15    2006/08/08
        Applied patch from Mike McCauley that adds
        Device::USB::Device::get_driver_np() and
        Device::USB::Device::detach_kernel_driver_np() methods, as well as
        extending the debugging modes.
0.14    2006/07/10
        Corrected the bInterfaceClass field in the interface
        descriptor. Thanks to Josep Monés Teixidor for spotting it.
0.13    2006/05/18
        Added debug mode to simplify debugging VSI module.
0.12    2006/05/08
        Fixed a bug that prevented Device::USB::Device::control_msg() from
        returning data.
0.11    2006/04/05
        Correct some typing errors in the documentation.
        Correct return code on Device::USB::Device::open().
0.10    2006/04/01
        Build test suite and shake out bugs with testing.
0.03    2006/03/27
        Rename to Device::USB with permission of the owner of that module.
        (Not released)
0.02    2006/03/25
        Mostly complete first version available for limited distribution.