Release 0.33 - 22 March, 2000
* fixed long-standing bug with import/inheritance code; should fix the
  mysterious "method redefined" and "can't locate object method" errors
  that various people have seen on various platforms over the years.
  Thanks to Nikolay Pelov <> for
  fixing the bug!
* fixed some small bugs spotted by Horst Tellioglu
  <> that messed up creating a brand-
  new entry from scratch
* fixed even smaller bug spotted by Horst Tellioglu in the BibTeX 0.99
  emulation code

Release 0.32 - 28 November, 1999
* made Makefile.PL able to download and configure btparse, instead
  of leaving it up to the user
* fixed entry output method (print_s) so strings are wrapped in braces,
  not quotes -- that way we don't generate bogus BibTeX files if there
  are quotes at top-level in a string

Release 0.31 - 28 October, 1999
* fixed small bug in Text::BibTeX::BibFormat
* better documentation for Text::BibTeX::Name example
* better adherence to POD standard

Release 0.30 - 12 March, 1999
* the "structure module" system is in place -- lets you write classes
  analogous to BibTeX style files, but with all the advantages of
  object-oriented programming in Perl (see Text::BibTeX::Structure 
  man page)
* the Bib structure, meant to emulate the standard style files of
  BibTeX 0.99, is partially complete: can generate sort keys for
  any of the 13 standard entry types, and format 'article' and 'book'
  entries -- no support for crossrefs or alphabetic labels yet though
* can now (optionally) access the data in more "raw" form, ie. with
  macros not expanded, strings not concatenated, whitespace not collapsed)
  (see Text::BibTeX::Value man page)
* moved support for parsing individual names to the Text::BibTeX::Name class
* added support for name-formatting via Text::BibTeX::NameFormat class
  (parallels work in btparse -- see also bt_format_names man page)
* added BibTeX-style string purificaction
* added three example programs: btcheck, btsort, and btformat (btformat
  is *very* preliminary!)
* lots of documentation added/revised in the existing modules

Release 0.21 - 20 October, 1997
* companion to btparse 0.21 -- mainly due to bug fixes and one
  minor interface change (bt_cite_key -> bt_entry_key) in btparse
* documentation/portability/warning fixes
* fixed XS code to not make an accidental second "strip quote
  characters" pass
* fixed Entry 'print_s' method to handle all entry metatypes
* changed Entry 'delete' method to handle a list of fields
* started introducing changes to support the new way of 
  doing 'structure modules' -- nothing documented yet, though
* deprecated old Structure module

Release 0.2 - 8 September, 1997
* fixed a bunch of little memory leaks in the btparse C library
* rationalized the Text::BibTeX::Entry method names
* added (incomplete) Text::BibTeX::Structure module
* completely overhauled the parser and the interface to it;
  this necessitated many small changes to BibTeX.xs
* greatly expanded the test suite and fixed a few little bugs
  found in the process
* fixed the XS code to handle comment and preamble entries

Release 0.1 - 8 March 1997
* initial release